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Upgrade path from 2003 version?

Upgrade path from 2003 version?

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My Dad passed away 4 years ago.

He had put a great deal of information into an older version of Family Tree Maker running on a Windows-98 PC. The about screen says:

Family Tree Maker
Version 11 sp1
For Windows 98, ME, XP
Sept. 16, 2003

I'd like to get the data off that old version and onto a current version on another computer.

What newer version of Family Tree Maker is able to read these data files (or backup/restore files)?

My goal is not to do a bunch of updating or continue my Dad's work at this time.

My goal is to get the information output in an editable format (like a Word document), format it, and print it in book format via

What version of Family Tree Maker will work for me? Or do I need to upgrade a couple of times to get up to a current version.

Re: Upgrade path from 2003 version?

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FTM 11 created a family or file ending in .FTW.

This can be read by the current FTM version FTM 2011 without any retyping.

FTM 11 also created a file with the ending .FBK. This file is identical with the .FTW file and can be changed by simply renaming.

It is also possibile that you have a file created by the backup process of FTM 11 ending in .FBC. This cannot beopened in FTM 2011, however, if you need to you can download the free FTM 2005 Starter Edition (SE) which can open an .FBC file and convert it to .FTW

Go to the FTM knowledge base at and in the keyword search look for article 3673

It commences

How to import unsupported files in Family Tree Maker 2008-2011?

Family Tree Maker 2008-2011 is not able to support certain file types such as .GED files before version 5.5, .FBC files, FTM files from DOS and AFT files. However, Family Tree Maker 2005 Starter Edition can be used to convert your family tree file to a format that can be read by Family Tree Maker 2008-2011.

To download the Family Tree Maker 2005 Starter Edition click here.

So in terms of your own computer

Install FTM 2011 register it etc

Put a copy of the .FTW file in a convenient folder on your hard drive

FTM 2011 should automatically locate and offer to convert and install but if it doesn't, simply go to Plan>New Tree>import from an existing file and navigate to where you have the .FTW file saved.

FTM 2011 will do the rest

John D

Re: Upgrade path from 2003 version?

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Hi there, apparently you should be able to download a free 14 day trial version of Family Tree maker 2005 in which you can restore your 2003 family tree before then uploading this to Family Tree Maker 2012. I have the opposite problem in that I have lost the 2003 version of FTM which I did my family tree on in 2003. I have the back up file but the 2005 edition won't open it. I would be very grateful for a copy of the 2003 edition of you were able to email it to me.

Best of luck and kind regards

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