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Pendarvis of Beech Hill Plantation SC

Pendarvis of Beech Hill Plantation SC

M. Burgos (View posts)
Posted: 934158494000
Is there anyone out there that is related to the Pendarvis' of SC please contact me. Looking for wills of James Pendarvis.

James Pendarvis of Beach Hill

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I have seen his will in ABSTRACTS OF WILLS OF CHARLESTON DIST., SC., page 374. He had a son, William who was deceased and two daughters, Elizabeth Mary Smith and Ann Perry. He mentioned two grandchildren William and Ann Pendarvis. James left 4 plantations to 3 sons of Samuel Perry (Samuel Perry was his son-in-law).


M.B (View posts)
Posted: 936226487000
Thank you for your reply. do you know if you saw any slaves by the names of Issac or Simon Sanders mentioned in the Pendarvis Will? Please tell me where I can find this will and if it is on line. Thank. you.

James Pendarvis

Posted: 936256548000
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I have some copies of documents that I obtained from Charleston several years ago. I will have to find them. If you will send me your e-mail address, I will send, as it will be too much.


Posted: 936258187000
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To M.B. In one paper I have from the Charleston Historic Society: Dower Book 1754-1757. ...which the said James, Brand, William, John and Mary the wife of the said David Rumph are children of a Negro woman named Parthenia, who heretofore lived with joseph Pendarvis, late of the Parish of St. Paul in Berkley County. Even though James' mother, Parthena was a slave herself, she never lived as a slave, she lived as Joseph Pendarvis wife and James apparently was raised quite wealthy and raised with the view that slavery was just a part of life, which is odd to me (because of his own mother). Anyway, I have seen mention of slaves names and Simeon is familiar but, again, I will have to look through papers. In James fathers wil, Joseph Pendarvis, he left John, "one negro man by the name of Cesar. and to my owne loving daughter, Mary, one negro man, daughter Ann, one negro man by name John, one negro woman by name Mary, one negro woman by name Ann, one negro woman by name John, one negro woman by name Phoebah and one negro girl Ann negro woman Sarah. The John Pendarvis mentioned here was James father.


Posted: 936259233000
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M.B. Sorry I said that John was James father, but I should have said Grandfather. In the will of Joseph...It is my will that Sambo, my old Negro man and Phyllis, my old Negro woman, shall have their freedom upon condition...Also mentions negros Sampson, Dingady, Emanuel, Little Sampson, Carrie, Jack, Saxy and child Cudjo, Frank, Nelly, Danbo and Sue, Robin and Venus, Smart, Norry and Patty, Dublin, Primus, Statua, Ruth, Daniel, Will, Fortune, Nancy, Phyllis, Diana and little Will, Debtford, Flora, Hannah, Canty, Swarry, Peter, Cooly, Fatima, Pegg, Bess, Hercules, Caesar, Joney. One of these could be the parents of your Simeon since I see slaves names repeated in wills.

Simon and Isaac

Posted: 936260005000
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I have: Josiah gives deed of peersonality to Richard Pendarvis 25 Feb 1767. included are slaves named Peter, Abner, Isaac, Dembo, Sambo, Dublin, Simon, Sandy (these 8 being men), Billy, Peter, Ben (these 3 being boys), Caesar, Abner, Dick, Andrew, (these 4 being described as children), Judith, Bella, Betty, Moll, Cinda,(these 5 being women), Sarah, Juba, (these 2 being described as girls) Pegg, Mary and Betty (these 3 being described as children).

Pendarvis- Simon and Issac Sanders

M Burgos (View posts)
Posted: 936380487000
I am so grateful that your are so gracious to schare your information wit me. I believe that the Simon and Issac mentioned are possibly my relatives. Is there any mentioned of Sanders because that is their last names in case I did not state that previously. I have some more information on the Pendarvis family if you would like it I could send it to you. Also, do you know that the Beech Hill Plantation is still being used and a Edward Berien Sanders lives on the Plantation? Thanks MB
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I have been in contact in the past with a lady doing Pendarvis/Sanders research. I will look for her e-mail address this week-end and ask her to get in touch with you if that is O.K. with you. Good luck and let me know please if you find out that this Simon and Isaac are your ancestors.

Simeon and Isaac of Beach Hill

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M.B. Did you ever find your Simeon and
Isaac? I am sorry to say my mountains of
papers are still just that...mountains. Yes,
I admit it..I am lazy. will you post to
the list or e-mail me about your Simeon and
Isaac at Beach Hill? I'd like an update and
I WILL sort through my papers since school
has started!
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