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Pieter Marcelis/Marselis , progenitor of Marsalis lines.

Pieter Marcelis/Marselis , progenitor of Marsalis lines.

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51 years before Pieter Marselis arrived on De Bever:

1610, at least one Dutch ship came to the New World. Captain Adrein Block and his crew spent the winter on the tip of Manhattan and gave it sarcastically the name New Amsterdam.
Cornelius May and others came to trade but not to colonize.

1614, a fort and trading house were built at present day Albany and was then called Fort Orange. About the same time another fort and trading house were set up on the southwest point of "Manhatta" (Indian name) or "small island".

The entire colony now was called New Netherlands.

1621, the Dutch West India Company was chartered and 8 men and 1 woman were sent as settlers.

1624, 30 families of Walloons came on the ship "New Netherland" with its Captain Cornelis Jacobsen May.

Mostly they were Protestant refugees, farmers from South Holland. All agreed to obey orders of the West India Co., be loyal Reformed Calvinists and convert the heathen.

1626, Peter Minuit arrived as governor-general.
Serious colonization and trading was going on.

1633 Wouter Van Twiller became governor general arriving via same ship as New Amsterdam's first minister and first school teacher.
(A layman named Bastien Jansen Crol had been certified as "comforter" on the voyage over and was later allowed to baptize and marry.)

Then followed William Kieft who 'despised" the Indians with whom trade depended. This led to some settlers returning to Holland and others scattering to other settlements.

1647 Peter Stuyvestant arrived to replace Kieft.

Now shift to the New Jersey story:
To encourage immigration large tracts of land and feudal privileges were granted to "patroons" by the Dutch West India Co.

1630, "Michiel Reyniersz Pauw, Heer Van Achttienhoven" registered the patroonship of Pavonia. Pauw had been a founder of the West India Co., a director and at one time the ambassador to the French Court. He was a Dutch nobleman and had inherited his title as Baron of Achttienhotoven (in South Holland) from his father who had been burgomaster of Amsterdam and ambassador to Denmark and ultimately one of the States General of the Netherlands.

Erik Amburger in DIE FAMILIE MARSELIS states:

"The daughter of Captain Michiel Pauw and his wife Anna Maria Fassijn was Adriane Pauw, born at the Hague on Nov. 21, 1652, died Apr. 17, 1713.
Adriane Pauw married April 2, 1669 FRANS MARSELIS, the son of Isabeau van Straten and GABRIEL MARSELIS.

Pavonia ("Peacock") was called Communipa(u)w in the southern part, Ahasimus in the central part and Hoboken in the northern part.

Pauw began to buy the land from the Indians and to develop it. He sent over CORNELIS VAN VOORST as director who was settled as superintendent of the colony at Ahasimus as early as 1632.

CORNELIS VAN VOORST had a house in Ahasimus in the central area. "Back of the salt marsh bordering the Hudson... directly across the river from lower Manhattan"

1639 or 1638 Van Voorst died in the very early spring. His family was the first known family to have permanently settled in New Jersey.

Cornelis Van Voorst b. abt 1580 either in Vorst in Gelderland or Vorst near Antwerp married VROUWTJE IDES.

Apparently his wife and children arrived in "Virginy" or the New land before Van Voorst who was detained in Amsterdam but arrived later with 2 ships.

One record indicates that "Van Voorst came to NN with the Hulft Expedition of April 1625 and that his wife and children had preceded him on the ship Orangeboom."
Another record guesses that Van Voorst came with de Rasiere in 1626 and that his wife and kids came with Minuit.

Regardless, Pauw disposed of his colony of Pavonia in 1634 and Van Voorst became a tenant of the West India Co.

After Van Voorst's death Director Kieft leased to the widow Vrouwtje Ides the Company's brewery at Ahasimus. (She later married Jacob Stoffelson)

With the VAN VOORSTS arrived eldest son JAN and several other children and grand children.
Hendrick Cornelissen Van Vorst was another son.
IDE CORNELISSEN VAN VOORST and his sister Annetje Cornelis Van Voorst ( m.Kuyper/Cuyper) were minors at their father's death.
And PROBABLY Gerrit Jansen Van Voorst who was slain by the Indians while "roofing/thatching a house behind the cul (Newark Bay)" was a son.

He is reputed to be the "first native white male to have been born in New Netherlands". He was also once captured by the Indians but released unharmed.

1652, October 18, IDE CORNELISZEN VAN VOORST of New Amsredam married Hilletje JANS from Oldenburg.

(His name is mentioned a good bit in New Amsterdam (NY) and Ahasimus records over the mid 1600s. By 1664 he has a lot next to his sister in Ahasimus and he was appointed as a "court judge".

1667 Male member of the Church of Bergen, IDE CORN VAN DER VORST.

1674, the election of Schepens for the town of Bergen.. Gerrit Gerritsen.. PIETER MARCELISSEN.. IDE VAN VOORST.

1685, Dec 28, "buried IDE CORNELISZ VAN DE VOORST, at New York, with pall, of Bergen."
1705, Dec 18, "buried HILLETJE JANS, wid. of IDE VAN DE VOORS from Ahasymus" with pall.

1.Vroutie Iden Van der Vorst,2. Annetje Van Voorst,3 PIETERJE VAN VOORST (married May 11, 1681, MARSELIS PIETERSE, son of PIETER MARCELISSE and ELIZABETH.),
4. Cornelius Van Voorst, 5 Joanna Van Voorst, 6 Hilletie Idens

A Book I highly recommend is ISLAND AT THE CENTER OF THE WORLD, The Epic Story of Dutch Manhattan and the Forgotten Colony That Shaped America.
Again I am grateful for the over 50 year research dedication of Tempe Fenn Crosby and all those who helped her in the beginning like Tommy and Carrol and May Toney.
I will do a separate posting now for Pieter Marselis as we have seen his son Marcelis Pieterse marry the daughter of Ide Van Voorst and Hilletj Jans and the granddaughter of Cornelis Van Voorst and Vrouwtje Ides.

Re: Pieter Marcelis/Marselis , progenitor of Marsalis lines.

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A book now available for online reading is
James Riker's ( 1822-1889) REVISED HISTORY OF HARLEM:
(Fleeing to Leerdam and elsewhere from the threatened borders were emigrates escaping Spanish religious control)
" a busy little village within sight of Wolfswaert Castle, and also of the ruined abbey of Marenwaert, and called Beest, its bailiwick of the same name adjoining westerly to the Prince's land, but within the Gelderland border. The spirit of emigration reaching this locality, many of its people began to pack up and leave for New Netherland.
..set sail from Amsterdam May 9, 1661, in the ship Beaver, reaching Manhattan July 29....

...Peter Marselis, his wife, four children and two servants,

Frans Jacobson, wife and two children Goosen Jansen Van Noort and Hendrick Bries were among those referred to from Beest. The first two went to Bergen, New Jersey; the others, I believe, to Albany....Marselis died September 4, 1681 leaving descendants...."

"PETER MARCELLISSEN came from Beest in the ship 'Beaver'; arrived May 9, 1661 with his wife, four children and two servants. His children were aged respectively 13, 6, 4, and 2 years. His servants were male and female. The passage cost him as follows: For himself 36 florins; for wife 36 florins, children 90 florins; servants 70 florins. He was the founder of the Marselis family in this county and vicinity."

Documentary History of the State of New York, Vol III, p.58:
"1661 May; In the Beaver. Hugh Barentsen de Clein, and wife and seven children. PETER MARCELIS van Beest" etc etc names all listed of other passengers.

It is interesting to point out here that very few families brought servants.
The Beaver was a Dutch West India ship.

A descendant of Pieter Marselis named Neafie says in his historical narrative that Pieter Marselis "might have been born in Leerdam, but when he came to America he came from Beest/Beesd

Pieter settled in Bergen where he died in 1682.

1672, Pieter Marceliszen, 27 September 1672, register male members Bergen Dutch church

1673, Schepens appointed were Gerrit Gerrits van Wageningen, Thomas Fredericks, Elias Michielsen Vreeland and PIETER MARCELISSEN

1674, Schepens for the town of Bergen elected were Gerrit Gerritsen...PIETER MARCELLISON...IDE VAN VOORST

1677, PIETER MARCELLIS and others to be able to claim an estate if heirs in Germany did not come forth.


1680, August 1, buried, wife of PETER MERSELISZ..7th with the pall.
("The pall was owned by the church and those able to pay for its use could have their relatives or friends carried to the grave with it on the coffin.")

1682, "August 20...PIETER MERCELISSE acknowledges to have sold to his son in law Helmich Roeloffse his bouery, now ooupied by Gerrit Gerritse, junior, with house, barn and the outward garden, also the two lots with adjoining valley..."

1682, September 4, buried PIETER MERCELISZE 3rd in the church at Bergen, 15th with the pall.

1746, a document referring to land transferred to Harmon Merselis.. surveyed and laid out for PIETER MERSELIS, deceased, in Somerset County.
(Harmon was the son of Ide/Edo/Iden Marselis who was a son of Marcelis Pieterse. Harmon/Harman was the father of Peter and John Marselis/Marseilles and grandfather of Peter Hutchins Marsalis of Amite, MS.)

KNOWN children of Pieter Marcelisse/Marselis and Elizabeth are:
1. Jannetje Pieterse b. abt 1654 in Holland, m Helmigh/Helmich Roelofs Van Houten
2. Marcelis Pieterse b. abt 1656, Beest in Gelderland m May 11, 1681 Pieterje Van De Voorst
(Pieterse lived to be about 91 and died a wealthy man )
3. Neesje Pieterse, b. abt 1657 m May 11, 1681 Gerrit Gerritze

All of these children used the patronymic Pieterse.

"Others in Bergen records abt this time named Pieterse were Christian Pieterse, who married Treyntje Cornelis (possibly Van Voorst) and Paulus Pieters, who in 1671 owned land in Bergen adjoining Helmigh Roelofse"

An earlier historian said the fourth child was Hessel Pieterse. However facts indicate Hessel was a child of Pieter Hessels and Elysabeth Gerrits.

Christian is not a name in any future Marselis line but could be connected to the Van Voorst line.

In July 1737 an Antje Pieterse was buried. This name appears later.

Another possibility is the 4th child died after arrival.
Church records do not begin until 1664.

The children sometimes listed for Pieter and Elizabeth are often actually children of his son Marcelis Pieterse.

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