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Adam LaSalle decendants

Adam LaSalle decendants

Gloria LaSalle York (View posts)
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My grandfather lived in Kaplan,La. while married to Celeste Marceaux they had 5 children that I know of ,Edmae, Gladys,Melvin,Theodore and John.You can e-mail me at Thank you

LaSalle family

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Hi ,
Im Gail Bouillion. My father was Manson{Mansel} LaSalle from Erath Louisiana . My grandfather
was Amedee LaSalle. I am interested in finding our family history. I was recently told that my father had a sister that I didn't know about.I would like to know when
she was born and when she died. I was told
by my Aunt that her name was Cecile or Lydia.
she says she can't remember. If we are of the
same family and you have this information
please e-mail me at
Thanks hope to hear from you again. I remember my father and mother talking about
Adam LaSalle , hope it is the sameone.
Thanks again Gail

LaSalle Family

Gloria LaSalle York (View posts)
Posted: 957636468000
Gail I am Melvin LaSalle's daughter. My mother was Maudry Richard. Are you Needless LaSalle's niece(are Mansel and Needless brothers.He lives in Erath.My grandfather Adam LaSalle had a brother named Amedee I feel sure that we are of the same family. Sorry I don't have the info you are asking for but if you have more like names and other family history I would likeyou to let me know. Thanks Gloria


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hi Gloria,
yes my father mansel, Needless, and Andrew
are brothers and their father was Amedee
LaSalle. Amedee was married to Mathildia
Babin LaSalle. Andrew and my father have
both died. I don't have any information that
i could give you because I just started this
and I really don't know too much. I will try
to go to the vermilion parish library to
look up some information. I am hoping to find
out more .If you have any information about
my grandfather amedee family please email it
to me.Hope to meet you someday.

LaSalle Family

Gloria (View posts)
Posted: 958375176000
Hi Gail sorry I haven't answered sooner. My grandfather Adam LaSalle was your grandfather Amadee's brother.My grandfather was married to Celeste Marceaux and they had 6 children Edmae Pesson married to Henry Pesson they had 4 children Norman,Raymond,Patricia, and Pressley Pesson.
Watson married Celeste Duvio and they had 2 boys Darrell and Douglas LaSalle. Gladys married Joseph (Boone) LeBlanc,they had 2 girls Beverly married Gene Fontenot,they had 3 boys Farrel, Carrol and Roger. Mary married Andrew Trahan and they had 2 boys and a girl,Andrew Junior,Damian and Dawn.
Melvin married Maudry Richard and they had 8 children 5 boys and 3 girls. Gloria married Rodney Trahan and had 1 dughter (he is deceased)the daughters name is Regina Trahan is not married at this time and has no children. Gloria remarried 2nd husband Floyd Gaspard and had 2 more children Ozan Adam Gaspard married Amy Lege have 2 children, Brittney and Braden.Tiffany married Brandon Gaspard and have 2 boys Dusty and Kade. Gloria divorced Floyd and remarried to Logan York and have a daughter Kristie York who is still in School will graduate from high school next year 2001. ( Calvin marreid Cynthia Comeaux and they have 2 boys Greg and telly.Sorry I have to stop for now I'll get back to it when I get Back later this Afternoon.Hop it helps Let me know.

LaSalle Family

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Thanks Gloria,
this is a big help. my brothers and I was
talking about the people from Kaplan just the other day. It has been years since we
went to kaplan. Gloria do you still live in
Kaplan. I live in New Iberia and MY oldest
brother herbert lives in youngsville. He has
6 girls all married and has 13 grandchildren.
my other brother still lives in Erath. he
has 2 children one married and one in college.
I have 4 children . Two girls married and
divorced. 2 grandchildren. Two boys not married yet. hope to meet you soon.
thanks alot for the information.

Other Children

Earline LaSalle Gaspard (View posts)
Posted: 990350503000
You seem to have forgotten that Adam had two other children, myself, Earline LaSalle Gaspard and Vernest Joseph LaSalle. They were both born to Olita Mallet on 1/20/44 and 4/26/49 respectively.
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