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Family of Peter & Lydia Ann [SALISBERRY] SCHLAPPI

Family of Peter & Lydia Ann [SALISBERRY] SCHLAPPI

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Aug 1808
Peter SCHLAPPI BORN in Lenk im Simmental, Bern, Switz.(baptised 21 Aug 1808) to Christian and Catharina [TRITTEN] SCHLAPPI.

1 Apr 1822
Peter's mother, Catharina died in Lenk.

4 Apr 1834
Christian SCHLAPPI & all living children arrived in New York Harbor on "Ship Attica."

13 May 1834
Peter SCHLAPPI purchased 160 acres in Henry Co., OH 7N7E Sec 13 from U.S. Gov't.

18 Jul 1834
Christian SCHLAPPI purchased 160 acres in Henry Co., OH 7N7E Sec 12 from U.S. Gov't.

ca 1836-7
Peter SCHLAPPI married Lydia Ann SALISBERRY in Lucas Co.

children: George Washington (b. ca 1838), Constantine (b. ca 1839), Mary Ann (b. ca 1841), Susan Catharine (b. ca 1843), David (b. ca 1844), Justina (b. ca 1846), Rosetta (b. ca 1847), Aurelius Peter (b. ca 1851), & Varilian Augustus (b. ca 1854).

15 Dec 1855
Peter purchased 200+ acres in Ferris Twp., Montcalm Co., MI, which he sold in parcels to his children as they married and started families.

29 May 1864
Peter died in Ferris Twp., Montcalm Co., MI. Is buried in Elm Hall Cemetery, Sumner Twp., Gratiot Co., MI.

MARRIAGES of children of Peter & Lydia Ann [SALISBERRY] SCHLAPPI:

1 Jan 1858
Mary Ann SCHLAPPI to John RANK, Ferris Twp., Montcalm Co., MI (Vol 1 p. 52) [married in home of Peter SCHLAPPI]

13 Nov 1859
Susan Catharine SCHLAPPI to Dewitt C. BLANCHARD, Ferris Twp., Montcalm Co., MI (Vol 1 p.83)

23 Sep 1860
Justina SCHLAPPI to Francis K. HICKMAN, Ferris Twp., Montcalm Co., MI (Vol 1, p. 89)

13 Jun 1862
George Washington SCHLAPPI to Eliza A. GIDDINGS, Sumner Twp., Gratiot Co., MI (Vol 1 p. 141)[Married by "Rev. Peter SCHLAPPI"] {Eliza [GIDDINGS] SCHLAPPI died 7 May 1866 in Sumner Twp., Gratiot Co., MI}

29 Dec 1867
Rosetta SCHLAPPI to Morgan SLY, Elm Hall, Sumner Twp., Gratiot Co., MI (Vol B p. 19)

ca 1867
Constantine SCHLAPPI to Frances D., Ferris Twp.(?) [Apr 1868 Montcalm Co. Land Deed mentions wife Frances D. vol O p. 425]

7 Mar 1868
George Washington SCHLAPPI to Henrietta A. STORY, Sumner Twp., Gratiot Co., MI (Vol B p. 19)

6 Jun 1868
Justina [SCHLAPPI] HICKMAN to Orlando SLY, Sumner Twp., Gratiot Co., MI (Vol B p. 19)

4 Jul 1871
Aurelius Peter SCHLAPPI to Jennie M. GILLMORE, St. Louis, Gratiot Co., MI (Vol B p. 32)

date/place unknown
Varilian Augustus SCHLAPPI to Rose A. CLARK

CIVIL WAR RECORD of children (& in-laws) of Peter & Lydia Ann [SALISBERRY] SCHLAPPI:

21 Aug 1861
Constantine SCHLAPPI ENLISTED Co. C 8th Mich. Vol. Inf. at New Haven, MI. Wounded in action on Wilmington Isl., Ga. 16 Apr 1862, Corporal. (Descriptive Rolls Mich. Volunteers [DRMV] Vol 8 p. 118)

15 Aug 1862
Francis HICKMAN ENLISTED Co. D 26th Mich. Vol. Inf. Discharged 8 Jun 1863 for disability. (DRMV Vol 26)

15 Oct 1862
Orlando SLY ENLISTED Co. D 26th Mich. Vol. Inf. Severely wounded, Discharged for disability 9 Jan 1865.., Discharged 9 Jun 1865. (DRMV Vol 26)

21 Oct 1862
David SCHLAPPI ENLISTED Co. D 26th Mich. Vol. Inf. Killed in action 5 Dec 1864. (DRMV Vol 26)

28 Oct 1863
George Washington SCHLAPPI DRAFTED Co. B 2nd Cavalry Div. (DRMV Vol 32)

10 Feb 1865
Dewitt BLANCHARD ENLISTED Co. E 5th Mich. Vol. Inf. (DRMV Vol 41)


1840--York Twp., Lucas Co., OH:

Peter SCHLAPPI, Lydia Ann [SALISBERRY], Constantine, George Washington.

1850--York Twp., Fulton Co., OH:

Peter SCHLAPPI (ae 40), Lydia Ann [SALISBERRY] (ae 32), George Washington (ae 12), Constantine (ae 11), Mary Ann (ae 9), Susan Catharine (ae 7), David (ae 6), Justina (ae 4), Rosetta (ae 3) (dwelling #714)

1860--Ferris Twp., Montcalm Co., OH:

Peter SCHLAPPI (ae 51), Lydia Ann [SALISBERRY] (ae 42), Constantine (ae 21), David (ae 17), Justina (ae 14), Rosetta (ae 13), Aurelius Peter (ae 9), Varilian Augustus (ae 6) (dwelling #334)

Dewitt E. Blanchard (ae 20), Susan Catharine [SCHLAPPI] (ae 18)(dwelling #335)

1860--Sumner Twp., Gratiot Co., MI:

George Washington SCHLAPPI (ae 22 living w/ Westroop family) (dwelling #354)

Henrietta STORY (ae 9)(dwelling #355)

Eliza GIDDINGS (ae 21) (dwelling #357)

Francis HICKMAN (ae 21) (dwellilng #360)

1870--Ferris Twp., Montcalm Co., MI:

Lydia Ann [SALISBERRY] SCHLAPPI (ae 51), Aurelius Peter (ae 19), Varilian Augustus (ae 16) (dwelling #89)

George Washington SCHLAPPI (ae 32), Nettie [STORY] (ae 18), Melvin (ae 3) (dwelling #49)

Dewitt BLANCHARD (ae 30), Susan Catharine [SCHLAPPI] (ae 28), Peter (ae 8), George (ae 6), Phinia (ae 4) (dwelling #15)

1870--Sumner Twp, Gratiot Co., MI

Constantine SCHLAPPI (ae 31), Frances (ae 28), Bertha (ae 2), George (ae 8/12) (dwelling #165)

Orlando SLY (ae 25), Justina [SCHLAPPI] (ae 24), Laura HICKMAN (ae 8), Charles A. SLY (ae 4/12) (dwelling #154)

Morgan SLY (ae 22), Rosetta [SCHLAPPI] (ae 23) (dwelling #158)

1880--Sumner Twp, Gratiot Co., MI

George Washington SCHLAPPI (ae 41), Henrietta A. [STORY] (ae 29), Melvin D. (ae 13), William H. (ae 8) (dwelling #232)

Orlando SLY (ae 35), Justina [SCHLAPPI] (ae 34), Laura L. HICKMAN (ae 18), Charles O. SLY (ae 10), Alice M. (ae 5), Marcia G. (ae 3), Jessie (female) (ae 3/12) (dwelling #195)

I am still researching this family at present. Have more information.


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Surnames: Salsberry, Alwood, Salsbury, Saltsborger
Lydia Salsbury (Salsberry) was one of the 11 children of Peter Salsberry and Mary Ann Stahl. This family has used several spellings: Salsberry, Salsbury, Salisbury among them. The name is appears to be an Anglicized version of the German name Saltsborger.


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Surnames: elizabeth salsbery, ephraim alwood
The genealogy record I have indicates that my great-great grandfather married Elizabeth Salsbery in Harrison County, Maryland on Oct. 11,1803. Elizabeth was born in Cumberland County, Topin Twp., Pennsylvana May 9th, 1799. She died Febuary 2nd,1897 in Fulton County, Ohio. Her parents were Peter Salsbery and Mary Ann Stahl.

Although the spelling of Salsbery is somewhat different, the area and dates are very close. Could they have been sisters?

Re: Salsberry/Alwood

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Surnames: Salsbery/Salisbury/salsbury/Saulsbury
Does anyone know the names of the 11 children of Peter Salsbery and Mary Ann Stahl. I have traced my family back to Elias Salsbery in 1840, 1850 and 1860 Ohio, Fulton County census. I have found a lot of Alwood families in the same areas and know that Elizabeth Salsbery married Ephraim Alwood and wonder if there is a connection. I have been unable to find the parents of Elias Salsbery.
Please contact me if you have any information on this.
Thank you

Re: Family of Peter & Lydia Ann [SALISBERRY] SCHLAPPI

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Surnames: schlappi,
veralin augustus schlappi as far as i can find no marriage to rose a clark but i know for a fact that he married mrytle jane campbell and they were married fifty years i have the record and the photo

Re: Salsberry/Alwood

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Surnames: Salsberry, Salisbury and more
Peter Salsberry had a son Daniel. Does anyone know what happened to him? Did he (Daniel) have a middle name? I have a Daniel S Salsberry in my line. Some think Christopher (Peter's brother) is the father. I think, but have no proof, Peter is the father. Possibly my Daniel 'S' Salsberry has the middle name of his mother's maiden name - 'Stahl' ???? Just a thought. Again - I would like to have some documentation to prove it.
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