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Robert Trevor Seal - 1917 to 1986 Nice France to Chicago Illinois

Robert Trevor Seal - 1917 to 1986 Nice France to Chicago Illinois

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Looking for information on Robert Trevor Seal's birth in Nice, his family and how he became an orphan before coming to the US in 1928.

He died September 1986 in Cook County, Illinois. Looking for an obituary.

Any help appreciated.

Re: Robert Trevor Seal - 1917 to 1986 Nice France to Chicago Illinois

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Seal
I've been able to find the following information on Robert Seal, his mother and grandmother. I'm still working on finding his father.

I haven't been able to solve why Robert ended up in the home in Los Angeles as he wasn't an orphan until then. Many of the kids there were not orphans. One or both of their parents were alive and left them there because they couldn't or didn't want to look after them.

Marie ? (possibly Bouvet) was born in 1867 in Grenoble, France. Marie married Mr. Gorge - so far the date and place are unknown.

The Gorge's had a daughter, Ines, who was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1891. Ines married Mr. Seal - so far the date and place are unknown.

The Seal's had a son, Robert Trevor, who was born 16 April 1917 in Nice. Sometime before 1928 the Seals divorced.

On 27 January 1928, Ines received a visa (in Nice) to emigrate to the US (#2628). On 20 March 1928 she boarded the SS Providence in Marseilles and sailed to New York arriving 9 April 1928. She was listed as 37 years old, a housewife, divorced, 5'7" tall, fair complexion, black hair and brown eyes. She could read and write French and English. She had paid her own fare. She had never been to the US before and intended to stay permanently. She listed her closest relative back in France as her mother who lived at 44 rue Alphonse Karr, Nice. She was going to stay with a friend named Caireus (probably a misspelling) who lived at 308 W 55th in Manhattan, New York City.

In Nice, on 13 October 1928, Marie Gorge and her grandson Robert Seal received visas to emigrate to the US. Her's was #Q2936 and his was #Q2937. On 28 November 1928 they boarded the SS Ile de France in Le Havre and sailed to New York arriving late at night on 4 December 1928. On 5 December they left the ship and went to the immigration hall arriving at 3 pm. Inspector Ryan detained them and entered LPC PH D on their form. That meant Likely Public Charge and Physical Defect. They may have been concerned about Marie's age and health and the fact that they were not being met at the ship. They contacted Ines and at 4.10 pm they were released.

Marie Gorge was listed as 61 years old, a widow, 5'5" tall, with no profession, fair complexion, brown hair and brown eyes. She could read and write French and Spanish. She had paid both her's and Robert's fares.

Robert T Seal was listed as 12 years old, a student, 5'6" tall, fair complexion, brown hair and brown eyes. He could read and write French.

Neither Marie nor Robert had ever been to the US before and they both intended to stay permanently. They listed their closest relative back in France as her cousin, Emilie Bouvet, of 4 Passage Emile Negrin, Nice. They were going to stay with Ines Seal who was now living at 43 Donalson Avenue, Rutherford, New Jersey.

Here I lost track of Ines and Marie. Robert is next seen on the 1930 Census living at the Maude B Booth Home for Boys and Girls in Los Angeles. His details are incorrect as he is listed as being born in Rio de Janiero and that both his parents were born in the US.

On 26 September 1935 Robert made his application for US citizenship. He was listed as 18 years old, an aviation student living at 677 Burlington Avenue, Los Angeles. On 1 November 1938 he is granted US citizenship and is listed as 21 years old, a delivery boy living at 1243 So Westlake Avenue in Los Angeles. There is no mention of his parents on any of his citizenship papers.

At some point later he moves to Illinois.

I'm working on trying to find out what happened to Ines and Marie as well as getting information about Robert's dad.

Hope this helps and isn't information you already have.

Re: Robert Trevor Seal - 1917 to 1986 Nice France to Chicago Illinois

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Classification: Query
This is wonderful!! It is new information. I really appreciate everything you have done so far. Thank you very much.

Re: Robert Trevor Seal - 1917 to 1986 Nice France to Chicago Illinois

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Classification: Query
My pleasure! I'm just so glad I could and let's hope I can find more.

Re: Robert Trevor Seal - 1917 to 1986 Nice France to Chicago Illinois

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I've got quite a bit of new information for you. I decided to start a family tree to make it easier and have sent you an invitation to it. Here's a link to the start of it:

Here's the highlights of what I've found.

William Seal was born in Birmingham in about 1878. I'm hoping to get more info on his parents. He went to Hertford County College, a boarding school. He became an engineer and worked in Preston, Lancashire. At some point between 1901 and 1913 he went to Rio de Janeiro where he met Ines Duboscq (sometimes spelled Duboseq). They were married at the British Consulate in Rio on 30 October 1913.

They had a daughter, Ines P, born around 1915 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. She died when she was one years old, in Sao Paulo.

Next we see William and Ines in Nice where Robert Trevor was born in 1916. Then in 1923 Ines filed for divorce in England. You can get all 22 pages of the divorce from the National Archives of the UK but it's a bit pricey. If you want to get it, let me know and I'll send you all the relevant information to get it.

So far I've found no more about William. I'm following a lead that he went back to Brazil and died there in the 1930's or 40's.

I've still not found out what happened to Ines after she came to the US and moved to Rutherford, NJ in 1928. I've got someone who is going to look up and copy the visa she got in Nice for coming to the US. It should have quite a lot of info. It will probably take quite some time for my friend to get it all copied and sent to me but I'll let you know as soon as I get it.

Robert Trevor and his grandmother, Marie Louise Gorge (later spelled George) went to Los Angeles in November 1929. Louise was a governess for a while. I don't know how long Robert stayed in the Maude Booth Home but he and Louise were living together by 1935 in a boarding house Louise was running. They had moved to a new address by 1938. They both applied for US Naturalization. Louise stayed in Los Angeles after Robert moved to Chicago. She died there in 1958 at the ripe old age of 90.

I've been able to trace back some of Louise's ancestry in France. Her mother, Julie Pauline, was born out of wedlock and the father's name was never given. Julie Pauline's mother, Julie, was abandoned when she was a few weeks old and then adopted so no names for her parents.

Louise went to Argentina - not sure how old she was and whether she went alone or with her family. She met a Frenchman named Robert Duboscq and they married in Buenos Aires on 15 Oct 1888. They had Ines there - haven't been able to find if they had any other children but it doesn't look like it. Robert Duboscq died in Paraguay in 1895 - he was only 35. I haven't been able to find his family in France but he came from the Landes area.

I don't know if Louise went to Brazil with Ines - I have a feeling she may have taken Ines and moved there after her husband died. She never married again. Don't know when she moved to Nice.

Of note - when Louise applied for US Naturalization she put all the information about her deceased husband - when and where he was born and died and when they were married - but under children she put "none". So Ines must have died not long after her arrival in the US (or, for some reason, Louise disowned her).

So, a lot of interesting information but still no answer as to why Robert Trevor spent time the the Maude Booth Home. He certainly wasn't an orphan. I did send an email to the Volunteers of America who ran the home until it closed. I'll let you know if I get a reply.



Re: Robert Trevor Seal - 1917 to 1986 Nice France to Chicago Illinois

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Classification: Query
You are amazing and i really appreciate all the help. We do not have that information. You are really filling in the blanks!!!
Yes we want to send for the divorce records, please send me the info.
Here are some tidbits we have put together from some old pictures that may help you.

Louise Gorge employment information

Employment History
Nappin Stores, Rua 15 De Novembro, 26 Sao Paulo, Brazil 12/3/1913 - 6/30/1916 Leaving for Europe
Letter notarized by Le Consul de France

American Officer's Club, YMCA Nice, France 12/25/1918 - June 1919
L'Esplanada Hotel Sao Paulo, Brazil Jan 1925 - August 1926 Return to France
Letter notarized by Le Consul de France

Ines Seal a few addresses

c/o Mrs. Ullman 22 E 88 Street New York, New York 11/6/1929
c/o Mrs. Ullman 22 E 88 Street New York, New York 10/25/1929

William Seal had a brother Fred who married a Katherine Zita Seal based on some old letters?
Believe William served or fought in France in World War I
There was an old picture that said Camp due General Deville tour de Paris, 1/10/1915 might really be General Neville.
No Deville in France wars, but a Neville who took over after Joffre at Marne and Battle of Aisne.

It is also believed from family stories that he did go back to Brazil and maybe worked on the cable cars for the Christ the Redeemer statue.??

Robert Trevor Seal went to a military school in New Jersey, so they must have lived with Ines. Found it on the internet. No longer exists. It was DeVitte Military Academy in Morganville, New Jersey.
He also went to Sister Mildred High School in Los Angeles and St. Anthony's Church.

I appreciate the continued help, you are awesome. Thank you very much.

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