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Chris Farah (View posts)
Posted: 960232652000
Okay so please don't think I'm inbred but my not only is my dad a Farah (evident by his last name) but my mom was one too. They are not realted, at least it's sooo far down the line that they relly still aren't. My mother is Palestinian and Lebanese while my dad is full Syrian. My Dad's dad was Joseph Karam who's family was from New Jersey, he has two step-sisters, Rose and Helen. My dad's mom in a Karam from Oakdale Louisiana with a huge family down there. My mom's mom is a Sherawi (dunno how to spell) but the family changed their name to Thomas. My mom's dad was a Farah and I believe his family is based in Flint Michigan. Okay you still there? hahah I am 18 in Los Angeles, a theatre major in college, if you are related to me, i'd love to hear from ya. Bye!


Lindsey Bodine (View posts)
Posted: 963864608000
I think we are 2nd cousins. I don't know. My grandma's father is syrian. She was born in palestine. And her name was farah. They moved to the us and moved to flint michigan in the early 1900's. Her fathers name is george. Her father got divorced and remarried a syrian women in the early 1930's. My grandma's half bros and sis's live in michigan. what do you think?

Related from Flint?

bill (View posts)
Posted: 963922403000
I don't know if we're related but I'm from Flint to.


bill (View posts)
Posted: 964705444000
Do you know any of the people in Flint??


ron Farah (View posts)
Posted: 977046254000
Hey my fathers name is Jonathan Farah and he was born in Michigan.....Please write me at have an arabic back-ground.
ron farah

Re: Werid

Michael Canasi (View posts)
Posted: 1070782697000
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My name is Michael Farah Canasi and I am part Syrian. I think I am related too you b/c the inbred thing has come up in our family history. I have relatives in Florida that have the last name of Farrah and my granfathers first name was Farah. Write back if you recieved this?

Re: Werid

Posted: 1115875310000
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What was your father's name and his mother's name? I was born and raised in Oakdale, LA and my know many of them from my childhood days.

Re: Werid

chris (View posts)
Posted: 1117268963000
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my father was michael, my grandmother mary karam, she had many brothers and sisters

Re: Werid

Posted: 1369508477000
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Chris, I am just seeing this now, several years after you posted it, but I am almost certain we are related! My grandmother (my father's mother) was Asma Farah from Damascus, Syria. My father had a first cousin (the son of my grandmother's brother) named Joseph (Yousef) Farah who was married to Mary Karam. One of their sons was named Michael. There are some 1st cousin marriages going back in the family tree. Some of the males who first came over sent back to Syria to bring cousins over as wives. One of my older relatives once explained to me that it was a way of protecting the Arab women at the time, since females had no means of making it on their own, or rights or protection outside of the family looking out for them. I hope you can still receive messages through this means. I would really very much like to correspond with you. Do you have uncles, Joe, Louie, and William "Billy"? If so, it's a sure thing we are related. Your father would be my 2nd cousin.
Posted: 1432225848000
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what year was your dad/grandfather born? what was your grandfather's name?
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