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Copper Country, MI. Families

Copper Country, MI. Families

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Surnames: Brozovich, Severinski, Suhan, Rogina, Krizmanich, Michelich, Lovrencich
So many of the names on the Croatian and Slovenian sites are fimiliar to my husband’s family, but we just can’t find the connections. We haven’t found the Severinski name at all and very few Brozovich or Rogina. My husband’s parents were Joseph Rogina and Catherine Severinski; his grandparents were Matt Rogina and Lucija Krizmanich?; and Joseph Severinski and Rose Brozovich.(her parents were John Brozovich and Mary Suhan). Rose’s sister, Mary Brozovich was married to William Mihelich; her brother Andrew Brozovich Sr. was married to Margaret Lovrenich and Anne Stonuga.…. These are all Houghton & Keweenaw Co. (Copper Country), MI families. Any connections here and a direction I can head?
Thank you.
Susan Rogina

Severinski surname

marcie (View posts)
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Surnames: severinski
I hope that I can help.
My family name is Severinski.
MY father: Victor
Grandfather: Frank (D.O.B 1907)
Great grand father: Francis
My other family names are, Andreolli,Nex
and Gasparowich.
Look at for info on New York city immigrants.
I found the Severinski name on a ship list.
ROLL#556/SHIP Zaandam/SHIP#1490/DATE: OCT 6, 1890

Joe & Rose Severinski

Patti Hestekin (View posts)
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Surnames: Severinski
I'm not of much help, but my mother's father was William Severinski, whose date of birth I am currently searching to find. His parents' names were Joseph and Rose Severinski. The really sad part is that I have a photo of them, but I can't seem to locate it. I'll keep searching.

Severinski Family

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Surnames: Severinski, Andreolli, Gasparovich, Nex, Schutte, Gerrich
Houghton co./Keweenaw
I have talked to Susan many times. My father is a
Severinski. His father was Frank Severinski,and his
father also Frank (francis)
My great grand parents were Francis and Mary Severinski.
G. Grandma is a Gasparovich. They were married in
Houghton co. Sept. 15 1906,she was 19 and he was 26.
My granfather Frank was born Aug.15, 1907 in Franklin, NJ.
His wife was Anna Martha Andreolli born in Detroit, MI
Oct. 4, 1916.Grandma was taken back to be raised in Italy
and grandpa was taken to Zagreb, Croatia. They returned to
the U.S. in the 1930's.They had 2 sons, My father Victor
and his brother Paul.
Anyway, the only common threads between us are the
Severinski name, Zagreb(croatia) Calumet, and Detroit.
So far that is all that I can see.
Maybe you can fill in some of the blanks.
Please E-mail me at:
Thanks in advance for your reply,



Joanie Kerwin (View posts)
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Surnames: Severinski
Houghton Co/ Keweenaw Co
Maybe this will help connect the family--my sister Patti Hestekin wrote you about our grandfather William Severinski--his first name originally was Valentin(e?); when he was old enough, he had it changed to William. Good luck, Joanie Kerwin


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Surnames: Gasparovich
Hi, Found your post while researching my family tree. Gasparovich is my mother's family name. Do you have any information on your Gasparovich relative you'd be willing to share?

Thanks, Nancy

Re: Gasparovich/Severnski

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Surnames: Gasparovich,Severinski,Andreolli, Nex,Schutte, Gerrich
Hi, Thanks for your message to my post.
My great- grandmother was Mary Gasparovich.
There is also another family member that I
am hoping to find out more about Berica
Severinski. I have been told that her maiden
name was Gasparovich. (Berislava Gasparovic)
My grandfather use to write to her during 1976
and earlier. She lived in Yugoslavia at that time.
I am waiting to hear from someone that is related
to her. I have little else as far as info on that
part of my family. The person I am waiting to hear
from lives in Vbrosko (Croatia)The same as Berica did.
Please email me so that I can tell you the rest.

Re: Gasparovich/Severnski

Melissa Gray (View posts)
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My step-dad's mother's name was Mary Gasparovich. She was married to Anthony Gasparovich

Re: Gasparovich/Severnski

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Surnames: Gasparovic(h)/ Severinski
Can you tell me your step-dad's mothers birthday?
Do you know anything else about their family?
Like: country of origin
marriages, other birthdates
Do you know anyone in this photo?
Thanks for the reply,

Re: Severinski Family

Laura (View posts)
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My great grandmother was Mary Severinski, married to Frank Kren. Mary's parents were Matthew Severinski and Mary Kratofil. Mary & Frank lived in Irwin, PA
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