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Gelas LeBreton

Gelas LeBreton

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Surnames: LeBreton
Hi I am looking for Gelas Le Breton's Father and mother?
Gelas was married to Helen Arseneau on January 7, 1895
in the Tracadie, New Brunswick area.
If anyone has any info, I would appreciate it.


Re: Gelas LeBreton

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Gelas's parents were Antoine b. abt. 1849 Tracadie, New Brunswick adn Judith (Brideau) b. abt. 1854 m. abt. 1873 in Tracadie, NB. they had 9 children; Pierre "Gelas", Alexandre, Gortence, Xavier, Leon, Pierre Cesaire, Albert, Catherine, and Marie Clementine. Hope this helps.

Re: Gelas LeBreton

Julia (View posts)
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Would you also have Antoine's father and mother also Judith Brideau's father and mother?



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Judith Brideau's parents were Fracois Xavier Brideau & Adelade Richard. Antoine LeBreton's parents were Alexandre LeBreton b. 1820 Tracadie, New Brunswick d. 1891 Tracadie NB, & Veronique Breau b. Oct 1813. If you need more info ancestor's etc. Please email me at

Re: Gelas LeBreton

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Hi Lew Gregory Jr

I have tried twice to send you email but I get it back. It say's unknown email address.

Re: Gelas LeBreton

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Surnames: Brideau and Richard
Descendants of Alexandre LeBreton
Generation No. 1

1. ALEXANDRE3 LEBRETON (JEAN BAPTISTE2, WILLIAM1) was born 03 Apr 1820 in Tracadie, NB, and died 05 Mar 1891 in Tracadie, NB. He married VERONIQUE BREAU 13 Jan 1845 in Tracadie, NB, daughter of JEAN BREAU and ANNE DRISDELL. She was born Abt. Oct 1813 in Tracadie, NB, and died 06 Mar 1904 in Tracadie, NB.

2. i. PIERRE4 LEBRETON, b. 23 Sep 1843, Tracadie, NB; d. 07 Apr 1885, Tracadie, NB.
3. ii. MARIE THERESE LEBRETON, b. 17 Oct 1845, Tracadie, NB; d. 14 Mar 1919, Tracadie, NB.
4. iii. ANTOINE LEBRETON, b. 08 Dec 1849, Tracadie,NB; d. 17 Jul 1886, Tracadie, NB.
iv. VERONIQUE LEBRETON, b. Abt. 1854, Tracadie, NB.
v. RICHARD LEBRETON, b. Abt. 1856, Tracadie, NB.
vi. CATHERINE LEBRETON, b. Abt. 1860, Tracadie, NB; m. JEAN BAPTISTE ST-COEUR, Abt. 1891, Tracadie, NB; b. Abt. 1859, Tracadie, NB; d. 17 Apr 1918, Tracadie , NB.
vii. ALEXANDRE LEBRETON, b. 20 Sep 1852, Tracadie, NB; m. ANGELIQUE BASQUE, Abt. 1871, Tracadie, NB; b. Abt. 1845, Tracadie, NB.

Generation No. 2

2. PIERRE4 LEBRETON (ALEXANDRE3, JEAN BAPTISTE2, WILLIAM1) was born 23 Sep 1843 in Tracadie, NB, and died 07 Apr 1885 in Tracadie, NB. He married MARGUERITE SONIER 25 Nov 1873 in Tracadie, NB, daughter of JOSEPH SAULNIER and MARIE LEGERE. She was born 27 Apr 1854 in Tracadie, NB.

i. ZABULON5 LEBRETON, b. Abt. 1874, Tracadie, NB; m. MARGUERITE, Abt. 1894, Tracadie, NB; b. Abt. 1875, Tracadie, NB.
ii. SARAH LEBRETON, b. Abt. 1875, Tracadie, NB.
iii. JOSEPHINE LEBRETON, b. Abt. 1879, Tracadie, NB.
iv. MARGUERITE LEBRETON, b. Abt. 1879, Tracadie, NB.
v. LEA LEBRETON, b. Abt. 1881, Tracadie, NB.
vi. ELDACE LEBRETON, b. Abt. 1882, Tracadie, NB.
vii. ARTHEMISE LEBRETON, b. Abt. 1883, Tracadie, NB.
viii. BETHSAIDE LEBRETON, b. Abt. 1883, Tracadie, NB.
ix. DALILA LEBRETON, b. Abt. 1884, St. Isidore, NB; m. JOSEPH ROBICHAUD, 05 Jul 1915, St. Isidore, NB; b. Abt. 1883, St. Isidore, NB.
x. EMRY LEBRETON, b. Abt. 1884, Tracadie, NB.
xi. ESTHER LEBRETON, b. Abt. 1884, Tracadie, NB.
xii. PIERRE LEBRETON, b. Abt. 1885, Tracadie, NB.

3. MARIE THERESE4 LEBRETON (ALEXANDRE3, JEAN BAPTISTE2, WILLIAM1) was born 17 Oct 1845 in Tracadie, NB, and died 14 Mar 1919 in Tracadie, NB. She married DOSITHEE BRIDEAU 05 Feb 1872 in Tracadie, NB, son of PAUL BRIDEAU and MARIE COMEAU. He was born 26 Feb 1847 in Tracadie, NB, and died 04 Dec 1915 in Tracadie, NB.

i. JUDITH5 BRIDEAU, b. 02 Mar 1873, Tracadie, NB; d. 12 Oct 1948, Tracadie, NB; m. DAMIEN BASQUE, 13 Jan 1902, Tracadie, NB; b. 01 Aug 1873, Tracadie, NB.
ii. PIERRE CYRIN ERNEST BRIDEAU, b. 29 Jul 1874, Trout Stream, NB; d. 15 May 1964, Tracadie, NB; m. MARIE CATHERINE LOSIER, 28 Apr 1902, Berlin, NH; b. 07 Sep 1879, Trout Stream, NB; d. 13 May 1945, Trout Stream, NB.
iii. BASILISSE BRIDEAU, b. 25 Oct 1876, Tracadie, NB; d. Aft. 1920, Tracadie, NB; m. (1) PHILIAS ARSENAULT, 28 Jun 1897, Tracadie, NB; b. 02 Dec 1858, Tracadie, NB; d. 21 May 1917, Tracadie, NB; m. (2) ANDRE MCLAUGHLIN, 14 May 1920, Tracadie, NB; b. 24 May 1893, St. Isidore, NB; d. 23 Feb 1967, Tracadie, NB.
iv. PIERRE PHILOROME BRIDEAU, b. 20 Dec 1878, Tracadie , NB; d. 19 Feb 1944, Tracadie , NB; m. MARIE WINIFRED SONIER, 28 Sep 1908, Tracadie, NB; b. 30 Aug 1886, Tracadie , NB.
v. PIERRE JONAS GELASE BRIDEAU, b. 10 Jun 1880, Tracadie , NB; d. 15 Dec 1886, Tracadie , NB.
vi. PIERRE JEFFREY BRIDEAU, b. 10 Sep 1883, Tracadie , NB; d. 19 May 1968, Tracadie , NB; m. MARIE CATHERINE BOURDAGE, 09 Jul 1906, Tracadie, NB; b. 25 Nov 1886, Tracadie , NB.
vii. PIERRE EUCHARISTE BRIDEAU, b. 15 Jan 1886, Tracadie , NB; m. MARIE ANNE BRIDEAU, 04 Mar 1919, Tracadie, NB; b. 27 Jun 1901, Tracadie , NB; d. 11 Dec 1939, Tracadie , NB.

4. ANTOINE4 LEBRETON (ALEXANDRE3, JEAN BAPTISTE2, WILLIAM1) was born 08 Dec 1849 in Tracadie,NB, and died 17 Jul 1886 in Tracadie, NB. He married MARIE JUDITH BRIDEAU 21 Oct 1873 in Tracadie, NB, daughter of FRANCOIS BRIDEAU and ADELAIDE RICHARD. She was born 10 Nov 1853 in Tracadie, NB, and died 28 Feb 1941 in Tracadie, NB.

i. PIERRE GELASE5 LEBRETON, b. Abt. 1875, Tracadie , NB; m. (1) HELENE SONIER; b. Abt. 1881, St. Isidore, NB; m. (2) HELENE ARSENEAU, 07 Jan 1895, Tracadie, NB; b. Abt. 1878, Tracadie , NB.
ii. FRANCOIS XAVIER LEBRETON, b. 20 Dec 1876, Tracadie, NB; m. ALEXANDRINE THOMAS, 12 Oct 1903, St. Isidore, NB; b. Abt. 1885, St. Isidore, NB.
iii. ALEXANDRE LEBRETON, b. 10 Feb 1873, Tracadie , NB; m. MARIE SUSANNE ARSENEAU, 31 Oct 1898, Tracadie, NB; b. 11 Jan 1877, Tracadie , NB.
iv. PIERRE LEANDRE LEBRETON, b. 29 Sep 1878, Tracadie , NB.
v. PIERRE CESAIRE LEBRETON, b. 30 Oct 1880, Tracadie , NB.
vi. HORTENSE LEBRETON, b. 17 May 1882, Tracadie , NB; m. JOSEPH LOSIER, 08 Aug 1956, Tracadie, NB; b. Abt. 1881, Tracadie , NB.
vii. CLEMENTINE LEBRETON, b. 10 Mar 1886, Tracadie, NB; d. 20 Aug 1886, Tracadie, NB.

The Brideaus of Tracadie, NB
Updated May 5, 2005
Norman Richard Brideau
790Oakside Road
Yorktown Heights, New York 10598
United States (914)245-4969

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May 5,2005

I'm attempting to record every person who was either born, married, died or buried in Tracadie, NB. I'm also enterering the names of any person with Kinship to any of the above persons.
I obtain information from several NB church records found in books purchased from the University of Moncton, NB campus at Shippagan, NB.
I also go online to look for more names and to date I have entered some 32,000 names. There will be mistakes in the facts.
The results of my findings are available to any person who wishes to contact me at NRBRIDEAU@HOTMAIL.COM

Thank You
Norman R. Brideau

I’m attempting to locate the Ancestors of my Great-Great-Great Grandfather and Grandmother... I would appreciate any help you may give me and in return I will gladly offer my help to you. I have 32,000 names in my program of people with some connection to TRACADIE, NB. 05/05/2005

Descendants of Pierre Richard

Generation No. 1

1. PIERRE2 RICHARD (JOSEPH1) was born 15 Jun 1765 in NB, and died 15 Jun 1831 in Tracadie , N.B. He married MARIE JOSETTE DIONNE Abt. 1800 in NB. She was born 11 May 1777 in NB, and died 11 May 1830 in Tracadie, NB.

I. ANONYME3 RICHARD, b. 04 May 1806, Tracadie, NB; d. 04 May 1806, Tracadie, NB.
ii. MONIQUE RICHARD, b. 05 May 1807, Tracadie, NB; d. 04 Sep 1879, Tracadie, NB; m. GEORGES FERGUSSON, 15 Nov 1824, Tracadie, NB; b. 17 Mar 1795, Tracadie, NB; d. 05 Dec 1850, Tracadie, NB.
iii. PIERRE RICHARD, b. 22 Dec 1809, Tracadie, NB; d. 07 Apr 1885, Tracadie, NB; m. JUDITH BREAU, Abt. 1827, Tracadie, NB; b. Abt. 1810, Tracadie, NB; d. 10 Oct 1882, Tracadie, NB.
iv. AMATEUR RICHARD, b. 08 Oct 1811, Tracadie, NB; d. Bef. 1816, Tracadie, NB.
v. AMATEUR MARTIN RICHARD, b. 15 Sep 1816, Tracadie, NB; d. 09 Apr 1888, Tracadie, NB; m. GENEVIEVE COMEAU, 14 Feb 1831, Shippagan, NB; b. 15 Jul 1813, Tracadie, NB; d. 15 Feb 1892, Tracadie, NB.
vi. TELISPHORE RICHARD, b. Aft. 1817, Tracadie, NB; m. ADELINE ARSENEAU, Aft. 1840, Tracadie, NB; b. Aft. 1818, Tracadie, NB.

Ancestors of Marie Josette Dionne

Generation No. 1

1. Marie Josette Dionne, born 11 May 1777 in NB; died 11 May 1830 in Tracadie, NB. She married (1) Pierre Richard Abt. 1800 in NB. He was born 15 Jun 1765 in NB, and died 15 Jun 1831 in Tracadie , N.B. He was the son of Joseph Richard and Marie Therese Bourgeois.

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