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Garnes Family of Jackson County WV, info about Angerona, and more

Garnes Family of Jackson County WV, info about Angerona, and more

Amber Garnes (View posts)
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If anyone is needing any info or can provide me with info I would appreciate it.

I am married into the Garnes Family in Jackson County WV. I am married directly into the line that lived out at Foster Ridge in Jackson Co, on the border of Mason. At the time Mason and Jackson were one county. My husband is Ricky Garnes, my late FIL is Burton Maywood Garnes, his father was Robert Garnes and thats all I know as far as names go.

I do know that his family lived out at Foster Ridge because his Great Grandfather left the family because of a dispute. I am assuming it had something to do with the Civil War. This is what I was told anyways, by older inlaws. My husbands Great Grandfather married an American indian lady and they reportedly lived in a cave. She died, and was buried in an unmarked grave. He never told where she is.

There are two Garnes families in Jackson County. The "Evans" Garnes', and the "Kenna" Garnes. The Kenna Garnes' live where "Garnes Knob" was once located or round abouts in that area. The two sides of the family to this day do not communicate. I am married into the "Evans" Garnes, which is located about 10 miles away from the original Foster Ridge site.

To those who were looking about information about Angerona : Angerona (pronounced here Angeronie) is a Road, that is located in Evans WV. It reaches from one side of Evans WV, clear over to Foster Ridge. If you have information indicating that Garnes once lived on Angerona Road, it is probably because of the Foster Ridge, Grass Lick connection. They all intertwine. You can reach Foster, via Angerona, and Grass Lick via Foster. (Confused yet??? LOL)

From what I have been told, the triplet brothers had a dispute, so two came out this way and settled while the other stayed in the Kenna area. From what is suspected in the older members of the family (an older Garnes brother who is in his late 70's, my husbands uncle) the dispute arose because of the Civil War.

My husband is a direct descendant of the Jackson County Garnes Family...we just aren't sure how! I have no names past Robert Garnes, my husbands grandfather, because his father, Burton Maywood, passed away 2 years ago. I do know that his grandmother's name was Ivy Belle. She and his grandfather, and his father, and various aunts, uncles, cousins, etc, are buried in the Garnes Family Cemetary out on Foster Ridge, at the Chapel.

Hope this helps some..if anyone can tell me the Great Grandfathers name it would be appreciated!

Re: Garnes Family of Jackson County WV, info about Angerona, and more

Betty King (View posts)
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I'm not sure if this will help or not. I'm not researching this name or family. The following comes from publications, okay?
Date: 25 Jan. 1925
GARNES, Robert Marion 24 Jackson
THORNTON, Iva Belle 24 Jackson
That is going only by the names of Robert & Ivy Belle.
I can find one Robert M Garnes in the 1920 census
Ripley District
# 94-94
GARNES, F. P. 48 W
Robert M 18 son
William R 16 son
Andrew 12 son
A Franklin P. Garnes married, in Jackson County, 30 May 1897 ( age 27 ) to Rosa Belle Randolph ( age 15)
In Death Records
Franklin Perry Garnes died 1 April 1947 age 72yr 3 mo 14d
Parent listed as Jackie Garnes.
If this is the incorrect Robert Garnes please ignore.

Re: Garnes Family of Jackson County WV, info about Angerona, and more

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Hi, Amber. My name is Debbie Duwe, and my great great grandfather was David Granville Garnes, born 1816 in Jennings Gap, VA. His father was James born approx 1787. My geography is really bad, but I wondered if Jennings Gap was anywhere near the Foster Ridge you mentioned. My Grandmother always told us we were part Indian on her side, either Cherokee or Sioux, which agrees with your story, too.

Any info you can give me would be a big help.
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