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thomas anderson(1762-1840)

thomas anderson(1762-1840)

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Surnames: anderson
Thomas Anderson(1762-1840),of VA & SC, was my 6gg. His son, Thomas J. (1783-1827), of SC & AL, was my 5gg. Thos. (5) m.Jane Kennedy (1788-1859), of SC. Thos.&Jane moved to AL ca.1818, settling in then Greene County. Thos.(6) m. Elizabeth Owen, of NC, and Didama Wimbush, of SC. Since Thos.(5) was b. prior to Thos.(6) m.Eliz., there evidently was a prior wife. All research documentation so far has not found that wife. Can anyone help?

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The Thomas Anderson who married Elizabeth Owen and Diadima WImbush is from my family. I know that several people claim he was the father of a Thomas Anderson born in 1783 but I have never found evidence of an earlier wife. I concede he was old enough to have had one. I am posting my notes here on him. He has a Revolutionary War pension file which names his two wives and I am sure would have named the earlier one and children if there had been any. Grant J. Anderson in his 1909 book gives just the two wives as well and seems confident of the children below.

I corresponded 3 or 4 years ago with a researcher who claimed this connection but after he looked at the SC county records more closely he reported that he had found a better candidate for the father of THomas Anderson born 1783 who was from SC. Unfortunately I do not have his email anymore and it likely would have expired. But to convince yourself please get Thomas Anderson (b1762) pension file from the archives.
Good luck on your line.

Descendants of Thomas Anderson

Generation No. 1

1. Thomas7 Anderson (Jordan6, James5, Thomas4, Thomas3, Thomas2, Richard1) was born April 01, 1762 in Cumberland County, Virginia1, and died May 13, 1840 in Abbeville District, South Carolina. He married (1) Elizabeth Owen September 18, 1801 in Granville County, North Carolina, daughter of John Owen and Armelle Grant. She was born June 01, 17771, and died August 30, 1814 in South Carolina1. He married (2) Diadama Wimbush Aft. 1814.

Notes for Thomas Anderson:
Thomas Anderson birth was recorded in his father's register. This register was taken to South Carolina and then on to Georgia. The birth date is that given by Grant Anderson is his 1909 genealogy, "Genealogy in part, of the Anderson-Owen-Beall families"; By Grant James Anderson; Richmond Virginia; Whitter & Shepperson printers, 1909; and it is likely that he had this register available to him at the time he authored his book. It may still survive somewhere near Dallas, Texas. He would have been born in Cumberland County, in that portion now Powhatan County.
He sold his Chesterfield County lands in 1812 to his nephew Thomas Anderson son of Edward and moved to South Carolina.

02/10/1812 acres Chesterfield County, Virginia
Thomas Anderson to Thomas Anderson
Chesterfield County, Virginia Book 19 page 192

1810 Census Chesterfield County, Virginia
057 Thomas Anderson
<10 10-16 16-26 26-45 >45 slaves
Male 1 0 0 0 1 18
female 2 0 0 1 0
1812-1820 South Carolina, Abbeville District

1830 South Carolina, Abbeville District

Thomas Anderson is listed in the DAR's Patriots Index as a private of Virginia.
10/23/1832, Abbeville District, South Carolina. Thomas Anderson of said District, aged 70 on April 1 last, declares that it was proposed in 1779 or 1780 by Col. Robert Goode that a sufficient number of young men should volunteer to fill the places of those who had families and would other wise be compelled to seve as militia men. On the day he volunteered Col. Robert Goode presented to them a foreigner who he said "would lead them on to butcher our enemies." He lived in Chesterfield County, Virignia, and they marched through Petersburg, Prince George County, and down to Surry County to Cabin Point.
He was called out another time and met at Osburn's on the James River. He was commanded by Col. Robert Goode. They marched the same route as before but went on to Nanesemond County.
He was again called out when the British entered Richmond and burned the rope works. They met at Manchester and he served until after the battle of Petersburg in which he participated. He was called out to attack the enemy in their boats while ascending the Appomattox River. One officer was called Marcham. They then returned to Chesterfield Court House and made the court house a hospital for the wounded. They then marched to Fallin Creek Church. There they had an alarm that the enemy were in pursuit and formed a line of battle, but the British come only to Chesterfield Court House and burned it down. The Americans then marched back to the James River, crossed silently in the night, and went to Richmond where they joined a considerable number of troops. They marched down a large swamp. Creed Haskins, his Captain here, had a servant and two fine horses. One of these the pressmaster attempted to take. The Captain ran into Anderson's tent and took one of the guns to prevent the pressmaster's taking his horse.
While encamped at Sudbury's in Chesterfield County he was taken prisoner by Tarleton's Light Horse. He was taken to Petersburg, then to Col. Byrd's and then to Portsmouth where they were kept prisoners until the evening of the night on which the enemy`s troops vacated the town and went to Little York where Cornwallis was taken prisoner.
10/30/1833 Thomas Anderson declares he has a written record of his age in a family book in his father's handwriting.
Thomas Anderson of Abbeville District, South Carolina, private in the Company of Capt. Haskins in the regiment of Col. Goode in Virginia troops for six months, was placed on the South Carolina pension roll at $20 per annum under the Act of 1832. Certificate 23220 was issued 12/07/1833.


Genealogy in part, of the Anderson-Owen-Beall families, by Grant James Anderson, Whittet & Shepperson, Richmond, Virginia, 1909.

Notes for Elizabeth Owen:
Elizabeth Owen's ancestry can be found in Grant J. Andersons 1909 book on the family; "Genealogy in part, of the Anderson-Owen-Beall families"; By Grant James Anderson; Richmond Virginia; Whitter & Shepperson printers, 1909
Sarah Sharpless <>
from Worldconnect of rootsweb

/Thomas OWEN b: abt 1670/1673 d: 1744
/John OWEN b: 1695 d: 1804
| \Elizabeth d: AFT 13 OCT 1741
/John OWEN b: 25 MAR 1754 d: 8 DEC 1824
| | /Thomas GRANT b: ABT 1694 d: 1774
| \Mildred GRANT b: 29 AUG 1719 d: 1806
| \Isabella RICHARDSON b: bet 1682/1694 d: BEF MAR 1773
Elizabeth OWEN b: 1 JUN 1777 d: 30 AUG 1814
| /Thomas GRANT b: ABT 1694 d: 1774
| /Daniel GRANT b: 1724 d: 1793
| | \Isabella RICHARDSON b: bet 1682/1694 d: BEF MAR 1773
\Amelia GRANT b: 29 OCT 1752 d: 28 JUN 1822
\Elizabeth TAITE b: ABT 1731 d: 13 OCT 1763

Children of Thomas Anderson and Elizabeth Owen are:
2 i. James8 Anderson1, born March 03, 1803 in North Carolina; died July 14, 1860 in Union Parish, Louisiana. He married (1) Priscilla Neal Beal January 10, 1836 in Upson County, Georgia; born June 28, 1810 in Warren County, Georgia; died January 23, 1854 in Upson County, Georgia. He married (2) Amanda Elizabeth Neal October 09, 1857 in Alabama; born May 24, 1819 in Lowndes County, Alabama; died September 02, 1889.
3 ii. Armelle Anderson1, born August 20, 1804; died December 18, 1848.
4 iii. Daniel Anderson1, born August 19, 1806 in South Carolina; died October 25, 1833 in Little Rock, Arkansas. He married Martha Buford January 10, 1832; born April 06, 1812.
5 iv. Mary Anderson1, born May 20, 1808 in Chesterfield County, Virginia; died March 29, 1852 in Monroe County, Arkansas. She married William Hugh Harris April 06, 1826; born August 07, 1798 in Abbeville District, South Carolina; died February 15, 1863 in Fayette County, Alabama.
6 v. Eliza Anderson1, born May 10, 1810 in Virginia; died 1864 in Upson County, Georgia. She married John Garland Paschall May 15, 1825; born 1807; died April 1835 in Abbeville District, South Carolina.
7 vi. Thomas Anderson1, born March 21, 1812 in South Carolina; died October 03, 1890 in Wilmar, Arkansas. He married Anna Gray Allen November 20, 1839 in South Carolina; born November 23, 1822; died April 03, 1879 in Wilmar, Arkansas.


1. Grant James Anderson, Genealogy in part, of the Anderson - Owen - Beall Families, (Whittet & Shepperson, Printers; 1909).

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Thanks, Patrick. Since I posted that message in June I have found some other descendants of Thomas (b.SC,d.AL) who have proof that Thomas (1762-1840) was NOT related to ours. The info. you posted in your notes was part of the info I had found years ago when I began digging. There's a gap in my research time, so the cobwebs are being swept out as I learn new info. It seems that our Thomas was in the Siege of Charleston but we don't know exactly where or when he died. We do know he had some sons who moved from SC to TN, and our "son" moved to AL. I'm still digging.

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Do you remember the guy's name who was emailing you before about Thomas ("1783", really 1773)?
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