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Kira Culmer-Cooper (View posts)
Posted: 971422746000
I was taught that the name Culmer is a rare name in the United states and if you have that last name you are related in some way. My Great grandfather came from the Bahamas, that's his last name and we have so much history behind this name. I went to the Bahamas to find out more of my family history and found that there was a island just for the Culmers. And that Culmer is a Latin name ,our ancestors came at different time periods and settled in different parts of America.
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I am a descendant of Stephen and Sarah Woodruff Culmer who settled in PA. in the 1830's. I have a large collection of Culmer data and would be happy to hear from other
descendants. I'm curious whether anyone knows where those that went to the Bahamas
originated. Were they also from Kent, Eng.?

Culmer history

Kira Culmer-Cooper (View posts)
Posted: 978612365000
Hello I did some intense research in our name and found out so much. Since the last finding which was where our name came from and it's Latin. However that wasn't good enough for me so I had to dig a litle bit more on where we actually came from. The Bahamas was a stopping ground for many of our ancestors. The Culmers were Spanish with came from Spain and travelled all around the world. I needed to know where did the africans come from. Another search came in effect the findings were so obvious and was in my face the whole time.The Africans came from Morroco that explains everything. Which is next door to Spain.In those times many slave traders wouldn't travel deep in the African continent for safety reasons. That explains the light skin tones in our family and the lighter eyes. They mixed with the women and that's the result of that. For the history I found out about England like earlier I mention alot of the Spainish travelled through out the world and many of them settled in many parts and never returned to Spain.


jeremy culmer (View posts)
Posted: 983559064000
I am a one of the Culmers of the Cleveland Ohio area. But I can not go back any further than my father and grandfather. Do you have any connections.

Stephen Culmer

jeremy culmer (View posts)
Posted: 983560601000
My middle name is Steven which came from my fathers middle name, Stephen.
Don't know my grandfathers name. He died around 1969 when I was born. But Stephen isn't a common name, whether first name or middle.
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Hi Jeremy -
Thanks for the message. I do have some information that I'm sure will help you. I have company from out of town right now so will have to get back to you. In the meantime, why don't you send me the dates and names you have - that will help me provide you with the best details. I'd like to have your email address, too. Thanks.
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Jeremy, I just read your message of Mar. 31 (out of order because I've not been reading emails for a few days). I can positively tell you why you carry the name Stephen. That name has been handed down for about 1400 years. Please let me know any details whatsoever, for instance, do you know where any of your family is buried. If so, where. Did your grandfather live in Cleveland? Etc. Etc. I'll be anxious to help you but it will take a few days.


jeremy culmer (View posts)
Posted: 983727847000
Thanks for the reply. I have not had much contact with my father or his side but I do know that my grandfather lived in Cleveland, was a police officer, and passed away at a relatively young age in 1969. I can find out more (such as his name). You tracked back quite a few years.
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Jeremy, Will you please send me your email address? Mine is


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Hi Jeremy, don't know if you got all the info you wanted, but I research the Stephen Culmers as well. You can see my data at World Connect . The database name is Cindi_Meyer,happy hunting!
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