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Plattsburg, NY military officers 1812+

Plattsburg, NY military officers 1812+

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~AIKIN, Martin, Captain, New York militia, commander of Aikin's volunteers.
~APPLING, Daniel, Lieutenant Colonel, commander at Dead Creek Bridge. ~BRUM, Sailing Master, "Ticonderoga"
~CASSIN, Stephen, Lieutenant, U.S. Navy, commander of the "Ticonderoga" ~CHITTENDEN, Martin, Governor, Vermont
~CLARK, Isaac, Colonel, Vermont militia, conducted successful raid into Canada
~CONOVER, Midshipman, in charge of gunboat, supported CASSIN ~DARUSIE, R.E. Lieutenant, Corps of Engineers, drew the map of the battle
~DUNCAN, Silas, Midshipman, from "Saratoga", rescued gunboats, decorated by Congress
~FLAGG, Azariah, Lieutenant, New York militia, leader in AIKIN's volunteers
~FOWLER, Lieutenant, commanded a blockhouse at Plattsburg, NY ~HAMPTON, Wade, Major General, subordinate to WILKINSON in 1813 ~LEONARD, Captain, commanded the artillery at Beekmantown and the bridge ~LOOMIS, Jarvis, Sailing Master, "Growler", captured at Ille aux Noix in 1813
~MACDONOUGH, Thomas, Lieutenant, U.S. navy, commodore of the Lake Champlain flotilla
~MACOMB, Alexander, Jr., Brigadier General, Commander at Plattsburg, NY ~MANN, John, maintained the hospital on Crab Island during the battle MCGLASSIN, George, Captain, commanded the raid on the British rocket battery
~MOOERS, Benjamin, Major General, New York Militia ~PAULDING, Hiram, Midshipman, "Ticonderoga", fired guns with a pistol ~PHELPS, Benjah, twelve-year-old boy who witnessed the battle ~PIKE, Zebulon, Brigadier General, killed in action at York, Upper Canada
~PLATT, Charles, Midshipman, "Saratoga", took command of the beaten "Chub". continued on page 2

Source is "the FINAL INVASION", by Colonel David G. Fitz-Enz, 2001, pages 201, 202 and 203. Transcribed by Jan

Re: Plattsburg, NY military officers 1812+ p. 2

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continued page 2 of 2 pages
~STAFFORD, Captain, New York Militia, dragoon at Dead Creek Bridge.
~SAILLY, Peter, Customs Director, spymaster.
~SCOTT, Winfield, Brigadier General, fought at Queenstown, Fort George.
~SMITH, John Lieutenant, commanded a blockhouse manned by the sick at Plattsburgh.
~SMITH, Malancton, Lieutenant Colonel, commanded Fort Moreau. ~SMYTH, Alexander, Brigadier General, campaigned after Queenstown in the Niagara.
~SPROUL, Robert, Captain, commanded a company of the 13th Infantry. ~STANDISH, Matthew, Lieutenant, New York militia, dragoon. ~STORES, Huckens, Lieutenant Colonel, commanded Fort Brown. ~STRONG, Samuel, Major General, Vermont militia (Green Mountain Boys). ~TERRY, Sam, Private, New York militia, shot Lieutenant Colonel Wellington.
~TOTTEN, Joseph G., Major, Corps of Engineers, designed the defenses at Plattsburgh.
~VAN RENSSELAER, Solomon, Lieutenant Colonel, New York militia, killed at Queenstown.
~VAN RENSSELAER, STEPHEN, Major General, New York militia, fought at Queenstown, 1812.
~VAUGHAN, Captain, Vermont militia, Pike's Cantonment. ~VINSON, Thomas, Major, commanded the remnants of the 33rd and 34th regiments.
~WAIT, Roswell, Lieutenant, New York militia, dragoon. ~WILKINSON, James, Major General, succeeded Dearborn as commanding general in the North.
~WINDER, William, Brigadier General, commanded the defensive force at Bladensburg.
~WOOL, John E. Captain at Queenstown, Major at Plattsburgh. ~YOUNG, Guilford Dudley, Major, commander of the Troy, New York, militia. The end.

Source is "the FINAL INVASION", Appendix A, by Colonel David G. Fitz-Enz, 2001, pages 203 and 204.
Transcribed by Jan Jordan
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