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Fox Family of James Fox including NC, Virginia, Kentucky, Illinois, Texas, Tennessee

Fox Family of James Fox including NC, Virginia, Kentucky, Illinois, Texas, Tennessee

Linda Craig (View posts)
Posted: 1030332191000
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Surnames: Fox
I am seeking the family of JAMES FOX born about 1840 in South Carolina according to some people but I believe in Virginia. I know of only 7 children but know he probably had more. ELIZABETH FOX, HUGH FOX, JAMES FOX, TITUS FOX, JOHN WESTLEY FOX, DANIEL FOX, AND ALLEN FOX.
I believe that Hugh and James mostly remained in NC and I know that ALLEN FOX remained in NC. JAMES FOX, TITUS FOX, AND DANIEL FOX went to Kentucky (Hopkins and Graves Counties) I believe James Fox Sr had two younger sons NOAH FOX who went to Pope County, Illinois with Daniel Fox and some of his children but Daniel returned to Graves County, Kentucky. According to Rev. War Records and records from an old hymn book from my family of ALLEN FOX I know the following for absolute truth.
Titus Fox was born 1760 in Shenandoah County, Virginia and died June 22, 1825 in Hopkins County Kentucky
John Westley Fox Sr. was born February 19, 1764 Shenandoah County, Virginia died December 1, 1840 in Knox County Tennessee.
Daniel Fox born January 1, 1766 in Shenandoah County Virginia and died April 22, 1845 in Marshall County, Kentucky
Allen Fox was born 1768 in Shenandoah County, Virginia and died July 13, 1843 in Buncombe County, North Carolina and is mentioned in his fathers will in Hopkins County, Kentucky along with his brother Titus Fox.
JAMES FOX was married twice and moved from Shenandoah County, Virginia to Wilkes and Burke County, North Carolina then to Hopkins County, Kentucky. All of the above men served at the battle of Kings Mountain in North Carolina along with members of the Loving and Sisk families which they intermarried into and moved from Virginia with and some moved with them to Kentucky. Buncombe County came out of Wilkes and Burke so I believe that ALLEN FOX AND his family were actually in the area of Buncombe County, NC. I am seeking descendants of any of these men and will gladly share what I have on the descendants of any of them. I AM SEEKING PROOF OF JAMES FOX'S FATHER IN VIRGINIA OR SOUTH CAROLINA. Also wish to exchange data with anyone connected to any of the descendants of these men.

Re: Fox Family of James Fox including NC, Virginia, Kentucky, Illinois, Texas, Tennessee

Cindy Cole (View posts)
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Classification: Query
Surnames: Fox
I have been looking at this line as a tie-in to Pleaseant Fox found on the 1880 census of Pope County, Illinois. His father was Nathan Fox who married Rebecca Galbraith. Fron there, I feel there is a strong possibility that Nathan's father is the son of Daniel 1784-1848, who died in Pope County at age 68. This Daniel came to Pope County, Ill. from Hopkins Co., Ky. after administering the estate of Titus Fox. I have never gone beyond this.
I would love to exchange notes on this family. According to an old family bible, that has been hard to decipher, there are some other Fox names in this group. I only have the initials, R.A. and have never been able to find the match.

Re: Fox Family of James Fox including NC, Virginia, Kentucky, Illinois, Texas, Tennessee

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Since Pope County is so close to the area I'm searching, let me stick myself in here as well.

I have an Elijah Fox born @1800, birthplace listed as NC by his daughter in the 1880 and 1900 census.
Elijah had 4 children, 3 girls and 2 boys, the boys names were Hugh and James.
Sarah, on of the daughters, and my ancestor, list her birth place alternately as Warren County, TN, and as IL.

Linda's search placing James as born circa 1840 leaves Elijah out of the mix, but since you guys are searching in S. IL I was just wondering if anyone had run across my dear ol' Elijah anyplace else.

Jim Williamson
EDITED to correct sons names

Re: Fox Family of James Fox including NC, Virginia, Kentucky, Illinois, Texas, Tennessee

Linda Craig (View posts)
Posted: 1030385247000
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You well could be correct. From the Rev. War pension of Daniel Fox which I have all of I find the following information and I can send you a copy snail mail if you would like. He gave the first application for his pension in Pope County, Illinois. When asked where he was born he answered on the first day of January 1766 in Shenandoah County, Virginia and then when asked did he have any record of his age and he stated that he had a record which was recorded in his father's family bible and that it was at his home in Pope County, Illinois and then he was asked where he entered the service and where he had lived. He answered he entered service about 1780 in Wilkes County NC and he had lived in State of Tennessee in Overton County and in Hopkins County Kentucky. (Note according to Bayless Hardin of Kentucky Historical Society in Frankfort he was the only Rev War soldier in Graves County, Kentuckyon 1840 Pension List) His penison was applied for June 3, 1833 and he gave a list of men he served under and with in Wilkes County, NC and the battles he fought in. Then on February 16, 1852 William Reeves appears before the court in Graves County to petition for his wife and heirs the $40.00 a year that Daniel and his wife Elizabeth drew for his Rev War Pension. He states that Daniel had died the 22 day of April in 1845 at age of 82 in the county of Marshall, Kentucky. That his wife is also dead and she died in Graves on September 27, 1851 at the age of 84 and that they were married in the year 1787 in Burke County, NC. He also states that they had two children Pleasant Fox and Nancy Fox Reeves and that Nancy was born June 16, 1793 and he then lists her children and their dates of birth. I have copies of both these records if you would like copies sent. I can't believe that Daniel and Elizabeth only had two children and I believe that he meant two living children but really don't know do you? Also have the following record.
Captain Joel Lewis Company of light horse from Wilkes County on an expedition against Colonel Ferguson (Kings Mountain) from September 7, 1780 to November 7, 1780.
Gabriel Loving (John Westley Fox was his son-in-law and Gabriel was killed in Battle in 1790)
John Fox
Allen Fox
Titus Fox
James Fox
Daniel Fox
Timothy Sisk (sisk family moved from Va to Sc back to NC then to KY have wondered if James First wife was a Sisk)
William Davis had children that married into Fox Family
Daniel Sisk
A total of 52 men are listed on this list from the pay master

Re: Fox Family of James Fox including NC, Virginia, Kentucky, Illinois, Texas, Tennessee

Linda Craig (View posts)
Posted: 1030387010000
Classification: Query
You may be closer than you think with your Elijah Fox. First off let me say that there were also a Enoch and Noah Fox who could be the children of James and his second wife I know they fit but just don't know how yet that went to Pope County, Illiniois and area. You didn't say who your Elijah married. I believe that Elijah Milton Fox who married Priscilla Potts is one of the children of Hugh Fox Sr. and by others I write to on this family I have been told they believe that Hugh Sr could have been born as early as 1755 and his wife was thought to be a Mary. I know that a Margaret Fox born about 1800 in NC and died 1864 in Texas and was married to a John Hopkins on 1-12-1818 in Williamson County, Tennessee and she believes Margaret Fox's parents were Hugh Fox Jr and Margaret Thompson. The dates I have on Hugh Jr are born about 1770-1775 and died 9-15-1853 in Tennessee. Margaret Thompson's dates are born 4-12-1774 in NC daughter of Peter Thompson and Mary Potts. There is also a Milus Fox born 5-3-1810 in Maury County, Tennessee who is also a child of Hugh Jr and Margaret Thompson. Then to confuse you more the Priscilla Potts who married Elijah Fox is the niece of Mary Potts Thompson which means as in all the other Lines they intermarried into other lines as well as their own lines. These families were in Tennessee. Also I have records from the 1800 South Pendleton District there is a Titus and Noah Fox next door to a William Laffoon. Titus Fox had a son named Daniel Fox who married August 29, 1803 in Anderson County, SC to Betsey Davis who isthe daughter of William Davis and Anna Loving and was born in Wilkes County, NC and found later in Hopkins County, Kentucky. Also is a Noah Fox who married a Cynthia Laffoon and a Jeremiah Fox married to Martha Bishop. (Noah born 1776 and Jeremiah born 1780 both in NC) One of these two are the fathers of Jeremiah Fox born 1811 in Kentucky and alive in 1880 in Pope Coutny, Illinois and he married a Sarah Smith born 1819 in SC they married on January 26, 1835 in Pope County, Illinois just about the time that Daniel Fox did his pension. YES they are confusing and yes after digging for 20 years they are still confusing feel free to write to me direct any time. This family moved back and forth across state lines like it was nothing.

Re: Fox Family of James Fox including NC, Virginia, Kentucky, Illinois, Texas, Tennessee

Cindy Cole (View posts)
Posted: 1030393172000
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Surnames: Fox
Hello everybody,
I thought I'd run down the info. that I have. The family bible that we have is old, hard to read and someone (either my grandmother or her father) tried to "Fix" the fading names and wrote over a lot of the bible. Minnie nor her father Samuel were educated, could not spell and on occasion it appears substituted nick-names for the real name. I have figured out parts of the bible and other parts I am at a complete loss.
What I have is:
List of people receiving the bible:
Minnie Fox Noble- Nov. 29, 1941(my grandmother)
H.H. Fox (This is SAMUEL FOX)-1884
P.W. Fox (This is Pleasant Fox)- 1865
N.D. Fox (This is Nathan D. Fox)-1851
Read? Fox-1829
Wash? (Could be Wasington)- 1790
Plese (Another Pleasant?) 1751
Baugh? Fox-1702
Above that is A. R??nd-1727
The earliest notation is J. Ram Fox "borned" 1691
The marriage index is unreadable
? Fox died March 4, 1899
? Fox died January 1884
? Fox died Nov. 12, 1927
Florida Humes (This is Samuels sister) died Aug. 24, 1916
Susan ? Bell died Nov. 7, 189?
The rest are Bell's
Birth Index is unreadable.
Please feel free to email me at Laura, if would would please send me any copies, info whatever, I will happily send you copies of what I have and where I have looked. I think that most of the Pope county and Massac county Fox's are related.

Re: Fox Family of James Fox including NC, Virginia, Kentucky, Illinois, Texas, Tennessee

Cindy Cole (View posts)
Posted: 1030393359000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Fox
OOPS, Sorry, I ment Linda not Laura.

Re: Fox Family of James Fox including NC, Virginia, Kentucky, Illinois, Texas, Tennessee

Posted: 1030404547000
Classification: Query
Okay, I'm positive it wasn't Elijah Milton, that much is clear, his line seems to be fairly documented as far as children go.

This is what I older post, and really have learned nothing new since then:

Elijah Fox, born @1800, somewhere in NC ( state of birth given by daughter Sarah on census records for her father) who also had a son named Hugh born in 1830.
Elijah also had 3 daughters, Harriet born 1825, Sarah born 18 Jan 1836 and Adeline born in 1838.

Sarah listed Elijah's birth as NC in the 1900 census, Sarah herself has been listed as born both in Warren County TN, and in Alexander County, IL,

Unfortunately every time I look for Elijah, I get the Elijah and Elisha conversation started.

I can place my Elijah in Alexander County, IL in the mid-1800's, but have not found a death record yet, nor mention of him on census records. but I may have overlooked them, or he may have been in nearby Pulaski, Union, or a lot of folks in that time period had moved across the river into Missouri.

With the names Elijah and Hugh recurring in the family I tend to assume he's related to that whole big line, just not sure where yet.


Re: Fox Family of James Fox including NC, Virginia, Kentucky, Illinois, Texas, Tennessee

Fran (View posts)
Posted: 1030508094000
Classification: Query
Hi Linda,

I read your message and am hoping there might be a connection with my Fox line.

I am searching for a Jonathan Fox who was born in 1783 in Shenandoah Virginia. He migrated to Cocke County, TN by 1807. Jonathan is listed on the 1830 Cocke County census stating he and his wife, Elizabeth, were born in Virginia. This family migrated to Missouri during the late 1830s / early 1840s.

I realize there are a number of Fox families from Virgina and many of them are not related; however, I'm up against a brick wall searching further than Jonathan. I'm hoping you might have one listed in your descendents of James Fox.


Fran Fox

Re: Fox Family of James Fox including NC, Virginia, Kentucky, Illinois, Texas, Tennessee

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My g-g-g- grandfather was named Allen born in 1813 in Buncombe County. Have been unable to trace his parents. Any information on the Allen Fox family in Buncombe would be greatly appreciated.
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