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Alexander Smith/Elizabeth Rosser

Alexander Smith/Elizabeth Rosser

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My gggg grandfather was Alexander Smith who died in Jasper Co., GA, in 1831. One researcher states
that his wife, who was deceased by the time of his death, was Elizabeth Rosser. One of the daughters of
James Rosser (Sr.) and Alice Worthing was Elizabeth "Betsy" Rosser. The Alex Smith mentioned in James
Rosser's will is likely to be the husband of Elizabeth Rosser. One of James Rosser's sons was named
Elisha. One of Alexander Smith's sons was named Elisha. Looking for more information on the possible
siblings and parents of Alexander Smith, in hopes of establishing that Alex Smith of Johnston Co., NC,
was the same man as Alexander Smith of Jasper Co., GA.

Alexander Smith

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My gggg-grandfather EZEKIEL SMITH was married to LAURANIA FELPS. Her brother, THOMAS FELPS, was married to a JANE SMITH. Jane's brother was an ALEXANDER SMITH. Their parents were JOHN SMITH and ELIZABETH WHITFIELD. JANE was born before 1755. Her brother ALEXANDER SMITH would have been about 75 in 1831 when your ALEXANDER SMITH died. It is thought that JANE SMITH was born in Craven County, NC. EZEKIEL SMITH was born in Craven Co. NC. He lived in Johnson Co., NC at the mouth of Carraway Creek before migrating to 96 Dist of SC where he married LAURANIA FELPS about 1762. His parents Capt. AARON SMITH and EKIZABETH CARRAWAY wee killed on July 1, 1776. Ezekiel migrated to Hancock Co., Ga. where he died in 1821. I know only what you see above about this ALEXANDER SMITH.

Re: Alexander Smith

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Is this line of Smiths related to John Smith foundere of Smithfield, NC? If so, do you have any info on John Smith's descendants?
Any help would be greatly appreciated

Re: Alexander Smith/Elizabeth Rosser

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Surnames: Smith Rosser Whittenton Whitfield
I actually came across this post researching from the other direction—trying to find an Alexander Smith of Johnston Co. who married a Rosser.

I have an Alexander Smith, son of Samuel Smith (1709-1783) & Edith Whitfield (1717-1785). After Samuel died, he willed Alexander his plantation on MIDDLE CREEK, Johnston Co.

Then in 1803, Alexander Smith, James Rosser, Elijah Rosser & Faddy Whittenton conveyed 421 acres of land lying on MIDDLE CREEK to John Eason.

This made me wonder what the connection was between Alexander Smith & the Rosser family. Did he marry a Rosser?

And that's when I found your post. Certainly something to explore further!

Re: Alexander Smith/Elizabeth Rosser

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Re: Alexander SMITH m. Elizabeth ROSSER

YES....Elizabeth ROSSER was married to Alexander SMITH

I am a ROSSER....and also a SMITH your post grabbed my attention.

BTW...that's Faddy WHITTINGTON, not spelled "Whittenton." *S*

ROSSER info, I have, and for Johnston Co. NC, and there were 2 SMITH sons who married 2 ROSSER sisters. I will be happy to steer you toward this information.

I am still trying to identify which early SMITH line is mine. My luck is...2 different SMITH lines are in my paternal family tree, but only one pre-dates 1796 ...which "should" make the hunt a bit easier.

The SMITH(Schmidt) line arrived in Charleston SC in 1796, and I have that line well I.D.'d as this line immigrated from Saxony (Bavaria) Germany.

However, the pre-1796 SMITH line has been difficult to I have only two names (father & son) John SMITH, and a vague reference to "Province of Carolina." The location clue points to the Colonization of the Carolinas, but nothing more.

Therefore, I am hoping that I can not only help you with Elizabeth ROSSER-Alexander SMITH ...but that you might be able to help me with my SMITH in the pre-1800 Carolina's puzzle.

kcks at

Re: Alexander Smith/Elizabeth Rosser

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Yes, indeed. I need to go back and see where I got Elizabeth Rosser as the wife of Alexander Smith to see what the proof was. Even without sure-fire proof, there seems to be a "preponderance of the evidence" case.

Re: Alexander Smith/Elizabeth Rosser

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Nice to hear from you. I'm afraid I haven't been active on my Smith line in quite some time. I'm happy to hear confirmation that Alexander was married to Elizabeth Rosser. Another researcher recently "messaged" me, too. You might want to read that message on the board. I wish I could help you tie into this Smith line as your pre-1796 one, but I don't have any additional information...yet. I will be sure to post if I do.


Re: Alexander Smith/Elizabeth Rosser

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Hi Bill,

At the pre-1796 SMITH research is not high on my 'to do list,' but I do note that there were quite a 'few' SMITHS for me to try to sort through. I am thinking DNA may help here.

Now, in looking over the Johnston Co. NC ROSSER-SMITH connections...I thought that a quick listing of information might be the right thing to do. Please keep in mind that this is only one group of ROSSER's because my James (nmi) ROSSER....had both siblings, uncles and cousins who also migrated out of VA and into the Johnston Co. and surrounding NC areas. *S*

The children of James (nmi) ROSSER m. Alice WORTHING were:

1. Sarah Ellis ROSSER, b. 1766; m. 17 Jan 1787, Abraham "Abram" Smith (bro of Alexander) 1800 migration finds Abraham d. 1815, Jasper Co., GA

2. John ROSSER; m. 1789, ___?___ VINSON

3. Rebecca ROSSER; m. abt 1787, Faddy WHITTINGTON

4. James ROSSER (Jr.); m. Lavina VINSON

5. Moses ROSSER

6. Elijah ROSSER; m. __?__, had at least one son, Martin ROSSER

7. William Isaac ROSSER (1779 NC- 1861 GA); m. 1792, Elizabeth "Betty" VINSON

8. Elizabeth "Betsy" ROSSER (1780-1803); m. Alexander SMITH (bro of "Abram")

9. Aaron ROSSER, b. 1781; m. ___?___

10. Elisha ROSSER, (1782 NC-1801 AL); m. Elizabeth Jane EVANS least one son, Henry Preston ROSSER

11. Benjamin ROSSER (1785 NC-1873 AL); m 1809 Hancock Co. GA, Elizabeth "Betsy' West VINSON

Please note...that Elizabeth "Betty" VINSON and Elizabeth "Betsy" West VINSON...are NOT the same woman, and they do NOT have a blood kinship. Those wishing further VINSON info can contact me, but...I will deal with that later. *S*

For the 1803 Johnston Co. NC land sale of 421 acres to John EASON...I think that the above listing explains the connections between Alexander SMITH, James ROSSER (Jr.), Faddy WHITTINGTON and Elijah ROSSER...who were all listed on the deed. The date 1803...tells me that this was part of the disbursement of the estate of James ROSSER Sr. who died in a way to fund the move south to Hancock Co. GA.

What I have for Alexander and Abraham SMITH is that they were possibly the sons of:

Samuel SMITH (1709-1783) m. Edith WHITFIELD (1717-1785)

My notes for Alexander "Alex" SMITH indicates that he was married twice,
1st to Elizabeth "Betsy ROSSER in Johnston Co. NC
2nd after 1804 to Sarah F. JETER in Hancock Co. GA
...At the moment, I do not know which was the mother of Abraham ROSSER who served in the Civil War,
but I do note that this Abraham was the father of Alexander ROSSER m. Elizabeth THOMAS.

Abraham "Abram" SMITH m. Sarah Ellis ROSSER, my notes indicate that there was at least one son, Abraham SMITH, who also served in the Civil War.

My line happens to be descending from the youngest son of James (nmi) ROSSER and Alice WORTHING......Benjamin ROSSER m. Elizabeth "Betsy" West VINSON.

If I can be of any further assistance, just email me at kcks at gorge dot net.



Re: Alexander Smith/Elizabeth Rosser

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We are in need of a male from the Alexander Smith lineage to be tested for YDNA at the site. If any of you have a male Smith from this lineage, please encourage them to take the 67 marker Y DNA test and join the Smith group, PLEASE. If you have questions about this please call the Johnston County Heritage Center on Mondays or Tuesdays and ask to speak to Becky.

Thanks for helping find a gentleman to do this test for us.

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