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FTM 2010 - Creating a Custom Report

FTM 2010 - Creating a Custom Report

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I'm very familiar with creating custom reports in FTM 2006 / 16 and it is very versatile in that regards.

Now I'm in 2010 and was looking for a way to create a report that contains everyone with a particular cemetery name. Is there a way to do this?

What would be so awesome is if you could export an xls or csv file that could use. That's just a wish list item.

Re: FTM 2010 - Creating a Custom Report

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Using the Filter feature, in the Custom Report, you can create a report for a cemetery.

You can also Share a report to a .CSV file.

Or you can create a custom report for all of the people in your file who are buried in a specific Town.


Re: FTM 2010 - Creating a Custom Report

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Hi Russ,

I know this is an old query but it is a question that I have been asking for a long time and haven't had a really satisfactory answer to, hope you can help..
Using FTM 2012 I would like to make a printable list/s of all the people buried in a particular cemetery so that when I visit I can take an updated printout to see at a glance just who is buried in that cemetery and possibly where...likewise I can inform others if they have family in any given cemetery without having to do tedious individual look-ups. It has happened where I have been to the cemetery to find a grave of a relative without realising until further research that two or more others are also buried in the same grave or in nearby graves which I hadn't known about...sometimes related and sometimes not.
Is there an easy way to make such a search for all people (documented as being) buried in a cemetery by doing a search using that Cemetery's name rather than a surname, and then print out the results?

So, if for instance I know I will be traveling interstate and have never visited there before, I would like to print a list of all the people buried there so I can visit and photograph them without missing out on anyone that was overlooked.

I always enter the Burial details of individuals as a seperate 'Fact' as Burial place.


Re: FTM 2010 - Creating a Custom Report

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If you have entered the cemetery name in the "Place" field of the Burial Fact:

Go to the Place Workspace
Find the cemetery in the list of places in the left panel.
Look at the people listed in the right panel that are buried in that cemetery.
Click on the Print icon in the upper right corner.
BE SURE to select the option for "in this place only" - or else FTM will start printing out everybody in your file!

This is the Place Report.

If you want the Custom Report, go to Publish > Custom Report and select how you want the report to look at the "what to include" button.
Then, "selected individuals"
Then, Filter In.
Then, Other Facts, Burial Fact, Place contains "text string" (if you put the cemetery name in the place field.) You may need to use the complete place name if the cemetery name is common, like "Fairview Cemetery". I think I currently have a dozen Fairview Cemeteries in various spots around the country in my file.


If you put the cemetery name in the Burial description field, you will need to filter on the Description field of the Burial fact.

The custom report will look different than the Places Report.

You can also use that similar filter at the bottom of the Index in the Family tab of the People Workspace.

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