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Early Alexanders to Maryland

Early Alexanders to Maryland

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I hope someone can use some of the Alexander family information I've accumulated. I thought I would start several threads according to the state the records refer to.

I might have posted this not too long ago but thought I might as well post it again while I'm at it.

This compilation comes from the St. Peter's Parish Church Records, Talbot Co., MD:

Alexander, Henry, son of John and Mary born Feb 2, 1690, died Dec 7, 1708

Alexander, Naomi, dau of John and Mary born Jan 26, 1693

Alexander, Elizabeth, dau of John and Mary born Feb 22, 1696, died Jan 5, 1717

Alexander, John died Jan 10, 1708

Alexander, John, son of John and Mary born Nov 7 1710

Alexander, John died Feb 21, 1721

Alexander, Mary, dau of John and Naomi born Dec 22, 1731

Alexander, Henry, son of John and Naomi born Nov 28, 1734

Alexander, Mary Susan, dau of Thomas and Mary born Feb 6, 1701

Alexander, Thomas married Mary his wife May 28, 1702

Alexander, Thomas, son of Thomas and Mary born May 17, 1703, bapt. Aug 1, 1703

Alexander, Jemima, dau of Thomas and Mary born Sept 20, 1704
Alexander, John, son of Thomas and Mary born June 14, 1705
Alexander, William, son of Thomas and Mary born Oct 13, 1707

Alexander, John and Alce Sulivant married Nov 28, 1723

Alexander, Mary and Edward Carey married Jan 15, 1722

Alexander, Thomas and Susannah Foard married Jan 23, 1728

Alexander, Mary and John James married Nov 1, 1731

Alexander, Jemima married Daniel Connor Aug 7, 1734

Alexander, Ebenezer and Catherine Libbolds, married June 13, 1742

Alexander, William son of Ebenezer and Catherine born July 13, 1743

Alexander, Rebecca dau of Ebenezer and Catherine born Feb 12, 1748

Alexander, Mary, dau of Ebenezer and Catherine born Oct 9, 1751

Alexander, Libbels, dau of Ebenezer and Catherine (Libbolds) born Apr 2, 1754

Alexander, Mary and Phillip Kirsie married Dec 26, 1710

Alexander, John and Amey Mackey married Jan 26, 1730

Alexander, William and Amey Alexander, married June 3 1740

Re: Early Alexanders to Maryland

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An array of land records mentioning the Alexander family compiled from 'ABSTRACTS OF CECIL COUNTY LAND RECORDS, 1734-1753':

John Read of Cecil Co. merchant for £30 releases to Mary Noeland of same county, widow 100 acres of land part of a tract called 'Hopewell'. Witt: David Alexander, James Aikin. Deed Book 5, Pg 119.

Jun 26, 1735
"Thomas Stratton of Kent Co in the Territories of Pa for £50 and 'because he is moving', part of two tracts, one called 'Hispaniole' formerly released by Wm Richardson to Samuel Alexander and other tract called Bullin’s Range adj. to the first tract that was acquired by said Samuel Alexander by patent from Lord Baltimore." Samuel Alexander sold 125 acres of the land to said Thomas Stratton. Witt: Martin Alexander, Richard Thompson. Pg 122

2 Apr 1736
Deed William Pollock of Cecil Co. cordwainer, and Margaret his wife for £37.10s and "because they are moving, to Walter Betty, late of Ireland, blacksmith, 80 acres of land, part of a tract called “Moyn” (where David Alexander now lives) on Christiana Creek by the land of James and Moses Alexander." Wit: James Alexander, Isaac Breeding, J. Lawson. Pg 473

25 July 1738
Deed of Gift Araminta Young of Cecil County, widow for "the natural love and affection she has for her son Ephraim Augustine Herman, and infant to secure for him part of her present estate"...Araminta Young intends to soon marry William Alexander.''" 6 Jan 1738. Araminta nee Young is believed to have birthed a child by a previous husband, In a 1735 deed she's Araminta Harman, widow of Col. Ephraim Augustine Herman.Deed Book 6, Pg 16.

12 Dec. 1740
Joseph Alexander of Cecil Co., carpenter, and Margaret his wife, for £60 and 'because they are moving, to Adam Wilson of Newcastle upon Delaware Co. cooper, 105 acres of land east of the great road from Emmitt’s Mill, part of a tract called Newmunster on the east side of the main branch of Elk River. Said land was left to Joseph Alexander by the Last Will and testament of James Alexander, carpenter, who bought the land from Thomas Stevenson by deed dated 15 Aug. 1718 Thomas Stevenson had bought the land from Robert Roberts by deed dated 1 Apr 1714..". Pg 66

5 Jun 1742
William Sample and Esther his wife of Chester Co. Pa for £14 to John Reed of the same place, 40 acres of land in Cecil Co. on the east side of Christiana Run by the New Munster tract at the corner of James Alexander’s land, part of 903 acres granted to Robert Roberts of Queen Anne’s Co. who by deed dated 14 Aug 1718 conveyed the land to John Stevenson of Bucks Co. Pa. John Stevenson by deed dated 15 Aug 1718 conveyed to James and Moses Alexander of Cecil Co 92 3/4 acres of the 903-acre tract James and Moses Alexander and Moses’s wife Mary conveyed 40 acres of the land to William Sample by deed dated 8 Apr 1735. Witt: A. Barry, Mos’s Andrews. Pg 168

18 Feb 1742/3
John Starrat of New Munster, Mary Ann Parish, Cecil Co. and Leah his wife for 145 pounds and "because they are moving" to Robert Given of White Clay Creek, Newcastle Co. Delaware, miller, 110 acres by the land of David Alexander, deceased, by land formerly Joseph Alexanders’ but now James Alexander’s... Said land was formerly conveyed 1727/8 by James and Moses Alexander to John Starrat. Witt: Henry Baker, A. Barry, James Cowdon.Pg 225

20 Apr. 1727
Water Betty (Beatty) and his wife Martha of Cecil Co., blacksmith for £47 to Robert Mitchell of the same county 80 acres of land on Christian Creek by the land of James and Moses Alexander.

David Alexander conveyed to William Pollock 80 acres of land called “Moyn”, part of a tract called Newmunster.. Lib. S. K. No. 5, folios 81-82.Pg 361

Nov 1744
William Pollock sold this same land to Walter Betty by deed dated Apr 1736. Lib W.K. No 2, folios 171-172.

Andrew Alexander of Cecil Co. for rents and services ------near Elk River. To John Crozier (Andrew, probably son of Samuel is leasing his land for planting of apple orchard for rent of 700 lbs of tobacco yearly. Pg 485

15 Jun 1749
Timothy Roberts of New Munster, Mary Ann's Parish, Cecil Co, miller, and Mary his wife, for £300 to John Passmore of the same county and Timothy Griffith of Pencader Hundred, Newcastle Co. gent, of Elk River near the land of David Alexander, deceased and the land that is now James Alexander’s including the mills and mill dams.DEED BOOK 7, Pg 87

8 Aug 1749
Robert Richy and Margaret his wife of Cecil Co. farmer, to Joseph Wallace of the same county, blacksmith for----- 2 tracts of land between the branches of Elk River. One tract part of a tract called “Sligo” which was the estate of Ninian Dunlap by patent granted 10 Oct 1708. Witt: Tho’s Alexander, James Alexander, Rich’d Norton. Pg 112

29 Nov 1749
Aaron Alexander of Lancaster Co. Pa, farmer for £5 to John Alexander of London Britain, Chester Co. Pa, farmer, 28 acres of land part of tract called 'New Munster' at Christiana Creek by Robert Mitchell’s land Said land formerly belonged to David Alexander of Cecil Co. “and now conveyed to John Alexander by Aaron Alexander being the righteous heir at law of the said David Alexander”. Witt: Zebulon Alexander, Sam’l Steel. Pg 120

29 Nov. 1749
Power of Attorney: Aaron Alexander of Lancaster Co. Pa. farmer because he is moving appoints his well beloved and trusty friend James Alexander of Cecil Co. to acknowledge a deed to John Alexander. Witt: Zebulon Alexander, Sam’l Steel. Pg 121

13 Mar 1749/5
Jedediah Alexander (son and heir of Elias Alexander) and Anna his wife of Lancaster Co. Pa, yeoman, for £6 to James Porter of Cecil Co. yeoman, 15 acres of land called "Slate Hill" on the east side of Susquehanna River by a tract called Poplar Valley. Witt: C. Shepherd, L. Hill, H. Gibbon, Nathan Baker. Pg 146

7 Oct 1749
Robert Mitchell of Cecil Co., weaver, for £67 to Hugh Longwool of the same county, 80 acres at Christiana Creek by the lands of James and Moses Alexander, part of tract called 'Newmunster', formerly granted to Wm Pollock by deed dated 24 Apr 1727 from David Alexander. Witt: William Longwell, Nathan Baker, James Baxter. Pg 152

18 June 1750 (filed in Lancaster Co., PA)
Jedediah Alexander of York Co. Pa. yeoman, bound for £300 to James Caldwell of Lancaster Co. PA, yeoman agrees to make a deed of conveyance for a tract of land called "Slate Hill" in Cecil Co to said Caldwell to secure the debt. Said land is the remaining part of the tract adjoining the 15 acres which the said Alexander sold to James Porter. Witt: Isaac Sanders, John Daniel. Pg 195

Nov 1750
Anna Alexander, widow and executrix of Jedediah Alexander, deceased, late of Cecil Co. for £150 to James Caldwell of the same place, planter, 85 acres of land part of "Slate Hill" by the land Jedediah sold to James Porter. Pg 230

15 Apr 1751
Aaron Alexander of Cumberland Co. Pa, farmer, for £41 to William Langwill of Cecil Co., merchant, 152 acres and 95 perches of land in Cecil Co, part of a tract called "Newmunster", on the east side of Elk River by Hugh Langwall’s line. Pg 475

29 Jan 1753
Andrew Alexander of Cecil co for £60 to Isaac Alexander of the same county 71 and 1/4 acres of land by a tract called "Blancestine’s Park" which was patented to Andrew Wallace in 1749. Pg 546

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