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Mary Gabrenja

Mary Gabrenja

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Surnames: Gabrenja, Swigle, Hribernik
Looking for any information on the family of Mary Gabrenja. She married John Swigle (Americanized) approximately 1900 and moved to Pennsylvania with him. According to her daughter she was from a village in Yugoslavia called Nutrinska. I can't find any such village. However there is a Notranjska in Slovenia. She had 3 sisters and 1 brother, names unknown. Her brother also immigrated to Pennsylvania. John Swigle died in a mine explosion in Westmorland County, PA. John and Mary's children were:
Mary L. Swigle
John Swigle
Frank Swigle
Sophia Swigle
Jestina "Tina" Swigle

These names are Americanized

After the death of John Swigle, she married John Hribernik, a friend of her brother. They had 4-5 more children. Migrated to Colorado.

Any information would be appreciated. We have a picture of her and her siblings and parents but have no names to put with the faces. I can be reached

Re: Mary Gabrenja

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it si probably nr 840 in the list and the name is Tegelj

You should contact Prah for family tree.

Re: Mary Gabrenja

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According to our phonebook, there are people with the surname Gabrenja in Unec, which is in the Notranjska region. Who knows, maybe some relation?

Re: Mary Gabrenja

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Thank you. If this is the one you emailed me about I don't believe it is the one I am looking for. I apologize. I should have clarified that John (or Janez as it may certainly be) was born about 1860 and died about 1916 shortly after the birth of his youngest daughter.
Mary (or Marija) married John Hribernik before 1919 since she is listed on his WWI draft card as his wife.

I found out the following last night:
Mary's (Marija)grandfather was a stone mason.

Their village burned down by a cow kicking over a light. Other nations helped to rebuild the village which is where Mary's grandfather got the money to rebuild. I don't know if the village burned while Mary lived there or before her birth.

There was an inn nearby the village where Mary and her sisters worked. This is where John Swigle probably saw her for the first time. Their marriage was arranged. John was in America (Pennsylvania) prior to their marriage. I don't know when he first came over. My aunt assumes he went back to find a wife and bring her back to America with him.

John Swige and Mary landed in New York between 1900 and 1906. My aunt says that many people died of a sickness on the trip. They were in Pennsylvania by 1907. They lived near Harrisburg.

As I continue to read and re-read my aunt's memoirs I may find more evidence, but most of it is when she was growing up in Trinidad, CO.

Thanks in advance.

Re: Mary Gabrenja

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Thank you. I will check it out.

Re: Mary Gabrenja

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Here is (probably brother from Mary Gabrenja) Frank Gabrenja in newspaper from Yohnstawn Pansilvania.;p=franjo;n=gabrenja

Re: Mary Gabrenja

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Mary did have a son named Frank. Maybe she named him after her brother.

I have not given up the possiblity that this is the correct Mary. The death and birth dates are very close for her. I have seen the family tree for Janez and Marija Tegelj and they all list the death of Janez as 1935. I know for a fact that the Mary I am looking for remarried by 1919. Her first child with John Hribernik was born in 1919. If Janez and Marija that you list are the correct couple, then this means that my aunt may be wrong and her father was not killed but the couple divorced and they never saw him again. I am not discounting the possiblity but how likely is that? And she does remember the mine company paying for his funeral but would not pay any death benefits. Another possiblity is that the death year is incorrect for Janez Tegelj on all the family trees that I have seen. I have seen no documented souce for the death year. Do you know of any source for his death year?
Thanks in advance

Re: Mary Gabrenja

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On your place I would contact Hawlina, and ask him about it, or call 4 Gabrenja familys still living in Slovenia.

The phone numbers are on the connections on e-mail.
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