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Classification: Query
Dear All:

Please post information for each of the Clan Castles and Towers
here. The property can be curently in "ruins" but should have the
official UK designated and registered number.If you are not
aware of the number then post and ask for someone
to assist in determining that number.

There needs to be a clear relationship between the Clan and
the current or previous ownership of the property.

Each Castle/Tower would then have it's own sub thread and can
be linked to newsletters and email messages.

The postings can even include current status reports, fund raising efforts,
societies that have restoration programs etc.

Descriptions of the Castle and Tower can include:
A: History as it relates to the Clan or Family
B: Major events that took place at the Castle
C: Layout of the Castle or Tower
D: Current Status. Those Castles that are currently
offering tours or visits would be allowed one
posting on hours, rates, web sites URL's and email
address, local phone number, and mail address.
Names of current proprietor should be included.
That posting should be kept current.
E: Newsletters that are approved by the Property owner
can also be published here. Please contact the
Board Admin before posting these.

Please reply to this post and change the subject heading to
the name of the property that is posting the news. Then
keep that thread current with the news etc of the current
activity of the Castle or Tower etc.

The benefit of having your own thread here is that you can
post the URL in newsletter or emails etc to newsgroups or
mailing lists etc. That way, any interested parties of the
Castle or Tower property from the Clan, Related Family ,
or even a unique family group can always come to this same
thread for the latest news and status reports.

The posting here will also be visible for an extended period vs.
the short retention time of the mailing lists.

Please feel free to post this notice to other surname message
boards and mailing lists that would be interested in this Castle
message board topic.

Best Regards
John A Hansen
Board Admin

The directions to the Message Boards
and the Castle Message thread.
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Re: Castles

Earlene Crawford Gladwell (View posts)
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Classification: Query
I currently have a brother in Germany. he wrote that he had taken his son to the Crawford Castle in Scotland, and had taken picatures of it, he said that in was in ruins.

Re: Castles

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Crawford

Dear Earlene:

There is a total of 31 Castles that have
belonged to the Clan Crawford and related
parties. Some of these are still in the Family
are some of the most beautiful estates in

So it becomes a question of which Castle
and your purpose in visiting each one. Visiting
the old Ruins can be very educational in
understanding some of the history and ancestry
that was part of the turbulent history of all

Best Regards
John A Hansen
Board Admin

Re: Castles

Kevan Crawford (View posts)
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Classification: Query
Photos of:

1 - Craufurdland Castle north of Kilmarnock, Ayrshire
2 - Place Castle near Kilbirnie, Ayrshire
3 - Crawford Castle in the old Barony of Crawford, Lanarkshire
4 - Crosbie Towers west of Kilmarnock where William Wallace stayed with his grandfather Crawford from 1291 to 1297

I've have many other photos of Crawford related sites including Margaret Crawford's grave site (mother of WIlliam Wallace), Elcho Castle (not a Castle at the time but it was the location of the farm of William Crawford (uncle to William Wallace and 2nd-in-command to Wallace of the death of John Graham). But I am looking for a photo of Kerse Castle east of Ayr. Please send if you have one.

Crawford Priory Lodge

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Crawford
Crawford Priory

Crawford Priory Lodge
Cupar, Fife KY15 5QY, UK

""Built on the Southern bank of the River Eden to replace Crawford Lodge, a Palladian Villa built by the 21st Earl of Crawford in 1758.

Crawford Lodge was substantially enlarged by Lady Mary Lindsay Crawford who enlisted architects David Hamilton in 1809 & 2 years later James Gillespie Graham to redesign the building in a Gothic style, adding buttresses, turrets & pinnacles to give it the look of a Priory, although the building has no Religious history.

Crawford Priory was unrivalled among early neo-gothic mansions in Scotland due to the lavishness of its interior with its great hall decorated with fan vaulting & canopied gothic niches, of which only a small section remains in situ, the rest being lost with the collapse of the upper floors.

In 1869 Crawford was inherited by the 6th Earl of Glasgow who renovated Crawford, doubling the accommodation & constructing a tall gothic tower which was demolished in the 1970s due to its precarious condition.
In 1871 he enlisted architect William Little to design a large private Episcopal chapel on the first floor adjacent to the tower.

The house passed to the 7th Earl of Glasgow who was forced to sell due to huge debts & it was purchased by politician Thomas Cochrane, son in law of the 6th Earl of Glasgow.

Further remodelling was undertaken in the 1920s including moving the porte cochere to the west front by Reginald Fairlie.

With the death of the 2nd Baron Cochrane of Cults in 1968, the building was in need of major restoration so was abandoned.

Crawford has been described as “perhaps the most important Gothic Priory House in Scotland”, which makes it even more of a pity that it’s been allowed to deteriorate as far as it has, especially in such a short amount of time (The upper floors were still standing during the late 1980s)

Crawford House was coal heated & would use 100 tonnes of coal per year to heat the house. In todays market (March 2009) with the price of coal at a price of circa £275 per tonne would mean a cost of £27500 a year just to heat the property!""

Below are pictures, I quoted the history from the second link.

Crawford Castle and Bridge in Spetisbury

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Crawford
Crawford Castle and Bridge in Spetisbury

These are quite old and I have had much trouble digging up information. Someone in the spetisbury govt dug this up for me concerning the fort.

'Aelfric holds (Great) Crawford and Edward from him. Before 1066 it paid tax for 2 hides. Land for 1 and 1/2 ploughs there. 1 villein, 3 servi. The fourth part of a mill which pays 30d. Meadow 12 acres, woodland 6 furlongs in length and 2 furlongs wide. Value was 30d. Value 40s.'

The strangest thing is how much this sounds like the crawford castle in Crawford, Scotland. Iron age fort that was site to many roman conflicts near a river. Which might I add is also one meanings of 'Crawford" as in Bloody Fjord. Might this not be related to Crawford as much as it is a Crawford, if you know what I mean.

This is the bridge.

This is the fort/castle

Re: Castles

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Classification: Query
Do you have a list of those 31 castles?

I would very much like to see them while I am in Aberdeen for work.
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