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Thomas Sumrall/wife Lucinda Raspberry

Thomas Sumrall/wife Lucinda Raspberry

marge manley (View posts)
Posted: 975315163000
I am looking for information on these two and one of their children (margaret elizabeth sumrall). They had 6, i think. Margaret E. Sumrall married Clyde Harris.
If you have any infro on this family wouldm really like to hear from you. THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!

margaret elizabeth

Posted: 975359521000
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thomas s sumrall: b dec 17 1801 in south carolina ...... lucinda raspberry:b 3 may 1811..... married apr 26 1826, lawrence county mississippi...

they had 9 children

martha b: 19 nov 1827, clarke county ms.

levi b: 28 july 1829 , ms. married a martha
she was born: 1832 ms.. they had at least one child a girl: polly b:1849

john b:1831

agnes b: 19 march 1834

thomas vinson "TV" born: 18 feb 1836 d:1913
m: (1) martha jordan anderson b: march 1854
five children john henry, cudgie died young, dellie died young, pounds died young,anderson
(2)lucretia anderson
(3)n.s. jordan , there is some confusion as to the identities of the wives... my understanding is that n.s and martha may be the same to dont hold me to it. irregardles 2 children are credited to this union... thomas p and floyd p

mary , b: 4 apr 1838 d: 12 dec 1898 married to jacob sumrall ,,, 4 children of this union melissa e, jeheau, rufus w (?) and grosey( as listed on the 1870 Clarke county census)

margaret elizabeth b: 10 may 1840 d: 1915 in jasper county i have married to a cyrus harris jr b: abt 1840 ( if you have clarification of the name and dates for him i would be indebted to you if you could share)

william griffin b: 31 dec 1841 married a mary margaret roberts b: abt 1841

daniel b: 2 apr 1843 i suspect he is a csualty of the civil war tho i have no verification

william wesley b: 2 apr 1843 either a misprint or the is daniels twin d: 14 apr 1919 rotan county , texas married lucinda melinda c roberson b: 1848 tippah county miss
d: rotan county texas... 10 children of this union

elisha woods b: 20 june 1848 i suspect the is a causualty of the civil war also

as with any information received please understan this is just a stepping stone... i am human and prone to errors... but this may give you a groundwork to start with...
i do have the bithdates , names, siblings, spouses of most of the children not named...but i will tell you right now it get complicated....

happy hunting


margaret elizabeth

marge Manley (View posts)
Posted: 975409982000
Michael, THANK YOU!!!!!so very much for your reply. Let me tell you what I have, or at least some of it. Go back one generation.
Cyrus Harris Sr. b.@1786 Stateline, Green Co. Miss. d. @1826 same place. Wife: Nancy Scarber b.@1796 Jamestown,Va. d.@ 1861 stateline,Green Co. Ms. They had seven children.
1. Cyrus Harris Jr. b. Feb.12, 1812, Stateline,Green, Ms.d.-May 29, 1904 Montrose, Jasper Co.,Ms. Married Margaret Elizabeth Sumrall b.may30, 1840 Clark Co.,Ms.
d. 1915 JaspermCo.,Ms. They had eight children.
2. Bird Harris b. 1815 Stateline, Green Co., Ms. d. @ 1865
3. Vilence or(Vincy) Harris b. 1818 Stateline,Green Co., Ms.
4. Jackson Harris b. 1820 Stateline,Green Co.,Ms. d.1835
5. James Harris , b. 1821 Stateline, Ms. d.@ 1861
6. Nancy Harris b. 1822 Stateline, Ms. d.1845

7. Polly Harris b.1822 SStateline, Ms. d.@1865
Now toJr. and Margaret Elizabeth's children.
1. Westbrook Harris b. 1855 Stateline, Ms. She Married Willis Pate, and had 13 children. Their oldest child was my grandfather.
2.Eliza Jane Harris b.1857 Quitman, Clark Co., Ms.
3. Martha Harris b.-1859 Quitman, Clark,Co., Ms.
4.Nancy Griffin Harris, b. 1863 Montrose, Jasper,Ms. d. Feb. 18, 1885.
5. William Cyrus Harris, b. 1864, Montrose, Jasper, Co. Ms. d. may 6, 1940.
6. Margaret Elizabeth Harris, b. 1866, Montrose, Jasper Co. Ms.
7. Marry Virginia Harris, b. April 17, 1868, Montrose, Ms. d. March 1, 1940, Hattiesburg, Forrest Co. Ms. buried- Morriston Cem. Hattiesburg, Forrest, Ms.
8. Pennelope M. Harris, b. May 5,1873, Montrose,Ms. d. 1929.
Hope this helps you some. My E-Mail is Please keep in touch. I would like to hear from you. Where do you fit in this family? Do you know if there was Indian blood in this family? I have been told all my life that Westbrook Harris was the daughter of an Indian chief. I have not been able to confirm this but would like to know. There are some wild tales about this family. Do you know any "Tales"? Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks Again. Marge

harris bunch

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maam ... i will gladly help with the sumrall side... however i am woefully at loss to be of assistance on the harris side... as to wild tales... we sumralls have our share to tell....

as to the american indian issue... the choctaw and the chicasaw were grudginly given the option to stay in mississippi if they wanted to... unfortunatle ther had to swear allegiance to the us and remopunce their native american heretage... this promoted in a way the hiding of the fact that you were native american in heritage...

there was also a blending so to speak of the black culture and the native american... mississippi at that time was a melting pot of culture and race... mutattos, malottos, molatto's, mulungeons, native americans, whites.... it makes it very difficult to trace...

however i will say this... the likelyhood of native american input is very high... the choctaw and chicasaw are beautiful people...
as to being a princess or son of a chief...
maybe maybe not.... take it with a grain of salt till the facts present themselves...

glad i could help



marge manley (View posts)
Posted: 975494139000
Yesterday, after your reply, I did some research on the Sumrall family and traced it back to 1620 in Scotland. The mane changed a couple of times but I kept going until there was no more.I just followed son to father all the way. I also got alot of their family names. I think that I copied about 30 pages.
I started with Thomas Sumrall and went backward. Do you need this type of info? If you do, it would be easier to fax the papes to you rather than try to type it all out. If you need it or want it let me know and I will get it all organized and get it to you.
Thank you so very much for you input, it is great and very interesting to know there are people out there that are as obcessed as I am. I think it is great fun and interesting, and I do like all the "wild tales". They just add spice.
Thanks again.......Marge
Posted: 975495873000
Edited: 993787919000
maam, if it is on the net i probably have it
as it stand i have 900 sumrall names in my database at the present these are people with the sumrall name only... i also have spouses of a different name married to a sumrall... and their children if i can find them... i would imagine that i have close to 2000 names related to sumrall either in spouse child or inlaw....

i also have the info back to james somervaill in scotland... if you have found past him please let me know...

while the vast number of my sumralls are in mississippi, i do have them ranging from the texas branch to florida to the carolinas virginia most of the southeast portion of the u.s. ......

and by no means am i complete obviously...
trying to find a link between the sumralls of my line and the greenberry line....

the most frustrating is this
while i seem to be able to come up with the info on my immediate link except for names and a few bdates... this would be the moses howard sumrall/lucinda j knight family of the clarke/jasper county area of mississippi..

frustrating isnt it...... but of so fun



marge manley (View posts)
Posted: 975565636000
you are very correct. It is very furstrating sometimes, but it s fun. I will keep my eye out for the names you are looking for and if i come up with anything I will get back with you. I have so many names that I am looking for, my husband tells me that I need two computers to put it all on. I really enjoy meeting interesting people and learing from others. Thank you very much
for visiting with me. You have been a great help. I really appriciate it. If I can help you any way just e-mail me and we will see what I can come up with. THANKS AGAIN******

Archie Sumrall

Diane Sumrall Robinett (View posts)
Posted: 979464127000
My father is Archie Sumrall Jr. b. 6/12/1929 in Moselle, Ms. His father was Archie Sumrall Sr. b.1889, Quitman, Ms. d.6/1963 in ellisville, MS m. Mary Francis Randall in 1921. We think his father was also Archie Sumrall of clarke Co., Ms. served in CW and married to Fannie Pittard. Brothers and sis. of Archie Sr. are Mose, John , Fannie, Nona, Leatha, Liz (Elizabeth), Maggie, and Ella. With the exception of Fannie all kids were born in Moselle or quitman MS. Fannie was born in shubuta, MS. I do not know for sure if Archie of Clarke is my ggfather or any more info on family. Please help with any info. on Archie Sumrall.
Posted: 979561277000
Edited: 993787919000
are the brothers and sisters that you mention the siblings of your archie or what you have found out about the archie married to fannie pittard born 1852 ...

if they are you family siblings then they are very close to what i have as siblings to the archie listed as a son of archie and fannie... out of 9 kids... that i have listed... i have an edlince and a luther that are not mentioned by you... you have a john that i do not have.... this could be accounted for by middle names or nicknames...

archibald d sumrall born 1835 married fannie pittard 11/07/1869 in clarke co., mississippi

i have children listed as:
edlince 1870
margaret 1872
fannie 1875
elizabeth 1877
luther 1879
leathy 1881
moses 1882 died 1964
archibald 1885
nona e 1889

please note: there is a discrepancy in birth between your archie ( the son of archie d ) and your archie 1885 as opposed to 1889... all of the info i have is collected off the net... and should be used as a guideline only....

enoch henry summerall (sumrall)

Ardona (View posts)
Posted: 987593269000
Do you have info on a Enoch Henry Summerall born in SC in 1805. Since you have info. on Thomas born in 1801 I thought there might be a connection. Thanks.
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