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Alison (or Allison) L Wier - School Teacher - New York

Alison (or Allison) L Wier - School Teacher - New York

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Hi, i'm hoping someone may be able to help me.

Alison was my father's first cousing (hence my first cousin once removed).
All her family, i.e her grandfather, father, uncles and aunts (with the exception of my own grandfather) emigrated to the USA between 1892 and 1901 and contact has been lost.

Searching Ancestry, I have found that Alison was born in 1908 and her parents, Harry and Susie (Donaldson) were living in Greenburgh Township, Irvington Village, Westchester County at the 1930 Census when she would have been 22 years old.

Alison is listed as a schoolteacher at a public school.

I was hoping that the school connection might offer a route to finding out more about her but don't know how to start from here in the UK.

Of course it is likely that Alison will have married and changed surname, just to make things more difficult.

The Social Security Death Index offers two possibilities in New York State, i.e. women called Alison L that were born in 1908 (I don't know her precise date of birth).
These women are:

Alison L Ager of Beacon, Duchess, New York and
Alison L Forrest of Huntingdon Station, Suffolk, New York.

Sould anyone be able to give me any help to find out about Alsion I would be extremely grateful.


John Weir

Re: Alison (or Allison) L Wier - School Teacher - New York

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Hello. Found these items. This woman doesn't appear to be in the SSDI (unless I'm mistaken). Contact the cemetery "Ferncliff" and you may get a date of birth to help confirm it is the right woman. Her parents may be in the same cemetery plot.

New York Times
July 3, 1937, page 30
The Board of Examiners reports that there have been placed on the eligible list of holders of license for service as teacher of mathematics in junior high schools, as of July 1, 1937, the names of the following applicants, who have been granted said license:
WIER - Lillian Allison ------------------- 89.6 rating
My note: her's was the highest rating of all the men and women applicants in the list.

New York Times
Feb 4, 1977, page 21
WIER - L. Allison, of Irvington, N.Y. On February 2, 1977. Funeral services, Saturday, 10 A.M. at St. Barnabas Episcopal Church, Irvington, N.Y. Reposing at the Edwards Funeral Home, 64 Ashford Avenue, Dobbs Ferry, N.Y. on Thursday and Friday, 7 to 9 P.M. only. Interment Ferncliff.

Re: Alison (or Allison) L Wier - School Teacher - New York

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I see in the 1920 US census that the daughter of Harry F. & Susie Wier is listed as 11 year old "Lillian A.". It certainly looks like the teacher, Lillian Allison Wier, who died in Irvington in 1977 is the woman you are looking for.

Re: Alison (or Allison) L Wier - School Teacher - New York

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Many, many thanks for that information.

My only regret is that the woman you have found is undoubtedly the correct one. Since it would appear she never married, that's another line of the Wier family that's finished.

The fact that she was a mathematics teacher and very able, is of no surprise. my father was an auditor, i'm a scientist and my son gained his maths degree at Christ Church Oxford. It would not surprise me if she had been musical either.

There is one other member of the family that I have never managed to trace. That is her aunt Lilian Hannah Wier (born 1883). She entered the USA with her father in 1892, I found a possible match in the 1900 census and nothing thereafter. Any help would be appreciated.

At the same time, if you ever need any help researching in the UK please let me know.

Many thanks once again


Re: Alison (or Allison) L Wier - School Teacher - New York

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You wrote, "... grandfather, father, uncles and aunts ... emigrated to the USA" and that Lillian Hannah Wier was an aunt.

I couldn't find any newspaper notices for Lillian Hannah but if I can find the obituary or probate notice of any of the others it may reveal the name of a surviving daughter or sister named Lillian and her new married name, if such was the case. I already looked for her brother Harry's obituary with no result. What were the names of her father and brothers and their death dates, if you have them? Did they all end up in Westchester County, NY?

Re: Alison (or Allison) L Wier - School Teacher - New York

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Hello and thanks again for the interest.
Some of this is a little tricky.
The father was Henry George Wier but in the census's I think he is always shown as Harry. This is just like Harry, i.e. Alison's father who was also christened Henry.

Harry (senior) can be even more awkward. Not only is he Harry but was often recorded as Henry Wilson Wier - where that came from I haven't the faintest idea. He is recorded in this form in the IGI as well as on Harry (junior) naturalisation papers. Even more awkward, I have traced him through various Atlantic crossings, census's etc and his stated age varies up to 10 years, i.e. from born in 1853 to 1863. I could never understand what always appeared to me as an attempt at subterfuge, but recently found out that he had a conviction in England before he emigrated so - who knows.

He was also a widower when he emigrated but remarried Jane ?, I know nothing about her. In the 1820 census he is living in Queens, New York but by 1930 is in Manhattan.

I don't know when he died but Harry (junior) appears to have died in 1964.

Right, the rest is easier.

The siblings, all born in England, were:

Florence J E Wier born 1874
Henry R F Wier (Harry junior) 1876
Albert Arslett Wier (my grandfather) 1878
Edith Emma Wier born 1881, died 1975 in Hennepin, Minnesota
Lilian Hannah born 1883

My grandfather always said that the whole family went off to the USA and that he was the only one to stay in England.

I have found no trace in relation to Florence at all.

Harry junior you know about.
Albert stayed in England

Edith Emma eventually emigrated to the USA having married in England. I pick her up in the 1910 Census. There is a thriving family from that line still living in Minnesota but they appear to know nothing about the rest of the family. Edith died in 1975
Edith and her husband Crawford were very prominent as Methodist Ministers in Hennepin.

Lillian Hannah entered the USA in 1892 with her father and I know nothing certain after that.
However, I suspect that I found her living as a boarder in Manhattan in the 1900 Census. The birth year and year of entry to the USA are correct but the entry is for Lillian Ware (one of the standard variants for the name Wier although the family were pretty good at getting it right).
She was employed as a sales lady.

Now, I think you know as much as I do.

Many thanks


Re: Alison (or Allison) L Wier - School Teacher - New York

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Hello. I can't find obit or probate notices for any of the WIERs you listed but I think I found Harry Sr. in the death index.

New York City Death Index
Wier - Harry, 82 y, Oct 18 1935, certificate # 22127, Manhattan.

A copy of his death certificate would likely show the place of interment. The interment record from that cemetery may lead to information on second wife Jane and possibly Harry's daughter Lillian (if it's a family plot and they are all there).

Also found this:
NY City Bride and Groom Index
Davison - Jane m. Wier - Harry B., Jul 17 1907, Manhattan, certificate # 18926

Maybe the middle initial "B" was a transcription error.

Also found:
WEAR, LILY (1900 U.S. Census)
Age: 18, Female, Born: ENGL,
occupation: servant.
NARA Series: T623 Roll: 1174 Page: 265
Village of Ardsley, Ashford Ave.
working for Augustus Travis, aged 39, born New York, wife: Kate born 1876, New York

Re: Alison (or Allison) L Wier - School Teacher - New York

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Many thanks again for your help

Re: Alison (or Allison) L Wier - School Teacher - New York

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Hello again.
Ferncliff Cemetery records indicate that Lillian Allison Wier was cremated at the Ferncliff crematory on February 5, 1977 and the canister containing her cremated remains was interred in End Companion Crypt 106, Tier F, Unit One in the Shrine of Memories on February 9, 1977. This crypt also contains the remains of Lillian's parents: Susie E. Wier; b.1875 - interred Aug 8, 1964 and Harry F. Wier; b. 1876 - interred Dec 14, 1964.

"Shrine of Memories" is a mausoleum.
"Unit One" means first corridor inside the main (fountain) entrance.
"Tier F" means section F of the first corridor.

I was hoping to also find Harry's father, etc. but they aren't there.

Re: Alison (or Allison) L Wier - School Teacher - New York

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Many, many thanks for your help.
It's sad to close a chapter on a family line but at least I now know.

I'm not surprised that Harry Senior isn't there as all the census records show him living in New York City.
If you would like to keep my contact details off this site then initially send me an email at: and I will then give you my normal email address. Then, if you ever think I might be able to help with something over here you can contact me directly.

Best wishes

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