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Gross Variations

Gross Variations

Posted: 925222013000
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My husbands grandfather Frank Albert Gross Jr. of Baltimore Md says that our name was changed when his grandparents immigrated to the US from Germany. He wasn't exactly sure what the variation was but remembers his mother saying it had something to do with the double s looking like an f. So he thought it was Groff or Grofs or Grof. I have seen that I should also check for Grose, Groce, and Grohs, does anyone have any others? Sincerely Tracie Gross

GROSS Variations

Sue (View posts)
Posted: 929084995000
Tracie, While doing research on microfilm I learned that the German way to write a double s was a character that looked like an f.
I Sometimes found the s to look like a p alsol depending on the penmanship of the census taker. Good luck. Sue


sue (View posts)
Posted: 930771863000
My line of the above was originall LeGros from the rhineland area of Germany--Arriving in America name was changed to Gross and then the two sons spelled theirs Grose and Groce. My line migrated to Overton CO TN and Cumberland Co Ky and finally Texas Co MO

Gross/Groce from LeGros

James D. Groce (View posts)
Posted: 931007236000
Recent posting by "Sue" suggests that her
family orgin may be the immigrants Simon Gross
and Theobald Gross based on the PA, NC,KY, TN,
and TX migration. However, I cannot find any support for the LeGros origin.Can you provide sources to support this? Thanks. Jim Groce

Name change

Richard Gross (View posts)
Posted: 934909147000
Hi, Traci. I, too heard that our name was spelled different thanit is now. My gggrandfather: John Wesley Gross was born in Baden, Germany on 27 July, 1802. I can't seem to go back any further than that but I once heard that the spelling was: GROTZ So if ther was a variation on it, it would have to have been before that I think. ? :>)


Sue (View posts)
Posted: 937662762000
Someone I was fortunate to come in contact with made several trips to the Rhineland area and researched this line thoroughly. She states that the LeGros were close to the nobility and handled the money areas. There is also a Grose castle of which she gave me pictures. She died several years ago -- I have not checked this line for quite a while but it goes back to ca 1250.

The Gross family

Samantha Gross (View posts)
Posted: 939054965000
Hello I am looking for any possible gross relatives out there. my grandparents were origanily from hungary. My grandfather was paul gross he spelled his name grosz my grand mother was helen orbon.My grandfather has 13 other siblings.If you know something please contact me.

Groce Family Tree

Donald F. Groce (View posts)
Posted: 939135089000
I am a member of the Groce family of Northwest Georgia. I have no idea where our roots come from, but we have been in this area since the early 1900s. If you know of any southeastern Groce roots, please reply.


Don Groce

LeGros line

Posted: 939545125000
Edited: 993191713000
Hi Sue,

I was wondering if you were given any sources for the
LeGros line that goes back to 1200s. I've come across
several families that claim they are descendents of
William LeGros b. bet. 1250-1280 England. So far I haven't
seen any proof of this line. I currently have three versions
listed on my website at:

I would love to hear what you have to say on this line.



Sue (View posts)
Posted: 939559326000
I have not checked out any Georgia connection on the "Grose/Groce/Gross" but one of my ancestors brothers spelled his name "Groce" and finally settled in Howell CO MO which joins Texas Co MO which is where my line ended up. Supposely the "Groce" was connected, thru marriage, to "Lightfoot" Harry Lee who was famous in history.

Sorry I can't be of more help--have you tried the LDS resource web site???

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