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Eletha Eden born 1859 Tenn

Eletha Eden born 1859 Tenn

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does anyone have any information on family of Eletha Eden, may have gone by the name of Elizbeth. thank you Shelly

Leatha (Alethia) Eden

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Hi Shelly,

Have you found any information? I have some unproven if you want to check it out. This is all I have on her immediate family:


1. John Eden was born about 1829 in Tennessee.1 He died WFT Est. 1862-1920.2

He was married to Lucretia S Grissim on Feb 7 1851 in Smith County, Tennessee.3,4 I think this marriage took place July 2 1851
The marriage record index spelled Eden as Eadan Lucretia S Grissim was born about 1829 in Tennessee.5 She died WFT Est. 1861-1923.6 She was also known as Crettie. John Eden and Lucretia S Grissim had the following children:

2 i. Abner Eden was born about 1852 in Tennessee.7 He died WFT Est. 1853-1942.8
3 ii. Sarah Eden was born about 1853 in Tennessee.9 She died WFT Est. 1854-1947.10
+4 iii. Mary Eden.
+5 iv. Leatha (Alethia) Eden.

4. Mary Eden was born about 1855 in Tennessee.11 She died WFT Est. 1856-1949.12

She was married to James David N Mink (son of James Mink and Mary (Mink) ) on Aug 19 1871 in Smith County, Tennessee. James David N Mink was born about 1850 in Georgia. Mary Eden and James David N Mink had the following children:

6 i. Lucy C Mink was born about 1874 in Smith County, Tennessee.

5. Leatha (Alethia) Eden was born about 1859 in Tennessee.13 She died WFT Est. 1860-1953.14 Possibly named Elizabeth T?

She was married to Peter Henry Mink (son of James Mink and Mary (Mink) ) on Sep 8 1875 in Smith County, Tennessee. Peter Henry Mink was born about 1849 in North Carolina. Leatha (Alethia) Eden and Peter Henry Mink had the following children:

7 i. Clarkie B Mink was born about 1877 in Smith County, Tennessee.
8 ii. John H Mink was born about 1879 in Smith County, Tennessee.
9 iii. Mary Lucretia Mink was born on May 14 1881 in Smith County, Tennessee.

1. The Learning Company, Inc.. World Family Tree Vol. 35, Ed. 1. Release date: May 1999. Tree #0387.
2. Ibid. Tree #0387.
3. Ibid. Tree #0387.
4. Macon County.
5. The Learning Company, Inc.. World Family Tree Vol. 35, Ed. 1. Release date: May 1999. Tree #0387.
6. Ibid. Tree #0387.
7. Ibid. Tree #0387.
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14. Ibid. Tree #0387.

Hope this helps you a bit Shelly ;)

Pari Ann
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HI Pari, thanks for your help, the spelling on the name is what is confusing me, I find it listed a half-a-dozen different ways, so I never know for sure what the spelling is. What is a ibid file?, is that your personal file ? Thanks Shelly

Eden/Edens/Edan (You spell it so many ways in the old records)

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I am not sure what IBID is, this information came from my cousin's wife Lorraine Bronner. She sent me a disk with the line of (Hopefully) Jobe Eden from South Carolina. His son's so far found are William, Henry and James....James is my line, and William is yours. Then the Minks married into my Cox family which much later down the line (my great grandmother) married into the Eden line. So technically, you have been a Mink/Eden longer than I have. I had to go Mink to Cox to Eden. Isn't the family line search a wonderful thing? I have been off of it for awhile, but hopefully will find the time to get more done.

Pari Ann
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Abner Eden

Walter Lee (View posts)
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We need some help. My wife's great-great-grandfather was named Abner Eden. It has been told that he was a doctor back in the days when they made their rounds on horse and buggy. His wife was named Bettie, so we are almost certain we are on the right track, considering the Macon County, TN connection.

What we are looking for is information about Abner Eden's ancestry. We have heard conflicting stories that one of his parents was a Native American, but we don't know which if either was. We found the names of his parents on your message board, but would like any further information you might have.

FYI, Abner Eden and Bettie Gross had a son, Joseph Franklin, who married Cloie Smith. They had a daughter, Lillian Elizabeth who married Russell E. White. They had a daughter, Mary Russell, who married Albert Gregory. They had a daughter named Patsy Kaye, who is my wife and is looking for this information.

We would appreciate any help.

Re: Eden/Edens/Edan (You spell it so many ways in the old records)

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Re: Eden/Edens/Edan (You spell it so many ways in the old records)

Pari Ann (Eden) Bell (View posts)
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I'm sorry, I have no Ancestor's for Jobe Eden of South Carolina. It is my understanding that a lot of the records were destroyed at some point in the past and the best way to get any proofs or verifications of any information would be to "beat the streets", as it were, and visit every place you can find in that area that may have some kind of records, unless you can find some info on the internet that has been placed by some kind sole who has been able to find their proof.

But, I would be interested in any information you have regarding Henry and his descendents, for awhile there, I felt he was lost somewhere until, I believe, I found him back in Kentucky. I still don't have much info regarding his line, and it's not that important at this time that I finish it, as it is a collatoral line to mine. I just would like to get as complete a picture of the family tree as I can before I leave this as a legacy to my children. (which hopefully won't be for another of my lifetimes yet)

Good Luck in your research, and you may email me the info if you wish to share it at

Re: Eden/Edens/Edan (You spell it so many ways in the old records)

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The William in this that William Patton Edan???

Re: Eden/Edens/Edan (You spell it so many ways in the old records)

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I am not sure of his middle name. Do you have abirthdate or any other info?
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