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Rittenhouse,Akron Oh.

Rittenhouse,Akron Oh.

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Any info. re: Rittenhouse family, Henry, wife
Annette Anderson, Son Paul, Born apprx. 1918,
who had a son Paul.
Many thanks.


Paula Rittenhouse (View posts)
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My father's name was Paul Eugene Rittenhouse, born May, 1916 to Henry Rittenhouse. My brother's name is Paul Eugene Rittenhouse, born May 01, 1953. As far as I know, my grandmother's name was Nettie Albrict and my father was born in Marion, Ohio.

Nettie Albrict

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Thank you so much for your reply, Would you
know if your Grandmother's name Nettie was
a nickname for Annette? Did they live at
the address I posted? Was she born in Ontario
Canada? You are the closest I've come to any
information re: my Father. His sister married Henry Rittenhouse. I have not been
able to find any info. re his family.
Annette Anderson


Paula Rittenhouse (View posts)
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Hi..I really don't know, but I also have a sister Donna, from my father's previous marriage. She lived with my grandmother after my family moved to Arizona. I will email her and ask. It does sound like you have the right family.


Paula Rittenhouse (View posts)
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This is the information from my sister.
My grandmother's name is Nettie Belle Abicht she married Charles Henry Rittenhouse they are the parents of our father. Grandfather R. had a wife before my grandmother I think her name is Jemima. But my grandmother Nettie was born in Ohio I believe. I want to find out the name of the brother who would be father of Ms. Anderson.
Grandmother R had many brothers only 2 sisters. One brother was lost in WWI never heard from. I think his name was Winifred. Another bro.,John, died early in adulthood. I've never understood what the cause actually was -- but could have been some form of cancer. The other brothers were James Wilhem, Augustus (Gus), Clarence, Carl, and Faye (the youngest).
I hope this sheds some light on your search.


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Paula I thank you, Its very strang my Father had 3 sisters and about 7 brothers, one killed in WW1 at Vimy Ridge, He said one,
August was a Minister, The three oldest were
born in Scotland William Ed., August Evertt,
John, Clarence-died in WW1 Carl, Fred, Richard James Wilfred were born in Ontario,
Canada. I have not found infor. on any of them, only Annette that married Henry Rittenhouse. These names are similar to yours. James (my Dad) talked of Ingersoll,Ont.
But it may all have been made up. Thank you
who knows where it may lead.
Annette Anderson


Donna Rittenhouse Fitch (View posts)
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The Henry Rittenhouse in Akron Ohio who had a son named Paul, and he had a son named Paul did not marry an Annette Anderson. He married Nettie Belle Abicht. She had two sisters and several brothers. One of them, Winifred, was lost in WWI. I do not Know if any of her brothers were born outside of US as my grandmother's father was the only one of that family born in U.S. I do know that my grandmother was not born in Canada. The names of her brothers are the following: The oldest was James Wilhelm, lived in Flushing, MI. when retired. The next oldest was Augustus (Gus) who lived mostly in Marietta, OH. Then there were Carl and Clarence. Another brother, John, died in early adulthood. The youngest brother was Fay Abicht. There may be one other whose name I can't come up with. In Marietta, Ohio, people had a hard time pronouncing "Abicht," so they were known as "Abbotts." When a division of my grandmother's father's family came to Texas, they changed to the Anglicized spelling. They also wanted to avoid anti-German sentiment. My grandmother and all of her siblings are deceased, and so is my father. If anyone has further information about my grandfather Rittehouse's family or about the Abichts, please send me E-mail. or

Rittenhouse, Akron, OH

Robert L. Britton (View posts)
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I think your Charles H. is my great grandmother's brother. Her name is Mary Maria Miraben, nee Rittenhouse. I have Charles's obit and a little more information about the Marietta, OH Rittenhouse family.

Robert L. Britton

Akron, Ohio

Paula E. Rittenhouse (View posts)
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My father's name was Paul Eugene Rittenhouse and he was born in Marietta, Ohio May 15, 1916. My grandmother's name was Nettie Rittenhouse and my grandfather's name was Charles Henry Rittenhouse.

Rittenhouse Marietta/Akron

Robert L. Britton (View posts)
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Dear Paula:
My My grandmother was a Mariben. Her mothers's was Mary Mariben nee Rittenhouse and we believe that Charles H. Rittenhouse was Mary's brother. This is the obit for Charles that appeared in the Marietta Times (?).
C. H. Rittenhouse Dies at age 80.

Charles Henry Rittenhouse, 80, a former foreman in the B. F. Goodrich Co. processing division, died Tuesday. He lived at 581 Winans av.
Mr. Rittenhouse retired from Goodrich in 1936, and since then has been employed by Commercial Motor Freight, Inc. He worked as a wathcman at the time of his death.
Born in New Philadelphia, O., he lived in Marietta, O., 40 years before coming to Akron 33 years ago.
Mr Rittenhouse was past worthy president of Marietta Aerie 458, Faternal Order of Eagles, He was a member of the Goodrich Twenty Year Club.
He leaves his wife Nettie; a son, Paul, and two grandchildren, all of Akron.
Friends may call at the Eckard Funeral Home until 10 tonight, after which the body will be taken to the McClure Funeral home in Marietta for services and burial Friday.
I haven't much luck tracing back past Charles but it is interesting that he was from New Philadelphia, OH.

Bob Britton
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