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Seeking information on family and ancestors of Carolina Christine Gullans, b.April 05, 1860, Finland. Married Karl Erickson, b.July 03, 1855 who took the Gullans name. Fled Russia/Finland about 1878 and emigrated to USA in Sept 1880.
Know that Carolina relate to the family below and came to USA either together or fairly close.

Karl Henrick Gabrielsson Gullans b. Jan 01, 1828, Narpes, Finland; married Vilhelmina Henrksdotter, b. Feb 23, 1838 Narpes, Finland

Karl Henrik Gulland, b July 12, 1850, Finland. d. Nov 4, 1918, Vaasa,Finland; married Maria Henrikadotter Ojala, b. Dec 11, 1852, Lappfjard,Finland

Josep Henrik Gullans (Henry C. Gulland), b. Dec. 26, 1873 Lappfjard,
Finland , d. July 1937, Fargo North Dakota


Gail B. Rapoza (View posts)
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Surnames: Gullans
Dear G. Hokans,
While reading your gatewayed email message about Gullans names, a couple of them sounded familiar: Karl Henrick Gabrielsson Gullans and his wife Vilhelmina Henriksdotter.

While I have not made any connection to them myself, I have a book titled "På den gamla goda tiden, Övermark 1989" which is a book of names, in table form, of the ancestors of residents in Övermark, which is the parish for Närpes.

I checked in this book and found tab. 326 (194), Carl Henrik Gabrielsson Ragvals, born 14.01.1828 on Ragvals farm. Married to Vilhelmina Henriksdotter Öjst, born 23.02.1828 on the Öjst farm. She is the daughter to Henrik Henriksson (Öjst) from Yttermark, born 22.06.1799 and his wife Maja Lisa Eriksdotter Öjst, born 19.10.1805 on the Öjst farm.

Now Tab.326 refers back to Tab.194 which reads:

Farmersdaughter Anna Greta Johansdotter Ragvals, born 11.12.1799 on Ragvals farm, d. 03.09.1868 on the Ragvals farm.
Married to Gabriel Hansson, born 12.01.1793 in Östermark, died 28.11.1871 on Ragvals farm.

Johan Gabrielsson Ragvals, born 14.09.1817 Tab.312
Mickel " " , born 1819, died 1819
Anna Lisa Gabrielsdotter Ragvals, born 01.02.1821, christened 04.02.1821, died 1821
Anna Greta " " , born 25.01.1822, christened 27.01.1822, died 1822
Gabriel Gabrielsson Ragvals, born 20.11.1823 Tab.315
Anders Gabrielsson Ragvals, born 25.11.1826 Tab. 321
Karl Henrik Gabrielsson Ragvals, born 14.01.1828 Tab. 326********
Abraham Gabrielsson Ragvals, born 18.02.1830, died 1830, twin
Aron Gabrielsson Ragvals, born 18.02.1830, died 1830, twin
Anna Greta Gabrielsdotter Ragvals, born 26.02.1832 Tab. 327
Aron Gabrielsson Ragvals, born 10.07.1833 Tab. 342
Petter Gabrielsson Ragvals, born 16.05.1835, died 18.03.1836
Erik Vilhelm Gabrielsson Ragvals, born 03.08.1836 Tab. 364
Josef Gabrielsson Ragvals, born 26.05.1838 Tab. 365
Mickel Gabrielsson Ragvals, born 11.11.1841 Tab. 367
Petter Gabrielsson Ragvals, born 01.02.1844

Bear in mind I have typed the dates in the same order the Swedes do: day.month.year.

Write me back if you have any questions. One thing I will tell you is, do not consider the dates in this book as gospel truth...they are subject to error because they were transcribed by volunteers in the local genealogical society and they are only human, mistakes happen. But, it does give you a very good reference point from which to verify the dates and names from if you choose to look at the microfilms of the original records.

Good luck to you.
Gail Rapoza

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Surnames: Gullans
Your family came from Närpes-Närpiö parish in Finland.
Parish records on line up to about 1852.It is a large file,
email me at home and i can send it to you.
Alicia Koski Marshall


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Hello, I am researching my husband's family which is difficult because I don't speak/write Swedish. I am interested in the file you mentioned in your 2002 post. My husband is the grandson of John Alfred Beck, born Johannes Alfred Adrianson Gullans, in or near Overmark, Finland, on Augusst 28, 1891. His parents were Adrian Gabrielson Gullans, b. October 6, 1856 and died October 12, 1937; and Edla Johanna Michelsdotter Gullans, b. June 4, 1861. And that is about all I know. John immigrated to the US in an unknown time before 1912, married, had four children, and returned to Finland with his wife and his three oldest children in the late 'teens, then returned to the USA (Washington state, California and ultimately Oregon). I'd be interested in knowing why his name changed to Beck (formerly Back, with an uumlaut over the a), and any information I can obtain on his family in Finland. Thanks for any help you can give me.


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I don't remember following up on this.

If you are doing Scandinavian research I assume you understand the patrynimic naming and that the last name used was generally a farm or occupation name (i.e. Gullans farm).The south estern portion of Finland was controlled by Sweden in early 1800s and Băck would be pronounced as Beck in Swedish. I found resource in Finland who had a lot of information about the Overmark area of Finland and my family in particular. You can contact me
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