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Early Alexanders to Virginia

Early Alexanders to Virginia

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Surnames: Alexander, Revell, Knox, Scott, Smith, Edge, Burton, Parker, Bagwell
Information compiled from the 'Wills and Administrations of Accomac Co., Virginia 1663-1800', by Stratton Nottingham. Page numbers are referring to pages in this book:

ALEXANDER, James, will probated 1 Feb 1708. To sons John, Benjamin, Joseph, Stratton, Woolsey, Jacob and Samuel Burton, 100 ac. at Jengoteaue. Son-in-law (step son?) William Burton. Wife Ann, 1/2 of my new sloop now in Pungoteaghe and the other half to my kinsman Benjamin Clugston, but if he come not within 12 months to claim this gift I give the same to son, Stratton Burton. To son-in-law William Burton after the decease of his mother, my wife Ann. Wife Ann resid. legatee and Extr. Witt: Wm Custis, Francis Wharton, Delight Sheald. Pg 21.

ALEXANDER, Ann (nee Stratton) Burton, widow of William Burton (before she married James Alexander) will probated 4 Mar 1711/12. To sons Stratton, Thomas and William Burton. To my son, William's son, William. To son Thomas Burton's wife and 2 children, Thomas and Patience. To Ann Burton, dau. of my son Thomas. To son Benjamin Burton and to his son William, dau. Ann and son John. To my son Joseph and his son. To son Stratton's dau. Leeze. To son Benjamin's wife, Elizabeth. To son Woolsey Burton. To sons Jacob and Samuel Burton. Granddaughter Agnes Burton. Granddaughters Elizabeth and Ann Revell. Son-in-law John Revell. (No will recorded in Accomac Co., VA for this John Revell, but John Revell's father, Edward Revell DID leave a will, page 182, naming him.) Granddaughters Rachel and Sarah Revell. Grandson Edward Revell. Son William Burton Extr. Witt: Wm Custis, Christopher Brooks, John Daggen. pg 560
First husband of Ann nee Stratton was William Burton whose will was probated on 18 Feb 1695 in Accomac Co., VA:
BURTON, William, 5 Jan 1695 - 18 Feb 1695:
To eldest son William, land on the seaboard side situate in Forked Neck near where I now live. To 3rd son Thomas Burton the South side of the said Forked Neck. To 6th son Stratton Burton land that I purchased of Co. John West &adj. the land given Thomas. To 2nd son John Burton 500 A. beig 1/2 of 1000 A. in Sussex County in the Territories of Pennsylvania granted me by patent called Long Neck. To 4th son Benjamin 600 A. near Assateag on the seaboard side of Somerset Co., Md. The other 1/2 of the 1000 A. in Sussex County was conveyed by me to Thomas Bagwell, of Accomack, dec. To 5th son Joseph Burton 387 1/2 A. on the North side of Indian River in Sussex Co., Pa. being 1/2 of 775 A. purchased of John Parker. To 7th son Woolsey Burton 387 A. being the other 1/2 of said tract.
To sons William, Thomas & Stratton my interest in Cedar Island in Accomac County. To 8th son Jacob Burton, 450 A. near Lewis Towne in Pennsylvania on Indian River, being part of 600 A. purchased of Thomas Jones & adj. the land given my son John- The other 150 A. was due William Bagwell of Accomack. To 9th son Samuel Burton 500 A. on the South side of Indian River. Wife Ann Burton. To dau. Agnes Revell. To grandchildren Frances, Elizabeth and Edward Revell. Wife Ann and son William, Extrs. Capt. William Custis, William Nock (Knox?) & son in law John Revell overseers in Accomack & John Hill of Lewis Towne, Pa. Witt: John Revell, Robert Scott, James Smith, Robert Edge. pg 26~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Children of William and Ann Burton, in birth order according to the specifics of the above will (1st nine are sons, 1 daughter): William, John, Thomas, Benjamin, Joseph, Stratton, Woolsey, Jacob, Samuel, Agnes (married John West).

Re: Early Alexanders to Virginia

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I forgot to include these in my last post:

ALLEXANDER, Elizabeth was Elizabeth Betsy' nee Marshall, dau. of Patience and Peter Marshall and wife of Thomas Alexander (son of James and Ann nee Stratton Burton Alexander). Will of her father Peter Marshall, pg 356 mentions: 'dau Polly Marshall, dau Scarborough Moore, wife Patience, Skinner Marshall son of Stephen Marshall.'

(Mother of Elizabeth 'Betsy' Marshall Alexander was) Patience Marshall- 23 Jun 1790 - 27 Sept 1791: To dau Polly (Polly Marshall, Will pg 472, unmarried) debt due me from Stephen Marshall, Extr of my deceased husband, Peter Marshall (Will pg 356,). Children Polly Marshall, Betsy Alexander (Elizabeth 'Betsy' wife of Thomas Alexander), Rebecca Merrill and Esther Fiddman res. legatees. To son John Taylor (Alexander). Son-in-law Thomas Alexander, Extr. Witt: George Corbin, George Johnson. pg 425

ALEXANDER, Thomas, 2 Apr 1783 - 27 May 1783: To wife Elizabeth ('Betsy' nee Marshall) . Son, Thomas Alexander, dau Ann Alexander. Son Thomas and Thomas Marshall Extrs. Witt: William Welbourne, Abel Taylor. pg 353

Euphamy (female) Alexander: wife of Isaiah Alexander, daughter of Thomas Alexander.

Re: Early Alexanders to Virginia

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Regarding James and Robert Alexander, Stafford, VA

Compiled from extracts from the Virginia Genealogical Society Quarterly: Vol. 38 No 1; John Mercer's Land Book: pgs 36-39:

11 June 1683
Robert Alexander & Priscilla his wife to George Lisle, Bargain and Sale 11 June 1683 indenture between Robert Alexander of the Lower Parish of Stafford Co. Gent. & Priscilla, his wife, of the one part and George Lisle of the Upper Parish, Stafford County, Planter, of the other part for 3,400 pounds of good sound and merchantable Tobacco in Cask to the Alexanders already paid by Lisle, they convey to Lisle the parcel or tract of land containing 300 acres being on the north side of Potomack Creek in Stafford County, in the tenure of Lisle and by him lately purchased of Robert Alexander son and heir of John Alexander, Gent., deceased, which said 300 acres in part of divident of 1,285 acres of land granted to John Alexander by patent dated 25 Oct 1669, "beginning at a marked hiccory, a corner tree of the land of Edward Rogers and Charles Hoyle and extending along the line of the said Rogers & Hoyle south one hundred and seventy and five perches to a marked red oak thence north west four hundred perchaes to another marked red oak thence north north east one quarter of a point easterly to a marked hiccory I38 poles finally south east 315 to the oak first mentioned.. .." Signed Robert Alexander, Priscilla (her mark) Alexander. Witt: Thomas Harrowsmith, John Waugh, Edmund Holder, Robert Frankland.
31 Oct 1683 
Indenture made the last day of October 1683 in the 35th year of the reign of King Charles the Second, between George Lisles of the upper Parish of Stafford County in the Colony & Dominion of virginina, & Mary, his wife of the first part and James Moncke of the same place & county, of the other part; that for divers and subdary goods causes and estimable consideration and for the sum of two thousand pounds merchantable Tobacco in cask to them paid by James Moncke, have given, granted, bargained &c. to James Moncke one parcell or tract of land containing to estimation 150 acres being on the north side of the Head of Potomack Creek in Stafford County, in the tenure and occupation of George Lisles, which 150 acres is part or one half of a parcel containing 300 acres by Lisles lately purchased of Mr. Robert Alexander son and heir of John Alexander, Gent., deceased, which was part of a divident of 1,285 acres granted to John by Patent dated 25, Oct 1663... Signed George (his mark) Lisle, and Mary I ~ I Lysle. Witt: Edmund Holder.
10 Dec 1703
"George Monke of St. Paul's Parish in Stafford County, for consideration of 10,000 pounds of every way well conditioned Tobacco in Cask to him paid by Mrs. James Mann of Overwharton Parish, acquits and discharges Mann and grant him the parcel or tract of land containing 150 acres laying the head of Potomack Creek and being half of 300 acres George Lisles purchased of Mr. Robert Alexander, son of heir of John Alexander, and by my father James Moncke purchased of Lisles by deed dated 1683, and acknowledged in Stafford Court, 30 Oct 1683, and descending unto me by being son and heir unto my Father aforesaid, which said land..unto James Mann and his heirs and assigns forever..." Signed George Monk . Witt: Jos. Sumner, Joshua Davis. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
16 Mar 1733
Indenture between John Edge of Prince William County, planter, of the one part, and John Mercer, of Stafford County, Gent., of the other part; that for consideration of five shillins Sterling to him paid by Mercer, grants to Mercer parcel lying on the north side of the head of Potomack Creek in Stafford County, containing by estimation 150 acres, being the moiety of 300 acres which is part of a tract of 1,285 acres granted to John Alexander by patent dated 25 Oct. 1669; beginning at a marked hiccory, a corner tree (page 158) of the land of Edward Rogers and Charles Hoyle and extending along the line of said Rogers and Hoyle south 175 perches to a marked red oak then northwest 400 perches to another marked red oak thence north northeast a quarter of a point easterly to a marked hiccory 138 poles finally southeast 315 poles to the oak first mentioned the said 300 acres so bounded being sold by Robert Alexander son and heir of the said John Alexander to one George Loyle and after being divised into 2 moiettes containing 150 acres each to lower moiety or 150 acres were sold by George Loyle to one James Munk and was in the tenure of John Foley, orphans of Richard Foley, and the upper moiety or part hereby bargained and sold descended to and upon Mary the only daughter of the said George Loyle and mother of the said John Edge party to these presents and all houses, edifices, buildings & c. Signed John (his mark) Edge. Witt: M. Battaley, J. Lewis.
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