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Are all Severance's related?

Are all Severance's related?

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My father in law once said only one Severance came to America. So far I have found nothing to contradict that. Does anyone else know if this is a fact?

The family started out in MA. Ephriam & Eliz. [Sweat] were born in NH and everyone in this line seems to stay in NH until Sargent Jewell Severance moves to Dodge Co., MN after the death of his wife. Sargent Jewell's children were born in NH but raised in MN. After Sargent Jewell Severance moves to MN he joined the Seventh Day Baptist Church. Does anyone know what religion might have been practiced while in NH?

Is there anyone else from this line researching?

My husband's line is as follows:

John Edmund Severance & Abigail Kimball

Ephriam Severance & Lydia Morrill

Ephraim Severance & Mary Burnham

Ephraim Severance & Elizabeth Sweat

John Severance & Susanna Smith

John Smith Severance & Lydia Jewell

Sargent Jewell Severance & Elizabeth Burton

Thompson Burton Severance &
Elnora Jane Estella Mills

Burton Thompson Severance &
Anna Margaret Osborn

Howard Douglas Severance &
Mildred Louise Kerr


Cindy Francett (View posts)
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My grandfather Charles Leland Severance was born in Colchester VT. 4-28-1892, and died there in April of 1980, I've been told This line of Severances Came from Germany, then I beleive to canada before immigrating to the US. Possibly Nicholas Arthur Severance was the first in the US. Does anyone have any info on a family crest?

your part of the family

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According to my copy of 'The Severance Genealogy' by David C. Dewsnap, who's work I've read in different posts is accurate for the most part, says Charles Leland is the 6th great grandson of John and Abigial Kimball Severance.

His line is as follows :

Charles Leland m: Laura Mae Plante

Bertrand Ernest Severance m: Lillie E. Bombard

George Severance m: [1] Betsy Cook [2] Eveline Sanger

Ebenezer Severance m: Jerusha Kilbourn [Kilby]

Ebenezer Severance m: Lucy Nutting

Ephriam Severance m: Abigail Trask

Ebenezer Severance m: Anna Fitts

Ephriam Severance m: Lydia Morrell

John Severance m: Abigail Kimball

All of these Severance's were born in the U.S. John & Abigail came from England.
I have more information on Lydia Morrell's parents, as they are my husbands ancestors also. Let me know if you'd like it.

The Severance Genealogy is available thru Heritage Books. 1 800 398 7709 at least that's where I bought my copies.

There are several Nicholas' in the book, but no Nicholas Arthur. I can look him up if you have his birthdate or some other info I can match up.
I haven't seen any mention of a family crest.


name correction

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The Dewsnap book has Ebenezer's wife Lucy's name as Nutter on one page and Nutting on another. I don't know which would be correct.

Charles Leland son of Bertrand Ernest

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Hi Cindy, The Severance Genealogy by David Dwesnap, pg 369 has Charels Leland Severance was the son of Bertrand Ernest Severance & Lillie E. Bombard.
The line is Bertrand Ernest (George7, Ebenezer6, Ebenezer5, Ephraim4, Ebenezer3,Ephraim2,John1) Charles had siblings of Mary Eveline b Apr 29,1887, George Bertrand b Nov 5, 1889, Carroll Ernest b. Feb 1, 1905 and Clarence A b, Aug 27, 1907.
Bertrand was born in Vermont, May 19, 1864.
George was born in Vermont Jan 10,1817.
Ebenezer, Jr was born Nov 8, 1777 in Hillsboro Co, New Hampshire.
Ebenezer, Sr was born Sept 8, 1752 in Temple, New Hampshire.
Ephraim was baptised Nov 17, 1723 in Ispwich, Mass
Ebenezer was born Nov 29, 1694 in Salisbury, Mass
John was born abput 1609-1615 in Ipswich, England
ope this helps

Severance family religion

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Hello Kathy,

I'm not sure about the New Hampshire Severances' but the original immigrants from England to Massachusettes were Puritans from Suffolk, East Anglia. They were part of the great Puritan migration that started in 1630 (John Edmund Severance arrived around 1635 or so with his wife, Abigail Kimball).

we are related

kathy (View posts)
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, My father in law is a son of Hector Calbreth Severance. So, as I figure it,your family are cousins, four times removed. He is the youngest son of Hector and Emma Ann Severance.Hector was a brother to Thompson Burton Severance. I would like to see if I can get any more information on the family line than what my father in law has been able to give us.Thanks for any help.
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Email me at A lot of my information did come from work of Louette Carl Severance and Harland Claude Severance. I would also like to compare notes and update my files.


Re: Are all Severance's related?

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Surnames: Severance/Miller
I am a granddaughter of Leo G. & Ethel (Miller) Severance of Hornell, N.Y., if anyone has any info to share, I'd appreciate it & I'll share what I know.

Thanks, Chris

Re: Charles Leland son of Bertrand Ernest

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Surnames: Edwards,Severance
Just found an old post on rootsweb. Bertram is my son's 3rd great grandfather on his paternal side.

George,Bertram,Charles L., Mary Olive Severance (Edwards). Gale Edwards, Craig Edward,
my son is Braden Francis Edwads.

Would love to hear how you are connected.

Tammy Wells Grube in Florida
but still a Vermonter at heart
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