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Looking for Chavez's from St. Johns, AZ

Looking for Chavez's from St. Johns, AZ

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I am looking for any Chavez's from St. Johns, AZ or Concho, AZ. I am daughter of Herman (Geronimo) Chavez, son of Abraham Chavez and Remelia Gallegos. Please contact me at

Where everywhere

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Would your grandfather be Abran? I am trying to place where your family comes from. Would you know who your great grandfather was?

Finding Chavez

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My grandfather is Abran (who resided in St. Johns, Arizona). Unfortunately, I do not know much of his side of the family. I know much more of my grandmother's (a Gallegos from Concho)
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There are several Abrans. Right now there are three wooden crosses with Abran on them in the St. Johns Catholic Cemetary. I think one of them should be for Trinidad. I hope to get to the bottom of it in July. Jose Luis Chaves and Maria Garcia had two sons, Abran and Trinidad. Abran was born in Limitar, NM in 1865. I need the documentation for that to confirm. His family moved to St. Johns when he was young. The 1870 census of San Marcial, Socorro County, NM lists (28-81)"Louis" Chavez, 25, Farmer, Maria, 22, keeping house, Abran, 5. This entry is right after (27-80) Manuela Chavez, 50, keeping house, Santiago, 16, Jose Angel, 14, Anastacio, 12. They are Luis's mother and brothers. At this point Catarina was probably married and living on her own. In the 1880 census of San Salvador, Apache County, AZ, Luis, Maria, Abran, and Trinidad are listed. My copy of this census is bad and I can barely make out their names. In the 1900 census of St. Johns, Abran is listed as head of his own houshold right
under his dad, mom, and his daughter that was staying with his parents. This copy I have is cut off at that point. St. Johns should have been on the east side of the Little Colorado River at this time. Either in the 20's or 30's, a dam made upstream by the Mormon settlers of the area gave way and washed out the town on the east side. That is why all the houses up and down Water Street are dated to have been built in the mid 1930s. It was my understanding Abran Married Anita Cooper. A belated cousin of our has her down as Peralta, but I think that is not true. Abran and Anita children were Luis Chavez, who married Chona Lucero; Manuela Chavez, who married Salomon Duran; Deluvina Chavez,who married Giermo Jaramillo; Prudencia Chavez, who married Manuel Tafoya; Maria Chavez, who married Jose Angel Chavez. All of this info may not be correct. I don't think you are down Luis's and Chona's line, because then you would be closely related to Eddie chavez that lives on Water Street. I know there were other
Abrans here and there, but I have no idea where. Maybe Maria and Jose Angel had a son named Abran. For more personal data, email me at I have a picture of the crosses, as I mentioned about, if you would like me to send it to you.

Re: Abran Chavez

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Clarissa, I am looking for some family members from St. Johns Arizona. I have a Guillermo Jaramillo, Manuela Chavez, and who I am thinking is Abran Garcia. I have only one page or so of a 1880 St. Johns census--can you give me some names from the census? Thanks
you can email me at

Re: Abran Chavez

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The names are familiar. What was Maneula's maiden name? I have a Manuela Peralta Chavez that married Trinidad Chavez. I put your name on the site I have going on My Expect a mail fronm the site soon.

Re: Finding Chavez

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Surnames: Pena, Moreno, Cruz,Gonzales,Gallegos,Chavez
I am looking for My husbands grandmother Anita Gallegos from St. John's or area . She may have been born in Bosquesito( I have been told it is near St. John's but have been unable to locate). I do not have her parents names. She married Ambrocio Gonzales born 1871 Reserve N.Mexico, the son of Antonio Gonzales and Trinidad Chavez. Anita died when her daughter Romalda my husband's mother was a child.

Re: Finding Chavez

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There was two generations of Gonzales born on the Gonzales ranch out side St. Johns in the area known as Salado. It is just a few miles out, going toward Springerville. I don't know all the names of those Gonzales. It is hard to get them straight with my great aunt Juanita Gonzales Gurule. From her line, there is this and this isn't all accurate:
Juanita, 81 yrs old
Trinidad (female)
Monico, 86 yrs old
Benny, alive
Antonia, my late grandmother

There was Gonzales that lived on Water Street years ago. I haven't found out who they were. The old crumbling adobe on the hill was their house.
My great grandparents were Manuel Gonzales and Emilia Griego. She was supposedly born in Polvadera, NM. Her father was Monico Griego. The Morenos have lived in the Salado area for ages too. All the way down Water Street is the ol' Pena ranch.

My Gonzales' lost their ranch during the depression. My great aunt sort of remember's her grandfather having to sign it away because of debts, except she says he was forced to give up the land. She said the signature didn't even look like his and this upset the family big time. I would assume there are truths to her story and maybe it is mixed up with a little pride too. That will be something I will research later down the road.

I am sorry don't have more to report, but maybe it was Salado that you might be looking for since the names do coincide with the area. There were other little areas that are not maps anymore. Good luck and maybe this info might have a link.

Re: Finding Chavez

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Surnames: Pena, Moreno, Cruz,Gonzales,Gallegos,Chavez
I believe you are right about the area. Just received photo copies from the AZ Archives of the 1880 and 1920 Census,Marriage Cert. birth Certs. that show the Pena's in Springerville census. I also believe the Morenos may be my Viviana Moreno's family. I believe the ol' Pena ranch may have belonged to Perfecto Pena. I received a copy of his will 1922 that states that that he left his estate to be split between Redolfo and Manuel Pena. He had two daughters Clara Pena and Inez Pena Chavez who he gave each $5.00 as he said they were bad daughters when he was ill shortly before will was drawn. He would have been 68 yr. old. The witnesses of the will were, Greg Garcia,Tranquilino Padilla, ramon Garcia.There was another child in the 1880 census Jose Angel but he was not named in the will. I don't know if he died. Redolfo Pena and Viviania Moreno were married in 1902. It has the names of the witnesses as Monico Garcia and Aurelia Hunt. the priest (I believe to be spelled) Leyfrian Vabre was from Flagstaff but the marriage took place at St. Johns. On the 1880 Census completed by Alfrea Ruiz there is also listed a Jose Griego 29yrs old , and a Jose Sanches 58 yrs old, his wife Paula 57yr.,son Tiofilo 24yr.,son George 20yr.,son Ziahian ( not very readable so spelling may be wrong) 18 yr., son Margarito 12yr.
The Gonzales that you say was another Gonzales in with an old crumbling adobe on the hill could you recognize their house or barn. I have a photo that shows a structure in the background.
Could the Perfecto's daughter Inez Pena Chavez have married into your Chavez family line. Thank you so much for the leads.I am sure they were give me some clues.

Re: Finding Chavez

Dave (View posts)
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Surnames: Chavez, Garcia, Hunt, Gonzalez, Trujillo
I was reading your post and some names are very familiar to me. Greg Garcia would most likely be a great-great uncle. He later moved to Pheonix were he practiced law. His other brother Monico Garcia married Aurelia, actually should be Amelia Hunt, on July 7, 1902. My guess is that they were not married when they witnessed the marriage of Redolfo Pena and Viviania Moreno. Alfred Ruiz was an attorney in St. Johns at the time. He was married to my great-great aunt Rufina (aka Ruth S.) They are linked thru Nosifor Trujillo and Maria Duran, whom are her parents as shown in the 1870 San Marcial, NM census. Nosifor (aka Nusifor, Necifor) was the father of Beatrice Trujillo who married Jose Gabriel Garcia that Clarissa has mentioned in other posts.Through most of my research the families travelled either at the same time or shortly thereafter.

Monico and Amelia Hunt Garcia were involved in St johns schools and in the same capacity in Concho. Monico was also involved in city and county offices and Amelia was Superintendent of the schools for a time. Both died in Pheonix, Arizona.

His brother Erminio (aka Herminio, Ermmio, Ermino) married a Lionides Leal and they had one child named Helena. Apparently Lionides died because he then married Martha (Marta) Chavez on Jan 24, 1898. Both marriages occured in St Johns. The garcia brothers' mother was a Petra Gonzalez who had migrated to from Lemitar, NM to San Marcial, NM then to St Johns where she died. Her husband possibly died in Lemitar between 1855 and 1860. A daughter was born in 1855 and in the 1869 census her husband Jose Gregorio Garcia wasn't shown.

The name Jose Angel has shown in some of my research under Jaun Chavez in the 1860 census of Limitar, New Mexico..... could be a name handed down over time since I have crossed it a few times through my journies.

I will keep the names u have mentioned on my mind when I look through the different resources and see if I can find out any additional info. If you wouldn't mind I would like a copy of the will and the marriage certificate so I can add these to my records.... My e-mail is


David Rodriguez
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