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To all Ronquillo ancestors

To all Ronquillo ancestors

Joyce Ronquillo (View posts)
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Surnames: Ronquillo
My husband is Leon < Leon < Joseph < Pierre Hypolite < Juan Leonce < Juan < Juan Nicholas of St Augustine on to Juan Augustine of Cadiz. Juan (there are just too many of them!) father of Juan Leonce captained the ship that brought Gov Ulloa to Louisiana in 1766. Okay, I have a couple of questions. First- Are there any Ronquillos in Louisiana who do not descend from this Juan? Second- Are the Ronquillos in Mexico and points west descended from any of Juan's brothers or cousins and thus to Juan Augustin? Are there any Ronquillos in North America, Mexico or the islands who do not descend from Juan Augustin? I ask these questions because I haven't found any other Ronquillos in Forida other than Juan Augustin and they all had large sturdy families. They also seem to have left Florida fairly early. So where did they go? The only other place I have found Ronquillos is in the Phillipines. Do they connect with Juan Augustin back in Spain? Does anyone know how common the name Ronquillo is in Spain? I guess that was more than a couple of questions, but I really want to know. I found one cousin who came from Cuba and there is the Cuba connection with Gratiana Solis. The big question, of course, is has anyone connected in Spain?

spain...Re: To all Ronquillo ancestors

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spain...juan ronquillo/graciano solis..juan leonce/maurgerite pinero..hypolite ronquillo/florentine silva..joseph ronquillo/celestine aurela burasbourg..marie alsina ronquille/lucian augular..alphonse carmadelle/lorina ronquille augular..ferdinand carmadelle/estelle dufrene...freddie carmadelle/frances zar.....who has nellwyn carmadelle planche...vanessa carmadelle ronquille...charlene carmadelle varnado and keith carmadelle..they have connected to spain

Re: To all Ronquillo ancestors

maggie Ronquillo (View posts)
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My last name is Ronquillo and my reatives come for mexico no contact with Florida but i have family with the name Juan its very common on my side too

Re: spain...Re: To all Ronquillo ancestors

Jhun Ronquillo (View posts)
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I'm looking for my ancestors based on my research my great grandfather was the former governor general of the Philippines during the Spanish era and he is from Spain. My grandfather named Martin Ronquillo is a prominent businessman in the early 1900, and a wealthy landlord in Bulacan a province of the Philippines about l50kms north of Manila.

I shall appreciate any information you could send to me in regards to my search. Thank you!

Re: spain...Re: To all Ronquillo ancestors

Joyce Ronquillo (View posts)
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Hi, I have run across the Ronquillos in the Phillipines. They were (or perhaps are?) very prominent there. I am certain that they are not connected to the Ronquilloos who arrived in Florida in the early 17th century from Spain but there may be a connection in Spain. My husband;s ancestors were reported to be from Cadiz. As this is a port it may not be so but Juan Ronquillo was the captain of the ship bringing the 1st Spanish governor from St. Augustine to New OOrleans so they may well have been residents of Cadiz. I have no idea how common the name is in Spain. If anyone knows please let me know. Thanks.

Re: To all Ronquillo ancestors

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Surnames: Ronquille/Ronquillo
Hi,My name is Kelly Horne,I have been doing some research on the ronquilles for sometime trying to find out more about my great grandmother who was Marie Celina Ronquille/Ronquillo however i dont know how much help i can be here but i and two of my cousins have been doing research on this side.however what i have found out was that some ronquilles came over from the Canary Islands.And some landed in St. Bernard Parish in Louisiana like i said that was my great grandmothers mothers side that came from there. however i have been told that my ronquilles /ronquillos were descedants of Ponce de Leon. If this is of any help please let me know thanks.
p.s if u are wondering about there different spellings on the name i was told a few years ago a french woman changed the spelling

Re: To all Ronquillo ancestors

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Surnames: Solis
The Cheniere Ronquillo:

[NOTE]: The following are notes from a suit located in the 25th Judicial District Court in Point a la Hache, Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana. The following background and conclusions will help in understanding the purpose, nature and details of the suit:
A certain portion of land, located in Plaquemines Parish Louisiana was at one time owned by Juan Ronquillo and his wife Graciana Solís Ronquillo during the Spanish colonial period of Louisiana.
Francis Newman was an officer of the United States Army sent to Louisiana after the purchase in 1803. He married Juan and Graciana Ronquillo’s daughter, Barbara Ronquillo. Barbara Ronquillo died, and Newman subsequently married her cousin, Maria Manuella Solís (daughter of Graciana’s brother, Josef Solís).
The same property was recognized as the Newman-Ronquillo claim by the United States.
The State of Louisiana ultimately may have obtained the land, about 1850, under a legislative act called the Swamp Act.
The suit contends the land should be returned to the heirs, direct and collateral, of Juan Ronquillo and Graciana Solís. (A direct heir is from parent to child, a collateral heir may include step children, siblings, nieces and nephews, etc.)
There may be substantial oil and/or gas royalties or assets associated with the land.
A judgement was made sometime between August 2000 and February 2001. The exact nature of the judgement was not clear. (there are multiple plaintiffs, cases, and causes.) There is currently an appeal.
There is, or may be, active or concluded cases in which major oil companies have agreed to substantial sums in settlement to the plaintiff’s (heirs) in this case. One such may involve Shell Oil Company in a case done at Killeen, TX in which the settlement was rumored to be $110,000,000.00. This is also rumored to have been one of at least six such settlements. (None of this is confirmed as yet.)
An expert for the plaintiffs, Dr. William Reeves seems to indicate he has lost tract of the Francis Newman succession (and hence heirs) after Francis Newman died in 1851.
Francis Newman, père, the son-in-law of Juan Ronquillo and Gracianna Solís, married for a second time after his first wife, Barbara Ronquillo died. She was Manuella Marie Solís, daughter of Josep Solís and Antonia Perez Solís, and niece of Graciana Solís Ronquillo.
Francis Newman and Maria Solís Newman had a son, Francis Newman, fils. Francis Newman, fils married Ezilda M. Daubert and had several children before being killed at Vicksburg in 1863.
Holles (Hollis) L. Newman was among the children of Francis Newman, fils and Ezilda M. Daubert Newman. He married Eleanor Ford-Rely.
Among the children of Hollis L. Newman and Eleanor Ford-Rely Newman was Norita Marie Newman.
In 1909 Norita Marie Newman married André (Andrew) Alphonse Massicot. They had three daughters.
The daughters of Massicot and Newman were; Norita Massicot (Newbrough), Nolie Massicot (Carmouche) and Ynola Massicot (Gandolfo).
Norita Newman Massicot wrote two books, (fiction, based on fact), which relate to this lineage. They are “The Refugees,” and “The Beast, The Sheep and The Chariot.”
The New Orleans Historic Collection has an original map done in 1803 which shows the “Solís” plantation in Plaquemine Parish just below English Turn. (It also shows the Massicot plantation in St. Charles Parish just opposite Destrehan in approximately what is today Boutte.)
The heirs of Francis Newman do not, at this time, appear to be represented or party to, (except in the context the class action), the suit.

The word cheniere appears in neither the French nor American dictionary. In local, (Louisiana), usage it generally refers to a type of ridge formed by trees, with their roots and adhering soil forming a rise, in an otherwise flat, or depressed swamp. The word may derive from the French word, chenille, originally meaning a hairy caterpillar and now referring to a type of fabric, or yarn, used for trim, rugs, bedspreads, etc.
The name, Ronquillo, originally Spanish, is referred to at times in the suit in its French version as Ronquille.

Docket #43218: 25th Judicial District Court, (Plaquemines Parish), State of Louisiana, In the Matter of: Members Of A Class Of Descendants Of The Former Owners Of Cheniere Ronquillo, Deanna Angelo, et al v. State Of Louisiana, Plaquemines Parish Government, and The Plaquemines Parish School Board, filed 4/17/1998.

The above case is consolidated with dockets: # 43282, # 34205 and # 39249 of the 25th Judicial District Court. Also referenced are: # 31205, # 39749, # 43218, # 43282, # 43455, # 44374, # 44546, # 44578 and # 44579.

On 7/27/1998, Docket #43282; Estelle Hingle Cossé, et al v. the State of Louisiana, et al was consolidated with Docket #43218, Denna Angelo, et al v. the State of Louisiana, et al. Plaintiff’s Memorandum In Support Of Motion For Class Certification. (Conrad Williams, attorney)

Case was appealed to the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals on 3/7/2001. Judgment was on 2/14/2001.

A motion for a new trial was filed by Patricia Fayard Barras. It was denied.

In evidence to support plaintiff’s claim was an affidavit by William D. Reeves, Ph.D. (history). This items notes among other things:
Section 19 of Township 21, South Range 26 East is the property in question.
The property in question was granted by the Kingdom of Spain to Bahemin in 17990 and subsequently sold to Don Juan Ronquillo prior to his death in February 1810.
There are seven successions filled fraudulently in East Caroll Parish, Louisiana [north east Louisiana, between Monroe, La and Vicksburg, Ms.], for the purpose of obtaining Certificates of Location and referencing an Act of the Louisiana Legislature in 1858.
Claim #421 was confirmed to Francis Newman [père] and Manual Ronquillo by the United States Congress subsequent to the Louisiana Purchase.
Francis Newman died in 1851, no succession was located. Manual Ronquillo died in 1853 and his succession was opened in Plaquemines Parish.

Other items referenced are:
The Louisiana Swamp Lands Act and the 16th Section of the Louisiana Purchase Treaty.
Claim #421 (referenced above) is said to set the location certain for the property in question.
“Cheniere Ronquillo,” is designated in an official survey, T-21-S, R-26-E, done on 12/8/1842.

Suit claims and/or states:
Ronquillo heirs are to be the sole owners of the Cheniere Ronquillo to the exclusion of the Ronquillo vendees.
“As was previously stated, the various plaintiff and class members consist of those individuals who are the direct and collateral descendants of Don Juan Ronquillo and his wife, Graciana Solís, the present lineage of which may number in the thousands.”
The Louisiana legislature on 5/5/1998: Buras Levee District to the presumptive heirs of Don Juan Ronquillo and/or Graciana Solís.
An, “opportunity to opt-out was communicated to all class members,” as follows. By notice published in the Plaquemines Gazette on 8/22/00, 9/3/00 and 9/10/00, in the Watchman on 8/24/00, 8/31/00 and 9/7/00 and in the New Orleans Times-Picayune on 8/30/00, 9/9/00 and 9/17/00.
Exhibits in a locked file: (9/1/98): Act of Sale, Newman and Ronquillo to Major Humphrey; a True Copy of Notorial Acts and Conveyances. In possession of Michael X. St. Martin (a plaintiff)
The [Louisiana] Swamp Lands Act of 1850 appear to contain provisions for the funding of schools.
RE: Docket: #39749, the case against Louisiana Land and Exploration and Zeno, Inc., was dismissed with prejudice.

Attorney’s Listed:
Conrad P. Williams, II Plaintiff: for Estelle Hingle Cossé, et al
P.O. Box 2017
Houma, La 70361-2017

John D. Rancs Plaintiff: for Heirs of Cheniere Ronquillo
400 Magazine St., #400
New Orleans, LA 70130

Cesar Vasquez Plaintiff: for Heirs of Cheniere Ronquillo
909 West Esplanade Ave. #202
Kenner, LA 70065

R. Ray Ordill, Jr. Plaintiff: for William Riser, Claudette Riser O’Neill
7240 Crowder Blvd. #300 and Patricia Riser Jones
New Orleans, LA 70127

William F. Wessel Plaintiff: heirs
727 Camp Street
New Orleans, La 70130

Michael L. Mullen Defendant: Assistant District Attorney
106 Avenue G Plaquemines Parish, LA
Belle Chasse, LA 70037
504-362-6690 ext. 1216

Robert H. Carpenter, Jr. Defendant: State of Louisiana
P.O. Box 94005 Department of Justice
301 Main Street, #600
Baton Rouge, LA 70801

Note: Plaquemines Parish, LA, Clerk of Court
Sandra M. Morel

Re: To all Ronquillo ancestors

Posted: 1135743914000
Classification: Query
Being a Solis desendant I have had occasion to learn a great deal about the Ronquillo family in New Orleans (they were heavely intermarried and one American Captain Francis Newman actually married a Ronquillo, then her cousin, a Solis, after the former died).

Juan Ronquillo was a major personality during the Spanish rule of Louisiana (1863 to 1803). As Captain of the Port of New Orleans he served most of the Spanish governors with great loyality and efficency. He is said to have captained the ship that brought the first Spanish Governor to Louisiana and commanded the fortress at La Balize at the mouth of the Mississippi River in Plaquemine Parish. He arrested and held the French General Colet when the later was sent to spy in Louisiana during the period of the French Revolution. He was transfered to Louisiana from St, Augustine, Florida and is said to have descended from Ponce de Leon.

But for the fact American histories have traditionally ignored non-anglo persons, he would be much better known.

Re: To all Ronquillo ancestors

Posted: 1213195712000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Ronquillo
I don't know how much this will contribute, being that is is nearly six years from the original post, but there is definitely a presence of the Ronquillo name in Sonora, Mexico (and other Mexican states) as well as in Southern Arizona. My family, from as far as I can research, has settled through the San Pedro River valley from towns and sites such as Oracle and Redington all the way down to Bisbee. There is also a decent population of Ronquillos in Tucson. I have been unable to locate the birth certificate for my great-grandfather Ramon Ronquillo, so I am unsure as to whether he was actually born in Arizona Territory or Mexico, however, either his parents or grandparents were directly from Spain.

My searches have yielded Ronquillos not only in Florida and Louisiana, but also Texas, California and, as I've stated, Arizona. In some cases, and unfortunately, I've not been able to find these resources since, it seems as if some of these Western Ronquillo families do have a connection to the FL and LA Ronquillos (perhaps Juan Augustin) further on in the lineage...some sort of cousins, I'm sure.

Sorry if this didn't help that much. I've been trying to research my Ronquillo line for years and haven't had much success until recently, but even then, I have to double check all the names...

Re: To all Ronquillo ancestors

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Classification: Query
I emailed you last week in re: Ronquillos. I am sure we are cousins. Please tell me more about what you have. Antonio Campa Soza is my gg-grandfather. You can find out about the Soza's. I was told there some Ronquillos who own a bakery in AZ. Where do you live??? Carol
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