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Robinson''s of GA

Robinson''s of GA

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Hello. I am helping my husband do his family tree. We are looking for the Robinson's of GA.
His Grandfather was a Robinson, He also married a Robinson so our family is real interesting. These are the fokes we are looking for:
On his grandfathers side of the family:
Third Great Grandfather:
James Robinson
B.Aug. 3, 1826, Green Co., GA
M. Elizabeth Kikker

Second Great Grandfather:
William Henry Robinson
B. 1840
D. 1905, GA
M. (1) Melinda Patrick, Nov. 17, 1866, Green Co., GA
(2) Henritte Bruce, Oct. 17, 1872, GA
Notes on William Henry Robinson: We know that he served in the Civil War as a Conf.

Great Grandfather:
James Patrick Robinson
B. July 11, 1871
D. Feb. 5, 1844, GA
M. Ethelene Pearl Pullian

A.J. Robinson
B. Nov. 21, 1903, Tift Co., GA
D. He passed away several yrs ago
M. Queenie Mary Robinson, May 10, 1924
Grandmothers side of the family:
Fourth Great Grandfather:
John Wesley Robinson
B. 1811, SC
M. Frances

Third Great Grandfather:
John Henry Robinson
B. 1841, Marion Co., GA
D. Taylor Co., GA
M. (1) Mary Jane Weeks
(2) Ella Wainwright

Great Grandfather:
William Jefferson Robinson
B. July 24, 1670, Mairon Co., GA
D. Oct. 30, 1930, Taylor Co., GA
M. Rommie Narcillis Askew, Oct. 30, 1930, Taylor Co., GA

Queenie Mary Robinson
B. April 28, 1908, Taylor Co., GA
D. Dec. 21, 1988, Taylor Co., GA
M. A.J. Robinson, May 10, 1924, Meriwther Co., GA.

Any information will be very greatful thank you.
P.S. when you write back can you please put Robinson's of GA in the subject area. I also have Robinson's in my family tree.
Thanks again.

Robinson's in GA

Sue Haney (View posts)
Posted: 947137877000
Susan-I know that my gg grandmother was married to a Robinson but I have no first name. Her name was Mary R. Rather b. abt 1820.They had a daughter named Lula Robinson who m. Ammi Travis Miller 1887 in Clark Co AR. Her father fell dead while warming in front of a fire place. I don't know when or where. marys orig.of birth was listed as Al on the 1900 Pike Co AR census. Keep me in mind if you run across these names, okay?

Re: Robinson's of GA

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Hello Sue. Yes I will keep you in mind. at this time I do not recall these names. If I do run across them I will let you know. Good Luck in your search.

Andrew Jackson Robinson

John Clarke (View posts)
Posted: 949155284000
I have many of the same named people in my family and my Grandfather was Andrew Jackson (A.J.) Robinson, Sr. but all of the dates you list and marriages do not match my Robinson ancestors. He lived in Fitzgerald, GA for much of his life which is only 20 miles as the crow flies from Tift County and I cannot conceive of there being two A.J. Robinsons in that close proximety. This branch of the Robinsons were originally from Charlton and Ware County, GA.

Re: Andrew Jackson Robinson

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My husband's grandfather's name was A. J. Robinson. this is the only name we know that he had. He married Queenie Mary Robinson, May 10, 1924, Meriwether Co., GA. Granddaddy A. J. was born Nov. 21, 1903, Tift Co., GA. He passed away in 1989, Taylor Co., GA. Granddaddy A. J. and Granny Queenie had the following children: William Edward; James Henry; Marie Idaline; Johnny (My husband's father); Leila Mae; Arnold.
Aunt Leila has a book she has put together for the family. This is where we got all our dates and ancestors in the family. I can send you a GEDCOM of this book if you would like me to. I need you email address.
Please email me and let me know if you would like to see the GEDCOM of the Robinson family of GA.

A. J. Robinson

John Clarke (View posts)
Posted: 949268354000
You are close to at least 2 generations from finding your GF's ancestors with the names you ahve given me. Did anyone ever say where your husband's GF was born? That may help.
There are only two main "Robinson ancestors" in the South Georgia clan and both came from NC in the early 1800's - Fredrick and James Robinson (Robeson), Sr. They both came from Pitt County, NC.
The descendents of these brothers settled primarily in Wayne,Ware and Charlton counties. There was a later branch, via of one of James's son, John, that settled in Lowndes and Colquitt counties, but most stayed to the east, at least in the end of 19th Century.
I would say your husband's GF may well be related to the James Robinson Sr or Fredrick clan of Wayne and Charlton county but you would have to provide more ancesters than just those born in the 20th Century.
As an example, there is pitifully little genelogical information for the Robinsons much after the CW because so many of them died in that war, as well as the fact they were generally not the type of people that left a lot of newsworthy genealogical information lying about.
They did generally have a lot of children but these descendents have gotten scattered through the years as rural life has given way to a more urban society.
Your husband's GF is not directly related to my branch of the Robinson family. I also do not recognize any of the names but some of them are Robinson Family names - James, John and William. I would almost bet he was a descendent of the William, son of John that settled in Southwest GA. The reason I say that is because the line would be -- James, John and then William and your family has all three names. That's just a guess but I learned a long time ago that names run in families.
If you will drop me a note at I will send you a GEDCOM of this line down to the 1800's. Where your husband fits into this line I do not know.

Re: A. J. Robinson

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Hello John:
I have sent you my husband's family file. let me know what you think. Please send me your family file.

ancestors of Jesse G. Robinson

Bobby D. Robinson (View posts)
Posted: 949998871000
Looking parents of Jesse G. Robinson. Born in SC around 1825-1828. According to infor I have Two brothers came to this county from Ireland and settled in or around Charolette NC. One later moved to SC where my ggfather was born. I believe Jesse served in the CW, could have been under the name Robertson. Jesse married a Martha Elizabeth Gentry born in GA. Their children were Seaborn A., Elizabeth,J william, John, George, Eddie, Dixie, Emma, Francis, and Jack. Jack and William were twins and Jack was reported to have a wooden leg. I have not been able to find any other info on these two and would like to find Jesse father and mother. Anyone with info can contact me at

Robinsons of South Georgia

John Clarke (View posts)
Posted: 950001148000
The Robinson were not of Irish ancestry unless the Sherwood Forest region of England has been transplanted to Ireland. They were English and most descendents in Georgia evolve from the Robinson Family of Pitt County, NC, primarly from the Frederick and James Robinson lines.
This does not mean that other Robinsons did not come from England, later, or even Ireland but when you are talking about Robinsons that came to the US, GA and SC before the great immigration of the 1840-1920 period, especially pre-Revolutionary War, then you are primarily talking about NC and Pitt County, especially.
I checked Folks Huxford's Pioneers of the Wiregrass and the only Jesse Robinson was born in 1844, the son of James Robinson, Jr. of Charlton County, GA. He also had 18 other brothers and sisters and Jesse was killed in the CW. Jesse was also my Great Uncle because I descend from his brother, Robert Robinson.

Jesse G. Robinson

Bobby D. Robinson (View posts)
Posted: 950049647000
The Jesse G. Robinson Iam looking for did not die in the civil war because he and martha are found in the 1880 census of carroll county GA 714th 179.
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