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Help with "translation" of name George - can't find on manifest

Help with "translation" of name George - can't find on manifest

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Surnames: Sawczyszyn
I'm just getting started looking into my Ukraine roots. I'm looking for a passenger manifest for George SAWCZYSZYN. Would "George" have been his birth name? What's the Ukrainian version of George?

His father's name is Hnatko SAWCZYSZYN.

According to his naturalization papers, he arrived at New York from Bremen, Germany on the ship Neckar on 2 Feb 1910. I've searched the manifest for this vessel and can't find any SAWCZYSZYN, let alone a George SAWCZYSZYN.

Further confusing me, in the middle of George's naturalization papers is the Certificate of Arrival (For Naturalization Purposes) for a Jan BURYAK, who arrived on the Neckar.

Thanks for reading!

Re: Help with "translation" of name George - can't find on manifest

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George equals to Yuriy, Uriy or a variation of that.Hope it helps :)


Re: Help with "translation" of name George - can't find on manifest

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SAWCZYSZYN = Sawczyszyn (Pol.); Savchyshyn (Ukr.); Савчишин (Cyrillic).

George = Jerzy (Pol.); Iurii (Ukr.); Юрій (Cyrillic); Georgius (Latin).

Hnat = Ignacy (Pol.); Ihnat (Ukr.); Ігнат (Cyrillic); Ignatius (Latin).

Jan = Jan (Pol.); Ivan - John (Ukr.); Іван (Cyrillic); Joannes (Latin).

Could this be him? Arrived New York on Jan. 26, 1909 from port of Hamburg. Name place, looking at the original manifest, appears as though it could be Draganiwka, Ternopil oblast (area). I could be wrong. It states that the father's name is Wasil = Vasyl (Ukr.); Bazyli (Pol.).
Jedrzej's wife, Ksenia.

Re: Ellis Island...
Sawczyszyn, Jedrzej Austria, Draqauvenka 32 1877 1909


Sawczyszyn, Jan Austria, Draqauvenka 28 1881 1909
Sawczyszyn, ...fry Austria, Draqauvenka 24 1885 1909

Note: ...fry could be Onufrius (Latin); Onufry (Pol.); Onufrii (Ukr.); Онуфрій (Cyrillic).
Hamburg passenger list also has...

Jedrzej Sawczyszyn Cuxhaven; Southampton; Cherbourg; New York

To receive more information from the above, you will have to have an membership, or know someone that has one.

Re: Help with "translation" of name George - can't find on manifest

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I too saw the same three brothers, but they were heading for Boston, Mass. 1/26/1909. They were emigrating from what is Drahanivka > Ternopil today. Their father was Wasyl. Based on following records, I eliminated them.

George's Draft Registration Card :

Name: George Sawczyszyn
Birth Date: 1 Apr 1884
Birth Place: Sredniawcas, Poland (I am 99% sure that this was Srednia Wies, which means Middle Village in Polish. Technically in 1884 there was no such geopolitical entity as Poland. This region was part of the Austro- Hungarian Empire from late 18th century to 1919, when Poland was reconstituted.)
Residence: Monongalia, West Virginia

Philadelphia Marriage Records show him marrying Marya Woyciek (other transliteration variants: Wojcik /Wujcik) in 1917. License # 3737536

George's death certificate lists Hnatko (Hnat) as father.
If I remember correctly, his mother's name was Marya Kulikowska???

I did examine Neckar Passenger Lists. I found no Sawczyszyn (or transliteration variants of same surname)in Feb 2,1910 manifest. There was a Jan Buryk, an ethnic Pole, same age as George, emigrating from Hoczew/Haczew > Galicia***. PHYSICAL DISCRIPTION HAS HIS HGT AS 5-3??? (George and Jan might have been friends or family??? George could have been traveling under Jan's name. This kind of thing did happen from time to time. See following)

***My guess is that George was Lemko, micro-ethnic Ruthenian/Ukrainian group, from Srednia Wies / Seredne Selo in Lesko /Lisko. It was hamlet size. His father was Ignacz (Hnat). Srednia wies > Lisko powiat/county > Lisko gmina/tax district. Filial Greek Catholic Church in Bereska and filial RC Church in Hoczew. This is Podkarpackie wojiwodstwo/region > SE POLAND TODAY. (FYI Hoczew had both an RC and GC Church of its own.)

Make sure to have sound on upon accessing site.

By 1947 Polish Communist govt and Stalin had managed to resettle all ethnic minorities from their individual turfs. Lemko, considered Ukrainian minority, were initially resettled to SSR Ukraine and then in 1947 to fallow lands in Communist Poland, formerly inhabited by Prussian/German Colonist descendants.

Additionally, make sure to explore following links, exc resources for anyone researching their Galician Roots:

1787 Cadastral Records for Bereska/Berezka.


Lesko District, present day SE Poland

Lemko Surnames found in 1787 Austrian Cadastral Records

Balon / Bawon
Bal / Bal'
Bednarz / Bodnar (2 families)
Burdziak / Burdzjak
Butkiewicz / Butkevych
Walach / Valakh (2 families)
Wowk / Vovk
Woroblyk / Worobwyk / Voroblyk (2 families)
Wrobel / Vrobel'
Hawrylyk / Havrylyk
Horbowy / Horbovyj
Derewenko / Derevenko
Dzwonik / Dzvonyk
Doskocz / Doszkocz / Doskoch
Duda (3 families)
Dziak / Dzjak
Karasz / Karash
Kaczmarski / Kachmars'kyj
Kozubski / Kozubs'kyj
Krajowski / Krajovs'kyj
Mielnik / Mel'nyk
Michalow / Mykhaliv
Mospak (2 families)
Pencik / Pentsyk (2 families)
Petrowski / Petrovs'kyj
Podczaszy / Pidchashyj ( 2 families)
Popowyczek / Popovychok (2 families)
Puszyk / Pushyk
Roman (2 families)
Sawka / Sauka / Savka
Swiec / Svits (2 families)
Syreczko / Syrechko
Folwarski / Fol'vars'kyj
Homyk / Homik / Khomyk
Zubak / Chubak
Szpak / Szpiak / Shpak (2 families)
Jadzyn / Jadzyn

Parish Data:

Church was "Saint Nicholas the Miracle Worker erected in 1783 [now destroyed]

Bereska was a large village with more than 1500 inhabitants. During the 1944-1947 expulsions, more than 250 were killed including Rev. Oleksa Bilyk (1892-1944), his wife and son Mychalyo. The Poles killed Rev. Bilyk by driving a wooden wedge into his head. The church was burned to the ground in the 1980's.

A masonry church - "Transfiguration of Our Lord" also existed and was erected in 1868, renovated in 1920 and also destroyed.

In 1785 the village lands comprised 12.03 There were 360 Greek Catholics 90 Roman Catholics and 30 Jews

1840 - 512 Greek Catholics

1859 - 526 Greek Catholics

1879 - 618 Greek Catholics

1899 - 845 Greek Catholics

1926 - 900 Greek Catholics

1936 - 1007 Greek Catholics

1938 saw 436 Roman Catholics and 63 Jews

The village was not incorporated into the Lemko Apostolic Administration in 1934

LDS microfilm not yet available.

Re: Help with "translation" of name George - can't find on manifest

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Sawczyszyn
Thank you all for the great information. I have much to think about now, and I really appreciate it!
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