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Frank Voracek (Vorachek) born 1807 in Bohemia

Frank Voracek (Vorachek) born 1807 in Bohemia

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Surnames: Vorachek, Worachek, Voracek, Husik, Husnik
I'm looking for ancestors/family of Frank and Barbora (Husik) Voracheck/Worachek from Bohemia. They died and are buried in Wisconsin. Translation of headstones: Frank Voracek, born March 16, 1807, in Vysetice, Tabor and Barbora Voracek, born January 14, 1803, in Zahradka, Tabor. It appears they may have immigrated, with their three children (Albert born 1841, Frank born 1844, and Anna born 1854) possibly from Bohemia to the Volyn region of Russia, then to the United States, possibly arriving in New York in 1857. They settles in Kewaunee County Wisconsin

Re: Frank Voracek (Vorachek) born 1807 in Bohemia

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Hi Janice,
Do you happen to know when Frank or Barbora passed away? I could look up the death certificates and see if the parents are listed on either of them.
Thank you,
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Kewaunee County Historical Society

Re: Frank Voracek (Vorachek) born 1807 in Bohemia

Janice Lane (View posts)
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Classification: Query
Surnames: Vorachek, Voracek, Worachek, Wholasek, Woraeck, Horazek
Hi Tammy,
Thanks for your response. I do have the registration of death for both, #1137 for Frank and #1405 for Barbora - neither show parents names. Also have obituaries from local papers and do know they are both buried in St. Adelbert's Cemetery in Casco. No sure exactly when they settled in Kewaunee Co. Have Land Grant Certificate #25,227 in the name of Franz Horazek dated January 3, 1860. The earliest census I can find them is 1870 under Wholashek. I also found them in the 1880 census under Woraeck, living with their son Albert. What I've been told is that Frank came to the country around 1848, settled land, then brought his family here (wife Barbora, sons Albert (b. 1841) and Frank (b. 1844) and daughter Anna (b. 1854? - mother Barbora would have been 51). I have naturlization documents for son Frank dated 2/9/1876 indicating he arrived in US through New York in July 1857. Most obituaries for family indicates 1857 arrival. Also haven't been able to find out much about daughter Anna. Have indications she may have married a Thomas (Wenzel) Blahnik and they had 9 sons and 1 daughter named Frances, who first married a Bunk and then later a John Adams. Son Albert's descendands are under the name of Worachek and son Frank's are under Vorachek - both have many spelling variations. My great-grandmother was son Frank's daughter Anna, who died in Pine County Minnesota in 1899. Pine County genealogical society was very helpful. Do you do research and how much do you charge? Or do you have any suggestions? I live in California, so Wisconsin is a bit of a distance from here.

Thanks for any help.


Re: Frank Voracek (Vorachek) born 1807 in Bohemia

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Hi, I have in my file Thomas Blahnik miler born 28th oct 1843 in Chodska Lhota in Domazlice area southwest Bohemia. I am not sure if he emigrated to USA. Tony.

Re: Frank Voracek (Vorachek) born 1807 in Bohemia

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Surnames: woracek voracek worachek blahnik
Hi Janice -

This is many years after your post, but I wonder if you have seen this site:

It is about the Blahnik family, but there are Woraceks/Woracheks/Voraceks there as well in multiple branches. I don't know if it was a common name or if there was a lot of intermarriage going on. I have both Blahniks and Woraceks in my tree, but I cannot establish whether they are related to yours.

I believe these might be "your" Woraceks:

I don't know if this adds anything for you, but figured I'd post it in case it does... if nothing else, you can keep an eye on it in case of future updates. Good luck! :)

- Michelle

Re: Frank Voracek (Vorachek) born 1807 in Bohemia

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Surnames: Blahnik, Sticka, Blaha, Kaiser
Hi, I do the Blahnik web page you referred to. I'll have to look more for information about Wenzel (Thomas) Blahnik born 1844 in Bohemia who married Anna (Emma) Worachek - daughter of Frank and Barbara (Husic) Husik.

I know for sure that the Thomas Blahnik born Oct 28, 1843 was a miller from U Blahniku #89 outside of Chodsko Lhota. Agnes Hallama commissioned some research about him because he is one of her ancestors.
He does not seem to be the Thomas Wenzel Blahnik you speak of. This Thomas married Barbara Bretl of Germany and 2 of their 5 children came to Canada. There is a descendent that is now part of the Blahnik DNA group.

Info on this Thomas includes:
Research commissioned by Agnes Hallama, conducted by David Hohout, Janackovo nabrezi 57, 150 00 Praha 5, Czech Republic
Archives SRA of Plzen, in the book no 24 of the roman-catholic parish Loucim, on page 65

Date of birth: Oct 28th 1843
dte of christening; 29th October
Birth place: Blahnik's mill, house #89 (but not listed of what village)

Name: Thomas
catholic, male born in lawful wedlock
The father: Adam Blahnik, the locat master miller, the matrimonical son of Jakub Blahnik, the local master miller - and of deceased Apolonia, born in the village Vilov, in the area of Chudenice estate.
The mother: Anna, the matrimonial daughter of Johann Weber, the day-labourer of Horsovky Tyn - and of deceased Mare nee (Radeg (?) from Hrichovice
The Godfather: Thomas Blahnik, the local master miller, +++ (=illiterate person) and Rosalie Kubovec, the farmer (female) from Libkov, +++
Baptised:Franz Lehrmann, the chaplian
The midwife: same (=Maria Foreit)
Now there is a Thomas who married Anna Vacek in IA but her parents were Joseph (Valcek) Vacek and Katarina Kraul

I think it could be more liekly that Wenzel and Anny Blahnik from Carlton may have been the Wenzel Blahnik and Anna Woracek and this could be their daughter's marriage:

Wenzel Blahnik in entry for Joseph Koudelka and Farrie Blahnik, "Wisconsin, Marriages, 1836-1930

groom's name: Joseph Koudelka
groom's birth date:
groom's birthplace: Rostek, Bohemian Europe
groom's age:
bride's name: Farrie Blahnik
bride's birth date:
bride's birthplace: Carlton, Kewaunee, Wisconsin
bride's age:
marriage date: 16 Apr 1901
marriage place: Carlton House, Kewaunee, Wisconsin
groom's father's name: Anton Koudelka
groom's mother's name: Anny Koudelka
bride's father's name: Wenzel Blahnik
bride's mother's name: Anny Blahnik

How does the name Thomas come about with this Wenzel Blahnik? I only know him as Wenzel and don't know his parents at this time.
Lori Dollevoet

Re: Frank Voracek (Vorachek) born 1807 in Bohemia

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Hi Janice,
Could you please contact me at I'm interested in learning more about the Thomas (Wenzel) Blahnik family who had 9 sons and one daughter named Frances. We are trying to connect all Blahniks and this is a branch I don't have researched real well.

I do have a Frances Worachek (November 29, 1838-Mar 14, 1886) that married Mathias Blahnik Sr. from the Algoma Blahnik family. Their daughter Frances Blahnik (October 25, 1870-February 25, 1964) married Robert Brunk also John F. Adams and Conrad Arnold.
Can you email me to help sort it out? Thanks, Lori

Re: Frank Voracek (Vorachek) born 1807 in Bohemia

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I don't find any of the people you listed in this message in my family tree.

Re: Frank Voracek (Vorachek) born 1807 in Bohemia

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I don't recognize any of the names in this message either as being in my family tree. The info I have on Anna born 1854 marrying Thomas/Wenzel Blahnik was given to me in bits and pieces by several Vorachek/Worachek descendants. If you have more info on Anna/Emma and Wenzel/Frank, I would love to have it.
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