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Jehial Hartin and Elsie Jane Parks

Jehial Hartin and Elsie Jane Parks

Audrey Parks (View posts)
Posted: 1154839611000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Hartin Scott Parks Boomhower
I am researching the ancestors to my husband Samuel Parks born in Ontario. Some of the names I have found so far in his ancestry are Hartin, Hartwick, Scott, Parks, Boomhower, Baker, Barefoot, King, Woodcock. The information that I have found about his great-great Hartin grandparents is:

Jehial Hartin b. September 1825 married Elsie Jane Parks b. August 1.1830. I have no idea who the parents were to Jehial Hartin or Elsie Jane Parks and am hoping that I might be able to find further information. I'm wondering if Jehial Hartin might possibly be related to Daniel Hartin b. September 13.1825 (possibly twins?) I believe Daniel married a Bradshaw?

Jehial and Elsie's daughter Eliza Hartin b. 1868 Camden township married William Nelson Boomhower b. abt 1852 in Kennebec, ON. They were married Dec.25.1886 in Kaladar, ON.

They had the following Boomhower children:
Oscar, George Wellington, Rosannah, Archibald Secord, Percy, Raymond, Harold, Manson Milo.

Jehial and Elsie's son James Hartin b. April 2.1857 married Minerva Ellen Scott b. April 25.1868. They were married November 1.1889 in Napanee, ON. James and Miverva had the following children:

Asa b. Feb.16.1891 (died 1982) (Married Lulu Woodcock)
Aggie b. July 18.1892
Jehial (Hial) b. Sep.29.1893
Catherine b. March 29.1895 (married Samuel Boomhower)
Daniel b. June 10.1896
Edna b. Oct 1903 (married Jim Lake)
Herman b. 1909 (never married)

Asa, Hial, Catherine and Samuel Boomhower are all buried in the Northbrook United Church cemetery. I have no information about the other children.

Parents to Miverva Scott were John Scott b. about 1820 and Mercy (Mary) Ann Parks b. about 1831. They had the following children:
1. James Wesley who married Cynthia Peterson
2.Agnes who married Luther Simons, Robert Selman, John C. Wood
3. Eliza Jane who married Paul Boomhower
4. Harriet who married Thomas Woodcock
5. Matilda (Mary Ann) who married David Mallroy
6. Elizabeth Ann who married Abraham Clark
7. Miverva who married James Hartin

No further information is known about John Scott.

I'm wondering if Elsie Jane Parks and Mercy Ann Parks were related in any way (possibly sisters since they were so close in age and from the same area?).

If anyone has any information about these families that you can share with me, I'd be very happy to hear from you. Thank you.

Re: Jehial Hartin and Elsie Jane Parks

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Classification: Query
Edited: 1162345692000
Surnames: Hartin, Prosser, Haines, Parks, Boomhower, Bradshaw, Hartwick, Woodcock
Hi Audrey, have not worked on these specific families in awhile and I am sure there is more info online now for them, but I do have some info.

Good question about Mercy Parks and Elsie Parks- there are people who are very knowlegeable about Parks families who might be able to answer this question. (?) I have recorded that parents of Eliza were Wesley Parks and Sarah Jane, but no other info.

Daniel Hartin married Nancy Jane Bradshaw d/of David Bradshaw and Mary/Polly Carter. In Hartin family I have names of six children, with Daniel born Aug. 13, 1825, and Jehiel Sept. 9, 1825 which of course is not possible. I probably took those dates from the 1901 census and one of them (or both) must have wrong year. Another brother was William Hartin born Nov. 17, sometime between 1822 and 1825, he may have stated a birthyear as well of 1825 and that's why I have it rec. this way. (All three not born 1825, were they?!) William was married to Eliza Dopking d/of Nathaniel and Sarah Dopking. Another brother George Hartin was born May 11, 1837 or 1839, was married to Margaret Sweet d/of John and Sophia Greenleaf.

Nelson Hartin was born about 1840, no info on him except he died Apr. 10, 1927 in Kingston. He was married with children but have not worked on his family.

Margaret Hartin born about 1843 married John Henry Wilson.

I have these 6 Hartin individuals as children of Joseph Hartin born 1800 @ Rome, Oneida County, New York, died Jan. 3, 1884 @ South Fredericksburgh.His wife was Catherine Prosser born about 1801 @ same place as her husband, she died November 1870 @ Richmond, L & A County, Ont.

I do not have proof of this but have siblings for Joseph Hartin as Henry D. Hartin 1796-1885; he was married to Margaret Reid- they lived and died @ Camden East; Annie Hartin born about 1799 who was married to George Prosser; Sarah Hartin born 1805-1815 who was married to Wayman Haines. Have no clue who the parents would have been for these four, if they are siblings.

Ditto for Catherine Prosser born about 1801, my work is speculation, but I think she could have been a daughter of John Prosser born 1767 in USA and died sometime after Sept. 1850 @ Rome, Oneida County, New York- his wife was Ann Haines born about 1770, died sometime before Sept, 1850, possible @ Rome, Oneida County, New York. I have not been in touch with them in years but people were actively working on this particular Prosser line, so may have new/updated info for you. Look for people who are desc. of John Prosser born 1796 known as Elder John Prosser; he may have been Catherine Prosser's brother. His wife was Sarah Willoughby. I have names of six children in that family- John and Catherine, plus Daniel Prosser, Solomon, George and Isaac. On my father's side, some of my own ancestors (Keech) are directly connected to both Haines and Prosser families- the Keech's were also in Oneida County at one time.

You have mentioned some other names I also have worked on- Baker, King, Barefoot and Woodcock- who are you interested in, in particular? Who are your husband's grandparents and great-grandparents?


Re: Error in my previous message regarding Margaret Hartin

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Classification: Query
Edited: 1162345692000
Surnames: Hartin, Prosser, Haines, Parks, Boomhower, Bradshaw, Hartwick, Woodcock
Going over my files and notes, I do not think there was a Margaret Hartin daughter of Joseph and Catherine. There is a Margaret on 1861 Camden East census but she is indicated to be married and so I think she was Margaret Sweet wife of George Hartin, son of Joseph & Catherine. A note at page bottom says George and Margaret married in 1860.

Another reason I thought there was a Margaret Hartin is because Joseph shows up on LDS site in 1881 census this way:


Name Marital Status Gender Ethnic Origin Age Birthplace Occupation Religion

Joseph HARTIN M Male Irish 80 USA Lab
John H. WILSON M Male Scottish 38 Ontario Farmer Presbyterian
Margret WILSON M Female English 38 Ontario Church of England
William WILSON Male Scottish 12 Ontario School Presbyterian
Lora WILSON Female Scottish 10 Ontario School Presbyterian
James WILSON Male Scottish 5 Ontario Presbyterian
Laurance WILSON Male Scottish 3 Scotland Presbyterian

Source Information:
Census Place Camden East, Addington, Ontario
Family History Library Film 1375872
NA Film Number C-13236
District 118
Sub-district C
Division 1
Page Number 104
Household Number 530

HOWEVER, after checking this Wilson family, Margaret wife of John H. Wilson was Margaret Ann PRICE, not Hartin. And I do think that the LDS folks cut off Joseph in the census from the household he was supposed to be in, (I have seen this happen now a few times) namely:


Name Marital Status Gender Ethnic Origin Age Birthplace Occupation Religion

Jehial HARTIN M Male Irish 52 Ontario Lab C. Methodist
Elsa HARTIN M Female Irish 50 Ontario C. Methodist
John HARTIN Male Irish 16 Ontario School C. Methodist
Eliza HARTIN Female Irish 14 Ontario School C. Methodist
James HARTIN M Male Irish 21 Ontario Lab C. Methodist

Source Information:
Census Place Camden East, Addington, Ontario
Family History Library Film 1375872
NA Film Number C-13236
District 118
Sub-district C
Division 1
Page Number 103
Household Number 529

Sorry for any confusion in this matter. I therefore only have names of five sons for Joseph Hartin and Catherine Prosser, (William, Daniel, Jehiel, George and Nelson) .....there could be more, there was a John Hartin living at Camden east in 1861 as well, and there could be married daughters. In fact that John Hartin on 1861 Camden census, born about 1820, wife Mary Ann Teskey born Ireland about 1823, had a son named John PROSSER Hartin born about 1848, what do you want to bet this family also related....

Would like to hear from anyone researching these families.


Re: Jehial Hartin and Elsie Jane Parks

Audrey Parks (View posts)
Posted: 1154886616000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Hartin Scott Parks Boomhower Barefoot Woodcock Baker King
Hi Nora,

Thanks so much for your response to my query. I was very excited and so thankful to receive the information that you gave. We just recently returned from a vacation to Northbrook, ON, where my husband Samuel Parks was born and raised. We did get a little bit more information about his ancestors while we were there, but I still have a long way to go, so I'm really just starting his large family tree (soon to become a forest I think!)

I just now found that I did make an error in Jehial Hartin's date of birth - I believe it should have been September 9. 1827. Lois was kind enough to send me proof of his death and burial March 22. 1922 in which it states he was 95 years and 6 months old, so he must have been born Sept.9.1827. The information I found on says that Daniel was born September 1825.

My husband's family on his mother's side descends from Laura King and Charles Barefoot. Their daughter Mary Barefoot (from Tamworth?) married Joseph H. Baker from Marlbank. We have heard that Mary Barefoot was of native descent but have no proof of this. Do you have more information on these families?

We also heard that Mary Barefoot died giving birth to Ida May Baker, and Ida was raised by grandparents (unknown which ones). I have been unable to find out more information about Joseph H. Baker and his family. He apparently lived in the Marlbank area all of his life.

Ida May Baker married Fredrick Lasher Hartwick. They had 10 children born to them: Jean, Norma, Mildred, Vera, Rita, Myrtle, Lila, Fred, Lorne and Ronnie.

Fredrick Lasher Hartwick was the son of David Hartwick and Mary Amelia Tryon. David Hartwick and Mary Tryon had 4 children: Fredrick Lasher, William Franklin, Edyth and Cecil.

David Hartwick's parents were Samuel Hartwick and Catherine Trotter.
Samuel Hartwick's parents were John A. Hartwick and Mary Ann Kelly. (Unknown where John A. Hartwick came from)
Mary Ann Kelly's parents were David Kelly and Mary Babcock. I believe they came from New York?
Mary Babcock's parents were Samuel Babcock and Rachel ??

Jean Hartwick, one of the daughters to Fredrick Lasher Hartwick and Ida May Baker, was my husband's mother. She first married Harold Foy Parks. They divorced and Jean lived with Durland Boomhower in Northbrook for a short time, and my husband Samuel Durland Parks was born, so he really should have had the last name of Boomhower. Durland's parents were Samuel Boomhower and Catherine Hartin.

Samuel Boomhower's parents were Peter Boomhower and Julie Ann Woodcock.
Peter's Boomhower's parents were Andrew Boomhower and Elisa Ann Clark.
Julie Ann Woodcock's parents were Christopher Woodcock and Hetty Ann Wood.

Catherine Hartin's parents were James Hartin and Minerva Scott. James Hartin and Miverva had the following children: Catherine, Asa, Aggie, Hehial (Hial), Daniel, Edna, Maude and Herman.

Minerva's parents were John Scott and Mercy Ann Parks. James Hartin's parents were Jehial Hartin and Elsa (Elisa) Jane Parks.

If you have any further information you would share with me about these familes, birth, death, marriage dates, etc. I would be very thankful to receive this information. Since we don't live in the area, and have just found out this information about my husband's family, it would be so greatly appreciated. You can email me privately if you wish.


Re: Jehial Hartin and Elsie Jane Parks

Posted: 1165590746000
Classification: Query
Surnames: boomhower
i have a little information on the boomhower's u mentioned,
Archibald boomhower is my great grandfather one of his children's name was , William Orville Clayton boomhower(my grandfather) clayton married Clair(Sedgewick)she passed on around 1943 or so from a house fire ,
Clayton and Clair's children

there was another older boy but i am not sure his name or where abouts, after the death of Clair all children were sent to homes for Clayton was unable to care for them

Clayton then remarried to Martha they had 2 children that were sent to homes for they were unable to care for them
boy but i do not know his name or whereabouts

Clayton boomhower died in 1990 i believe it was
Oscar is lisa's grandfather she post's on here some times i let her know of u, i do believe that all of william boomhower's children have passed now , but please let me know anything u have found , this family is so big i have been finding reletives for years now , and my father , (james) has been looking for a long time as well , he would love to meet his brother's and sister's that we havent found ,also if anyone knows , BING BOOMHOWER, he was my great uncle , i know he had a few children , but alas i have never met them , i remeber i very nice lady at his furnel that i think was his daughter , would really like to chat ,
betty (

Re: Jehial Hartin and Elsie Jane Parks

Posted: 1167611766000
Classification: Query
Here is some Harten & Boomhower info for you. I am related to the Hartens on my Father's side and the Boomhowers on my Mother's
Descendants of Joseph Harten

Generation No. 1

1. JOSEPH1 HARTEN was born 1801 in Rome, NY, and died January 03, 1884 in S Fredericksburg, ON. He met CATHERINE PROSSER, daughter of JOHN PROSSER and ANN HAINES.

i. WILLIAM2 HARTEN, b. November 17, 1823; m. ELIZA DOPKING.
ii. DANIEL HARTEN, b. August 13, 1825; m. NANCY JANE BRADSHAW.
2. iii. JEHIEL HARTEN, b. September 16, 1826; d. March 21, 1922.
iv. GEORGE HARTEN, b. May 11, 1837; d. April 15, 1921, Tamworth,ON; m. MARGARET SWEET.
v. NELSON HARTEN, b. 1840; d. April 10, 1927, Kingston Twp.

Generation No. 2

2. JEHIEL2 HARTEN (JOSEPH1) was born September 16, 1826, and died March 21, 1922. He married ELSIE JANE PARKS.

Children of JEHIEL HARTEN and ELSIE PARKS are:
3. i. SOLOMAN3 HARTEN, b. March 28, 1852, Camden East, ON.
4. ii. SARAH HARTEN, b. May 1855.
5. iii. GEORGE E HARTEN, b. September 16, 1856, Camden East, ON.
6. iv. JAMES HORTEN HARTEN, b. April 02, 1857; d. January 06, 1905.
v. JOHN HARTEN, b. 1862.
7. vi. ELIZA HARTEN, b. May 07, 1866.

Generation No. 3

3. SOLOMAN3 HARTEN (JEHIEL2, JOSEPH1) was born March 28, 1852 in Camden East, ON. He married (1) JENNET R. He married (2) MARY JANE SMITH September 09, 1878 in Camden East, ON, daughter of EDWARD SMITH and JEMIMA.

i. EFFA M4 HARTEN, b. May 11, 1882.

4. SARAH3 HARTEN (JEHIEL2, JOSEPH1) was born May 1855. She married SWEET.

Child of SARAH HARTEN and SWEET is:
i. FREDERICK4 SWEET, b. April 1887.

5. GEORGE E3 HARTEN (JEHIEL2, JOSEPH1) was born September 16, 1856 in Camden East, ON. He married CLARENDA MINTZ August 15, 1878 in Newburgh, ON, daughter of JOSEPH MINTZ and SAMANTHA SHANNON.

i. CYRUS MANFORD4 HARTEN, b. August 19, 1878; m. IDA JANE YOUNGS, March 18, 1907.
ii. IDA HARTEN, b. 1881; m. MARTIN LUTHER SWEET, March 01, 1901.
iii. FRED HARTEN, b. August 04, 1882.
iv. ALONZO HARTEN, b. March 16, 1884.
v. STELLA HARTEN, b. February 20, 1886.
vi. MABEL HARTEN, b. August 06, 1888, Ernestown, ON; m. SAMUEL SWEET, July 24, 1905, N. Fredericksburgh, ON.
vii. STANLEY HARTEN, b. April 14, 1890; m. EMMA JANE HARTIN, September 18, 1907, Napanee, ON.
viii. PERCY HARTEN, b. September 06, 1892.
ix. CORA MAUDE HARTEN, b. October 01, 1894; m. WILLIAM HALEY, March 17, 1915.
x. BRUCE WELLINGTON HARTEN, b. October 05, 1896; m. EDITH E MINTZ, September 14, 1916.
xi. AMANDA HARTEN, b. August 05, 1898; m. SAMUEL PETTITT, October 29, 1912.

6. JAMES HORTEN3 HARTEN (JEHIEL2, JOSEPH1) was born April 02, 1857, and died January 06, 1905. He married MINERVA ELLEN SCOTT November 30, 1889, daughter of JOHN SCOTT and MERCY PARKS.

i. ASA4 HARTEN, b. February 16, 1891; d. 1982, Northbrook, ON; m. LULU WOODCOCK.
iii. JEHIEL HARTEN, b. September 29, 1893; d. Northbrook, ON.
iv. CATHERINE HARTEN, b. March 29, 1895, Arden; d. Northbrook, ON; m. (1) SAMUEL BOOMHOWER; m. (2) EMPHRAIM LINDSAY, March 10, 1910, Algoma District.
v. DANIEL HARTEN, b. June 10, 1896.
vi. EDNA HARTEN, b. October 1903; m. JIM LAKE.
vii. HERMAN HARTEN, b. 1909.

7. ELIZA3 HARTEN (JEHIEL2, JOSEPH1) was born May 07, 1866. She married WILLIAM NELSON BOOMHOWER December 25, 1886 in Kaladar, ON.

v. CHARLES WELLINGTON BOOMHOWER, b. July 25, 1896; d. September 11, 1977.
vi. OSCAR WILLIAM BOOMHOWER, b. July 10, 1898; d. May 31, 1969, Belleville, ON; m. (1) BEATRICE ASSELSTINE, July 19, 1921; m. (2) AMY LORRAINE SIMPSON, December 06, 1939, Belleville, ON.

Re: Jehial Hartin and Elsie Jane Parks

Posted: 1167674552000
Classification: Query
Hi Phillip- I am interested in your Mintz family and how they are connected to Boomhower and Harten- can you write to me off the board or post a brief description of your ancestors? You must be related to Clarinda Mintz then?

Thanks from Nora

Re: Jehial Hartin and Elsie Jane Parks

Posted: 1167681477000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Hartin and Parks
Hi Phillip,
Thanks so very much for taking the time to provide this information for me. I have slowly been getting information about this family put together and the help I receive from others is so much appreciated. Please email me at and perhaps you can tell me more about your descendancy from Joseph Hartin and your connection to the Boomhowers as well? My husband Samuel also descends from Joseph Hartin, Samuel Boomhower and Catherine Hartin (she had first married Ephraim Lindsay)and the Hartwicks, and I can tell you how he fits into this family if you would like. Perhaps you're cousins. Thanks. Audrey

Re: Jehial Hartin and Elsie Jane Parks

Posted: 1167689564000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Mintz, Switzer, Keller, Kiser, Wanamaker, Clark, Blake
I am not a direct descendant of them but I am related to the Harten/Hartins 2 ways, Oscar Boomhower was married to my Mother's sister. I have been researching for over 25 years and sometimes you have to go through 50 people to get info on one. I have a lot of data.Email me direct at and I will try to explain further.


Re: Jehial Hartin and Elsie Jane Parks

Posted: 1167690153000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Mintz, Keller, Kiser, Simpson, Wanamaker, Clark etc
Clarenda Mintz was the daughter of Joseph Mintz. Joseph was the older brother of my Paternal GGGrandfather James Mintz. That is one way I am connected to the Hartens. My Great Aunt, James grand daughter was married to William Henry Hartin. That is another connection. My Mothers sister Amy Simpson was married to Oscar Boomhower. My email is

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