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NEELY/NEELEY family in Scott Co.

NEELY/NEELEY family in Scott Co.

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Neely, Neeley
I am hoping for help in locating ANY sort of biographical reference to this family within Virginia history. Specifically the Scott County area. I have searched death records and only found a few children of known adults in the area. Have not located ONE in any cemetery for the area, which I find strange considering they were in Scott County for decades. Perhaps a small family plot, now destroyed?
I am trying to connect a James H. Neely Born abt: 1830 VA to his parents. Popular thought seems to be that his father was a William Elijah Neely born: 1793. The "H" middle initial is suppose to be for Henderson.
For various reasons, I am leaning more toward a David & Didana Neely as his parents.
#1 Does anyone know of ANY sort of documentation...a will, probate, biographical reference in Scott county to either: James H. Neely or David Neely??
#2 Who are the various David's here in Scott Co? I see a David SR Neely born abt: 1764, a David JR Neely born abt: 1807, and have seen reference to a David Marion Neely born abt. 1820...I thought that David Marion Neeley is possibly a son to the above mentioned William E. Neely?
Gets VERY confusing when you look at the duplicate references to the family (especially James H. for some reason) in both 1850 & 1860 Scott Co. VA census records.
#3 David Neely SR is still alive at 97 yrs old in 1860 and living with son, Andrew...Andrew and his wife have kids...WHERE are all these Scott County Neely's buried? have looked at the records for about 100 cemeteries...cant find any Neely's older than born in early 1900's.
#4 Reference to Civil War..have seen a roster for a David M. Neely, William E. Neely Jr and James H. Neely all enlisting the same day and serving in the same unit. Confederate side
William E. is injured and musters out, but apparently both David and James are AWOL by spring of 1862. I didnt think the Civil War really "got going" till 1864/1865? Could this actually be more of a reference to a State Militia? Anyone shed light or have additional details?
James H. Neely takes his 2nd wife Emma and family to Kentucky..Floyd Co. and Emma dies in 1913.
#5 Does anyone know WHEN James died? Does anyone know where either Emma or husband James H. Neely/Neeley are buried in Kentucky?
ANY help, a shove in the right direction..greatly appreciated! Stacey

Re: NEELY/NEELEY family in Scott Co.

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Neeley/Neely, Shepherd
I am descended from the Neeleys of Scott County. It gets a little tricky because so many of them are named the same. I would like to help you answer your questions, so I will start with what I know.

#1 - there are historical references to the Neeley family of Scott County. David Marion Neeley, b. 1763, was a veteran of the Revolutionary War, and most references include William Stewart, also a Rev War vet, whose daughter Elizabeth married David's son oldest, William Elijah.

2# David Marion Neeley had a son David, born about 1807. His oldest son, William Elijah, named one of his sons David Marion (born 1820).

3# I have visited David Marion Neeley's grave in Scott County. He and his wife Barbara Ann Shepherd are buried in Shepards and Bowen Cemetery. I can get the coordinates for you if you would like.

4# James Henderson, William E. Jr, and David Marion are brothers (sons of William Elijah), but I do not have any information on their service in the Civil War. What I find interesting is that their nephew Armon, my g-g-grandfather also served in the Civil War, in the Union Army. He was about 22 years younger than David Marion.

5# Not sure about where James H and Emma are buried. Most of the Scott County Neeleys lived in Owsley County.

Please let me know if I can be of further assistance. One interesting fact is that David Marion's wife Barbara Shepherd is also related to me on my father's side. Small world.


Re: NEELY/NEELEY family in Scott Co.

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Classification: Query
Hello Pam...I haven't worked on this line for some time but I am grateful you took the time to reply. When you have an opportunity? Email me direct at
The line I was working on in very basic ascending order? Does indeed start in Floyd County, KY Connections will be marked with a *
born:03 February 1905 Floyd Co. KY
died: 03 September 1935 Paintsville, KY
buried: family plot in Neeley Hollow, Floyd Co. KY
Married: 29 May 1930 Floyd Co. KY
to: Grace Baldridge
(6) children born to the union names/dates left out for now

LEE NEELEY's parents:
born: 27 January 1874 Floyd Co. KY
died: 03 November 1928 Floyd Co. KY
1st marriage: 05 April 1894 Floyd Co. KY
born: 22 December 1880
died: 15 January 1911
both are buried in same Neeley family plot as their son, Lee
which is interesting since William remarried after Amanda's death. He married a woman named Cynthia and she outlived William.
had at least 7 children and possibly 9. wont list their names/dates here either since we're still working backwards.


born: March? 1830 Scott Co. Virginia
died: after 1900 Floyd Co. KY
1st marriage: 11 November 1851 Scott Co. Virginia
born: abt. 1829 Virginia
died: abt. 1864 Scott Co. VA
children: (that I know of)
1. Clarinda Neeley
2. Louisa Jane Neeley
3. Andrew Habern Neeley
4. David A. Neeley
5. James L. Neeley

2nd marriage: 18 November 1864 Scott Co. Virginia
(have seen "Ritty" and other name spellings)
born: abt. 1844 Virginia
died: 25 August 1913 Floyd Co. KY
children known of
1. Anna N. Neeley
2. Lara J. Neeley
3. Sylvester Neeley
5. John Marion Neeley
6. Lewis Neeley

This is the point where I get "stuck"...I know as I have researched several of the other Scott County VA Neeley's in Owsley Co. KY Example: Harrison J. Neeley and other sib's.
I had thought (ha ha) that because of various age differences? (and yeah, I know it doesn't mean much) that perhaps it was likely that DAVID NEELEY born: abt 1806 and William Elijah Neeley born: 1793 were in fact brothers?
I have that this David Neeley, born abt. 1806 was married to a Didana Stanley 12 March 1829 Scott Co. VA
I'm not in front of some of my notes/census records etc...but there WAS some sort of trail I was following along those lines. To prove or disprove paternity for my James Henderson Neeley, was the obvious goal.
If you have run across any records or biographical reference to credit James Henderson Neeley's father being William ELijah? Can you pass along those sources?
Sorry this is so me direct when your able to! Thanks again for taking the time to reply..having another person to bounce theories and ideas off of helps! Stacey

Re: NEELY/NEELEY family in Scott Co.

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Classification: Query
Hi...I hope this reply reaches you and your able to email me directly as I have several things I'd like to "toss" around with you regarding this family. Please email me at when you have a moment. Thanks, Stacey

Re: NEELY/NEELEY family in Scott Co.

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Classification: Query
Hi Pam...
Since you were kind enough to leave an "opening" to pick your brain? I was wondering if you could tell me anything about Robert Neely born: ca. 1743 VA
married: Susannah or Ann Griffith
I've posted another query in regards to Robert but as yet, have had no reply. The Neeley/Neely line I'm working on goes "backwards" from Floyd County, Kentucky to Scott County, VA
I'm pretty "good" until I reach David Neely born:1763 VA and married to Margaret Hancock.
Its trying hard to locate info telling me who HIS parents are where I start to beat my head against the proverbial brick wall.
Tradition holds that ROBERT NEELY and SUSANNAH GRIFFITH are David Neely Sr. parents...but for various reasons, I'm having a hard time in locating clues which would help me agree with that.
On your last email? You indicated Civil War service of (3) Brothers: James H., David and William Elijah Neely. For whatever its worth? and if they are family to you and you'd like the info or to investigate it further?
James H. Neely was a Cousin to the David Neely (I believe THIS David, to be the son of William Elijah Neely and Elizabeth Stewart) David's son, William Elijah Neely also joined the same unit as is father and what? 2nd Cousin, James H. Neely.
All three men enlisted on 01 July 1861
William Elijah Jr. was eventually discharged on a disability due to a wound in his left heel.
James H. Neely was still on the rolls for the unit in October 1861 but was "absent without leave" by March 1862...I know it was not unusual for soldiers to "pop over" to their homes if they were close enough...and I personally believe that his absence MAY have coincided with the illness/death of his first wife, Abigail Riggs. Who knows.
David Neely went absent w/o leave for a spell too but does reappear eventually.
Anyways, thought I'd throw that out there for you to investigate or ponder if its your family too.
Since you were the only one to reply recently to my queries on this family?
I'd REALLY appreciate any clues, helpful hints, info you might have on David Neely SR's suspected father and/or parents, Robert and Susannah when you have time...
Thanks again, Stacey

Re: NEELY/NEELEY family in Scott Co.

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Classification: Query
Scott County VA. Marriage Book # 2 page 18 line 1, There is James H. Neeley age 34 widowed, and Emma Ritty Wallin age 19 married Nov 18, 1864, his parents list as David and Didary, on other entries giving the spelling as Dedania, Didena, Dioleene, and Dyana, Other listings give parents as David and Barbara, David Neely and Didana Stanley were married in 1929 Marriage book # 1 does not give parents name.

Re: NEELY/NEELEY family in Scott Co.

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Neely, Shepherd
Hi Stacey

Well, I totally understand your frustration! Our ancestors had ZERO imagination in the naming department! LOL I am working on helping you sort through the spaghetti. I can tell you (as you probably already know) most of the Neely families have a David Marion AND a William Elijah. Let me get my ducks in a row and I will respond with what I have. God bless you for hanging in there. I almost feel like I know these people. It was really moving to stand next to David M and Barbara Shepherd Neely's graves. By the way, I suspect that the Neely family land is now part of Natural Tunnel State Park. My husband and I were using the GPS and ran smack into the park boundaries. I have not had a chance to check with the local courthouse, but maybe this summer...

Re: NEELY/NEELEY family in Scott Co.

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Classification: Query
Hi..Thanks so much for checking...
I appreciate your taking the time to reply. Happy Hunting, Stacey

Re: NEELY/NEELEY family in Scott Co.

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Neely/Neeley, Shepherd, Bishop, Bowen, Casteel
Dear Pam,

My husbands grt-grt-grt-grandparents are David Marion and Barbara Shephard Neeely/Neely. I have been working on this line for over 20 years now on and off and have just resently picked it up again to work on when I came across your name and Stacey's on the message boards. It has been a very difficult line to follow as my husbands Bishop's and Neeley's have crossed married several times in different generations. I had to put together a very large pedigree chart in order to keep everyone straight and at times have had to just get up and leave in order to clear my head.

You mentioned visiting David and Barbara's grave and I was wondering if you perhaps took some pictures of the grave site and would be willing to share them? And do you know if the spelling on Barbara's last name is Shepherd or Shephard, I have seen it both ways. I also found in a cemetery book (at the LDS library in SLC) that the Cemetery was listed as Bowen/Shepherd which gets confusing at times too.

Was also wondering if you had done any research into the Shepherd line?

I am now trying to locate the burial place of Robert Neely (1741)married to Susanah Ann Griffith. I found in my notes that he died in 1830 in Mount Pleasant, Maury Co., TN which is only a county away from where I live. I'm trying to verify that this is true and go there if possible to take some pictures. Would you happen to have any information about this?

My husband's line of Neely's connects both with Lewis Newton Neely (b-1845)(his parents David Neely Jr. and Didamey Stanley) and his 2nd wife Margaret Ann Casteel (b-1841) and also Louise/Louisa J. Neeley (b-1846)parents David and Barbara, Louise married Samuel Bishop (b-1847), if this helps any.

Would certainly like to hear back from you,

Shelby from TN

Re: NEELY/NEELEY family in Scott Co.

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Neely/Neeley, Shepherd, Bowen
Hi, Shelby!

Your message is quite welcome.

I do have pictures of the cemetery, and will be happy to share. It is Shepherd, or at least that is our family name in the same line. It is interesting that Neely/Neeley varies greatly. Even among my mom's siblings, the name is spelled differently on their birth certificates. The oldest 6 is Neely, the younger 4 is Neeley. My grandfather was Neeley, but his father's tombstone is spelled Neely.

I am sorry to say I do not know where Robert Neely is buried. I would also like to find his grave. My only clue is Mt Pleasant. There are several cemeteries there, but of course so many were buried on family property. Have you looked at That would be my next step.

I am very interested in your Bowen lineage. David Marion's brother Joseph (my g-g-g-grandfather) was married to Ann Bowen (she is my g-g-g-grandmother). I can't find anything on her line. However, David M. and Joseph's brother Claiborn was nmarried to Agnes Bowen. Also, their brother Harrison was married to Jane Shepherd, also described as Jane Bishop. Do you have any knowledge of these people?

The Shepherd line is a little confusing because there is a definite disagreement in the genealogy community on the father of William C. Shepherd. I will be happy to share what I have. I like the one that says I am a cousin to Cybil Shepherd, which I do believe is true.

Believe me, I get the "walk away" syndrome. My family tree is so intertwined that the last time I checked, I was related to myself 17 ways. I am not kidding!

I think it is great that the 3 of us are connecting, and I hope we continue to share.

Pam in KY

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