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Enbusk Ancestry

Enbusk Ancestry

Tami Jenson (View posts)
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I am not a decendant of this family, but I have a web site for Kvensk research so I do alot of research in Northern Norway. Kvensk or Kven was the ethnic group of people who emmigrated to Norway from Finland. The Enbusk family were Kvensk. I have been compiling a database of Kvensk families and it includes the Enbusk family and Gunnari family. I will post some information here and hopefully I will have something that is helpful. I would love to have decendant information for my data base if you would not mind sending it to me:

Descendants of Johan Persen Enbusk of Neiden, Sør-Varanger, Finnmark, Norway

1. Johan Persen Enbusk (b.15 Sep 1819;d.17 Jun 1902)
Children with Anna Sophia Andersdatter Antilla:

..2. Olga Vilhelmine Enbusk (b.18 Mar 1880)

Children with Else Stina Karlsdatter Ripi (b.1829;m.19 Oct 1865)
..2. Karl Johan Johansen Enbusk (b.9 Jan 1867)
..2. Kristianne Johansdatter Enbusk (b.13 Jul 1868)
sp: Johan Arent Gunnari (b.26 Jun 1867;m.1885)

Children with Susanne Margretha Paulsdatter Ekdahl (m.16 Jul 1848)
..2. Christina Marie Enbusk (b.23 Nov 1848;d.30 Jan 1849)
..2. Kaisa Kristine Johannesdatter Enbusk (b.4 Apr 1850)
sp: Johan Peter Henriksen Alatola (b.1846;m.27 Jun 1869)
....3. Emma Gustava Johansdatter Alatola (b.3 Jun 1870)
....3. Arnt Johansen Alatola (b.26 Aug 1871)
..2. Gretha Marie Johansdatter Enbusk (b.3 Jul 1852)
..2. Peter Christian Johannesen Enbusk (b.18 Aug 1853;d.25 Jul 1930)
sp: Maria Eriika Kimmama (m.13 Oct 1871)
sp: Josefiina Narkaus (m.18 Jun 1894)
....3. Walter Enbusk (b.20 Oct 1905;d.3 Nov 1983)
..2. Eva Marie Johansdatter Enbusk (b.25 Mar 1856)
sp: Johan Mathis Simonsen Marjavara (b.1852)
....3. Elmine Mathisdatter Marjavara (b.17 Dec 1876)
sp: Simon Oskar Abrahamsen Ranta (b.1869;m.15 Mar 1895)
....3. Laura Kristianne Marjavara (b.27 Sep 1879)
sp: Edvard Abrahamsen Ranta (b.1871;m.28 Nov 1898)
..2. Karl Johan Johansen Enbusk (b.20 Jan 1860;d.4 Oct 1864)
..2. Jakob Vilhelm Johannesen Enbusk (b.6 Aug 1862)
sp: Josephine Hendrickson (b.1862)
....3. John Peter Enbusk (b.1891)
..2. Susanna Margrethe Johannesdatter Enbusk (b.24 Oct 1864)

Re: Enbusk Ancestry

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Surnames: Ripi, Enbusk, Strømsted
you mention in a post from 2006 about a Johan Persen Enbusk marrying Else Stina Karlsdatter Ripi in 1865. Is Else also Kven? My great grandmother is Britta Kristine Karlsdatter Ripi, born 1834 in Sodankyla Finland, and I believe she is the sister of Else (Elise). Britta married Statius Reinholdt Strømsted, born 1833, in Tromsø. Online I found a photo of these two from the Tromsø university site, and it's labeled "mixed marriage" - she Kven and he Norwegian. I wasn't sure if indeed she was Kven or Saami.

Re: Enbusk Ancestry

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My husband is Wally Gunnary & the Embysk family is from his mother's side. Peter Enbysk is his grandfather. We are interested in any info we can get on the family. His mother's maiden name was enbysk. Our email address is You can send anything to this.
Thanks alot!

Wally & Barb Gunnary

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