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SIEBE in Blumenthal, Schwinge and Mulsen

SIEBE in Blumenthal, Schwinge and Mulsen

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Seaking information regarding ancestors in Germany. The family name is SIEBE and lived in Mulsen 1700’s, Schwinge early 1800’s and finally Blumenthal late 1800’s – 1900’s.
Below is the history I have on this part of the family:
Hein SIEBE b. Abt 1745 in Mulsen, Germany
m.- Margrethe OSTENDORP
Hein SIEBE b. 30 Sep 1778 Mulsen
m.- Marike SCHMIDT
Gerd SIEBE b.1810
Johann SIEBE b.1811
Peter SIEBE b.1813
Peter SIEBE b.30 Oct 1813 Schwinge - d.11 Sep 1891- Blumenthal
m.- Margarethe GOOSSEN b.25 Dec 1816 Borstel – d.21 Feb 1885 Blumenthal
Johann SIEBE b.1839
Klaus SIEBE b.1842
Peter SIEBE b.1845
Furgen Hinrich SIEBE b.1851
Furgen Hinrich SIEBE b.27 Mar 1851 Blumenthal – d.18 Mar 1932 Blumenthal
m.- Marie SCHMIDT b.10 Oct 1853 Schwinge – d.10 Mar 1938 Blumenthal
Johann SIEBE b.8 Mar 1876 Blumenthal d.1907 Cordelia CA
Peter L. SIEBE b.22 Aug 1877 Blumenthal d.1967 Napa CA
Margaretha SIEBE b.3 Nov 1878 Blumenthal d.1911
Hinrich ”Henry” SIEBE b. 14 Jun 1880 Blumenthal d.Green Valley CA
Heinrich SIEBE b.30 oct 1882 Blumenthal d.1909
Anna SIEBE b.29 Sep 1885 Blumenthal d.1968 Fairfield CA
Klaus SIEBE b.9 Aug 1887 Blumenthal d.1914
Friedrich SIEBE b.27 Jan 1889 Blumenthal d.1990 Green Valley CA
Andreas SIEBE b.26 Jul 1891 Blumenthal
Of this generation Johann, Peter L., Hinrich ”Henry”, Anna and Friedrich went to America with early 1900’s connections to San Fransisco and then settled in the– Cordelia, Green Valley and Suisun area of Calif.

Any additional information greatly appreciated.
Thank You,

Re: SIEBE in Blumenthal, Schwinge and Mulsen

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Surnames: Siebe, Goossen

The name of the parish where the SIEBE family originated is Mulsum, which is located about 10 miles west of the city of Stade (roughly 30 miles west of the city of Hamburg). Schwinge is in the parish of Mulsum. Borstel is in the parish of Oldendorf, which borders Mulsum to the north. Blumenthal is either in the parish of Oldendorf or the parish of Hechthausen (I have seen records from that village in both parishes).

The LDS Family History Library has microfilms of the church records (actually duplicate copies of the church records that were used as civil records for the electorate and later kingdom of Hannover) for Mulsum, Oldendorf and Hechthausen. These records for all three parishes extend from 1715 through 1852 with major gaps prior to 1759.

The LDS FHL also a microfilm of a published Ortssippenbuch for Mulsum. This book contains listings of all of the "family groups" that lived in the parish of Mulsum from the early-to-mid-1600's through the early-to-mid-1900's. I happened to be doing research with the Mulsum Ortssippenbuch earlier this evening and noted the SIEBE listings in the book. I will look for the the listings for Hein SIEBE (* 1745) on Saturday during my next visit to my local FHC.

I do not have any connections to the SIEBE family but I do have GOOSSEN ancestors from Gräpel in the parish of Oldendorf.

I will get back to you with the information on Hein SIEBE on Saturday.

My best regards,

Fred Buck
Cincinnati, Ohio

Re: SIEBE in Blumenthal, Schwinge and Mulsen

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Classification: Query
Hello Fred,
Thank you so much for your prompt informative reply. I have just started to research this (most challenging) branch of my family tree and have been on the computer most of today just trying to figure out what parts of the country they lived in. I appreciate any information you can supply.
Regards, Patt

Re: SIEBE in Blumenthal, Schwinge and Mulsen

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Surnames: Siebe, Goossen, Schmidt, Osterndorf, Helmer, Wohlers, Stelling, Aldag

Earlier today I researched your SIEBE ancestors in four different sets of parish records, Mulsum, Horst, Oldendorf and Bargstedt. First let me say that I was incorrect that I thought that Blumenthal was part of either the parish of Hechthausen or the parish of Oldendorf. During the early 1800’s it was actually in a third parish, Horst, which lies somewhat between the Hechthausen and Oldendorf. All three parishes are located about 10-15 miles west-northwest of the city of Stade. The church records for Horst can be found in the FHL microfilm # 1188990.

Let me first give you the baptismal record for the person you listed as Furgen Hinrich SIEBE. The correct first name for this person is Jürgen (or Juergen, which is the Plattduetsch equivalent of the German Georg or the English George). The handwriting of Jürgen Hinrich SIEBE’s baptismal record is difficult to read and I can understand how someone could mistake the "J" in Jürgen for an F, but it was really a "J" (Otherwise, there would be a lot of people named "Fohann" in the records). I asked another research at my local FHL who is also a good at reading bad German handwriting to verify my conclusion and she agreed with me. Jürgen Hinrich SIEBE’s baptismal record reads as follows:

23te März Peter Siebe Kathner i. Blumenthal u. Margrete Gooßen d. 21te ejusd. Geboren Sohn genannt Jürgen Hinrich. Taufz. Johann Kühlcke, Johann Jürgen Rademacher, Anne Margrete Müller.

This translates to:

(baptized on ) 23rd March, the son of Peter Siebe, cottager in Blumenthal, and Margrete Goossen, born on the 21st of the same month, named Juergen Hinrich. Godparents: Johann Kuehlcke, Johann Juergen Rademacher, Anne Margrete Muller.

I also found the baptimal record for Jürgen Hinrich SIEBE’s three older brothers:

1) Johann Hinrich SIEBE, born in Blumenthal on 8 Dec 1839, baptized in Horst on 15 Dec 1839.

2) Claus Friedrich SIEBE, born in Blumenthal on 4 Aug 1842, baptized in Horst on 5 Aug 1842.

3) Peter SIEBE, born in Blumenthal on 4 Oct 1845, baptized in Horst on 12 Oct 1845.

The marriage record for Peter SIEBE and Margrete GOOSSEN reads as follows:

Copulirte 1839

d. 1te Ap. Peter Siebe, weil Hein Kathner in Blumenthal ehelicher Sohn, mit Margrete Gooßen, weil Claus herrschaftlicher Meier in Borstel eheliche Tochter in Hause.

This translates to

1851 Marriages

(Married) on the 1st of April, Peter Siebe, legitimate son of the late Hein (Siebe) cottager in Blumenthal, and Margrete Goossen, legitimate daughter of the late Claus (Goossen) head tenant farmer on local noble property in Borstel, at home.

I also found the burial record for Hein SIEBE:

Beerdigte 1835

den 18ten März Hein Siebe, Ackersmann in Blumenthal, weil Johann Siebe in Mulsum Sohn, so einmal geheiratet gewesen, beigesetzt gest. den 15 T. d. M. am hitzigen Fieber, alt 55 Jahr.

This translates to:

Burials 1835

(Buried) on 18th of March, Hein Siebe, farmer in Blumenthal, son of the late Johann Siebe from Mulsum, known to once married, died on the 15th day of this month of typhoid fever,age 55 years.

I could not find any earlier record for this SIEBE family in the Horst records, including confirmation records. This suggests that the family moved from Mulsum to Blumenthal after 1827 (this would have been the year that Peter SIEBE, Hein SIEBE’s youngest son according the Mulsum records, was confirmed). (Most Germans were confirmed at the age of 14.)

The next set of records comes from the Ortssippenbuch Mulsum II im Kreis Stade, Niedersachsen, authored by Hans Gustav Carl Sarninghausen and published in 1976 by the Deutsche Arbeitsgemeinschaft genealogische Verbände. This Ortssippenbuch contains family group listings for all of the families that lived in the parish of Mulsum between the early-to-mid 1600’s through the early-to-mid 1900’s. (The Roman numeral II was used in the Ortssippenbuch title to distinquish the Mulsum parish near Stade with a second Mulsum parish in Niedersachsen.) The LDS FHL microfilm number for the Ortssippenbuch Mulsum II is 1181531.

The family group record for the family of Hein SIEBE reads as:

5569 oo 3.8.1806: Hein S., Hsl. u. Schäfer, (aus 5564), * 23.2.
1781, und
Marie Schmidt, (T.d. Peter Schm., Ohrensen, u.d. ..), * Ohr….
Kdr.: 1) Margarete, * Schw. 3.11.1806, + Schw. 22.1.
1810, 2) Johann, * Schw. 15.1.1811, 3) Peter, * Schw.

Comments: 1) The number 5569 is the number assigned to this family, 2) Hein SIEBE and his wife Marie Schmidt were married on 3 Aug 1806, 3) Hein SIEBE was a Häusling (he did not have his own dwelling, but lived as a tenant with someone else) and a Schaefer (shepherd), 4) Hein SIEBE was from family number 5564 in the Mulsum Ortssippenbuch, 5) Hein SIEBE was born on 23 Feb 1781. His death was not recorded in the Mulsum records, 6) Marie SCHMIDT was the daughter of (T. d. = "Tochter des") of Peter SCHMIDT from Ohrensen, which is in the parish of Bargstedt, 67 Marie Schmidt was born in Ohrensen, 8) the first child, Margarete SIEBE, was born in Schwinge on 3 Nov 1806 and died in Schwinge on 22 Jan 1810, 9) the second child, Johann, was born in Schwinge on 15 Jan 1811. No death record information was found in the Mulsum records, 10) the third child, Peter, was born in Schwinge on 30 Oct 1813. No death record information in the Mulsum records.

The Ortsippenbuch record for family #5564 reads:

5564 oo 20.10.1774 Hein S., Hsl. u. Schäfer, (S.d. Dierck S.,
u.d. …), * … 1721, + 13.5.1792, und
Anna Magrete Osterndorf, (aus 4956), * Hesed. 13.9.1746,
+ 13.9.1804 (aaaa)
Kdr.: 1) Dierk, * 14.8.1775, + 19.2.1777, 2) Hein,
* 30.9.1778, + 17.4.1779, 3) Margarete, * 25.12.1779,
+ 30.12.1779, 4) Sohn, +* 25.12.1779, 5) Hein, * 23.
2.1781, (5569), 6) Johann, *11.3.1784, + 25.5.1811,

Comments: 1) Hein SIEBE was the son of Dierck SIEBE from an unnamed parrish (possibly Bargstedt or Selsingen, which both had SIEBE families in this time period), 2) the elder Hein SIEBE was born in 1721, location unknown, and died in Mulsum on 13.5.1792. The place of death is Mulsum because no other location identification is given, 3) Anna Magreta Osterndorf was from family 4956 and was born in the village of Hesedorf, 4) The fourth child was a stillborn son. 5) The fifth child, Hein, was born on 23 Feb 1781 and is the father of family #5569.

Let me know switch to the SCHMIDT family from Schwinge in the parish of Mulsum. The family group record for the family of Marie SCHMIDT, the wife of Jürgen Hinrich SIEBE from Blumenthal, who was born in Schwinge on 10 Oct 1853 reads:


5823 oo 27.10.1850: Johann Sch., (aus 5818), * Schw. 28.1.1823,
+ Schw. 29.11.1887, und
Marie Hellmer, (aus 3210), * Schw. 2.2.1827, + Schw. 25.6.
Kdr.: 1) Peter, * Schw. 23.4.1851, (5824), 2) Marie, * Schw.
10.10.1853, 3) Cath., * Schw. 23.1.1858, 4) Andreas, * Schw.

The record for the family of Johann SCHMIDT, the father of the preceding family read:

5818 oo 2.6.1820: Peter Sch., Anb., (jüngst S.d. Peter Sch., Hsl.
in Ohrensen, u.d. Metta geb. Wohlers, * Ohrensen ….,
+ Schw. 23.11.1867, (79 J.), und
Trinke Stelling, (aus 6194), * Schw. 24.1.1791, + Schw. 1.
Kdr.: 1) Mette, * Schw. 7.6.1821, oo v.d.Lieth, (3845),
2) Johann, * Schw. 28.1.1823, *5823), 3) Peter, * Schw.
28.12.1824, *5822), 4) Catharina, * Schw. 14.9.1826,
oo Ficken, (2343), 5) Cord, * Schw. 23.8.1829.

It was interesting to find that the father of both Peter SCHMIDT, the father in the last family group record, and Marie SCHMIDT, the wife of Hein SIEBE, was Peter SCHMIDT from Ohrensen in the parish of Bargstedt. I looked up the baptismal record for Peter SCHMIDT, the father of the Mulsum family group #5818, in the Bargstedt church records (FHL film # 1188942). The record reads:

d. 27 Jan Peter Schmid, Häusl. In Bargstedt u. dessen Ehefr. Metta geb. Wohlers, d. 25ten geb. Sohn, gen.: Peter. Taufz.: Albert Höft, Hans Marten Höft, Hausm. in Bargstedt Sohn, Hinrich Wohlers, Hinrich Wohlers Hausmann eb. Sohn u. Catharine Wohlers, die Mutter Schwester.

This translates to

(baptized on) the 27th (of) January, the son of Peter Schmid, Häusling in Bargstedt and his wife Metta nee Wohlers, born on the 25th and named: Peter. Godparents, Albert Hoeft, son of Hans Marten Hoeft, homeowner in Bargstedt, Hinrich Wohlers, son of Hinrich Wohlers, homeowner from the same place, and Catharine Wohlers, the mother’s sister.

I also found the marriage record for Peter SCHMID and Metta WOHLERS:


Aos. 1768
d. 7. Febr. Peter Schmid, weyl Cordt Schmidt in Harsefeld nachgelassener ehel. Sohn, mit Metta Wohlers, Jakob Wohlers in Bargste ehel. Tochter in der Kirche copul.



Annos (Year) 1768

the 7th of February Peter Schmid, the surviving legitimate son of the late Cordt Schmidt from Harsefeld, and Metta Wohlers, legitimate daughter of Jakob Wohlers from Bargste (Bargstedt) were married in the church.

Comment: I descend several ways from WOHLERS lines from Bargstedt. I do not know if I have a connection with Jakob WOHLERS yet.

The last records I looked at were GOOSSEN records from the parish of Oldendorf (FHL microfilm # 1189523). The baptismal record for Margaretha GOOSEN reads:


den 26ten Dec. Claus Gooßen, Schulmeister in Bossel und Anne Aldag an 25sten geboren zwilling Kinde, waren:
1) die Tochter genannt Margreta
Taufz. Anton Stelling, Sophie Rademacher, Trien Alheit Wolpers
2) der Sohn genannt Hinrich
Taufz. Peter Hagenah, Hinrich Gooßen, Adelheit Heinsohn.

This translates as:


(Baptized on) 26 December, twin children of Claus Goossen, schoolmaster in Bossel and Anne Aldag, born on the 25th,
1) the daughter named Margreta
Godparents: Anton Stelling, Sophie Rademacher, Trien Alheit Wolpers
2) the son named Hinrich
Godparents: Peter Hagenah, Hinrich Goossen, Adelheit Heinsohn.

I also found the marriage record for Claus GOOSSEN and Anne ALDAG. They were married on 12 May 1809. Claus GOOSSEN was the son of the late Hinrich GOOSSEN, a Halbhofner (medium size farm holder) in Bossel. Anne ALDAG was the daguthre of Friedrich ALDAG, a Häusling in Oldendorf. The couple were married in the church in Oldendorf.

I also found some additional information on your OSTERNDORF, STELLING and HELMER lines from the parish of Mulsum. Let me enter this information into my database and I will send you a report of the ancestors of Jürgen (aka Furgen) Hinrich SIEBE.

I am not sure how the formating is going to work in this posting. If you have problems understanding the contents of the posting, please contact me directly at and I will send the information to use using regular e-mail.

My best regards,


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