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Need help finding possible biological father

Need help finding possible biological father

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Surnames: Gardner, Willis
I'm new to but thought it was worth a shot trying. My husband is adopted. We recently found his birth mother and got a little info on a possible bio dad. She's not being very forth coming on information but I was just wondering if someone could help us out.

My husband was adopted November 21, 1982 out of Ogden Utah. She told us that the possible bio dad is a man by the name of David Gardner. He was from Buffalo New York and was in the Air Force and that's all we know. Her name is Nancy Willis. If anyone has some tips on how to go abut trying to find him that would be very much appreciated.

Thank you

Re: Need help finding possible biological father

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Genealogists look for dead relatives. Actually you shouldn't put live person's names on a public web site because of privacy issues. Here's the web site for Utah Adoption Records and information about searches, Successful Searching!

Re: Need help finding possible biological father

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First, information concerning Adoption is confidential under Utah State Laws. The birth parents, or the State might take legal action for releasing this information. You also may harm the reputation of ANY person having this name and having been in the USAF during that time period. Thus you may open yourself up to libel issues, privacy issues. I would recommend you use the delete button on this posting and repost indicating searching for birth father of a male born 11/21/1982 in Ogden, UT. The father may have been from Buffalo, New York and was in the Air Force. Do NOT identify the names. I would also suggest you copy my posting quickly as the Rootsweb monitor may delete your message.

This birth mother may or may not have been providing the truth for one reason or another.

The birth father might not be interested in a reconnection. He might not know about the child. He might not want his current family to know. As a retired law enforcement officer, I must give a warning. In reconnections, neither party knows what the other party is like. Birth parents might find their child with severe medical problems, alcohol or drug addition, mental instability. The adoptee might find that true of the birth family. The adoptee might learn things about their family they really can't handle. The child was given up for many reasons, mother's age, financial reasons, health reasons, etc.

You need to use an intermediary.
This site indicates Utah will provide access to identifying information if BOTH the adult person and birth parents have requested.
Here is a registration form, HOWEVER, contact the agency prior to sending in the event the form or procedure has changed:

If your husband is still in the Ogden area, I'd suggest contact with a legal representative, attorney, etc.
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