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Henry Drain of Mill Quarter, Grange of Ballyscullion

Henry Drain of Mill Quarter, Grange of Ballyscullion

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Surnames: Drain
Is anyone familiar with the above-referenced person? He would have been born around the 1830s and, if he's the person I think he is, he fathered John, born abt. 1866.

Additionally, I would be interested in any advice about resources available for researchers in this part of Co. Antrim.

Many thanks!

Re: Henry Drain of Mill Quarter, Grange of Ballyscullion

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We may be searching the same Drane/Drain family back to Northern Ireland. I have a copy of my great-great grandmother's obituary (1917), which lists her maiden name as Ann Drane, born in Belfast in 1842. Via, I have located my great-grandmother's (Rose Trolan) birth record stating she was born in 1873 in Magherafelt, Londonderry, Ireland to James Trolan and Anne Drain. At the same website, I have located the birth record for James and Anne Trolan's son John, also born in Magherafelt in 1866. I am just starting this search, but seem to be unable to find any info on parents to either James Trolan or Anne Drain. I'm thinking that your Henry Drain and my Anne Drain would be of the same generation. Do you have any info that may be a piece to the puzzle which could help either of us?

Re: Henry Drain of Mill Quarter, Grange of Ballyscullion

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Surnames: Drain

No, unfortunately, I don't have any additional information, but it's great to know that someone else is researching this family in this same area. I wouldn't be surprised if we are a generation or two away from linking our branches.

I was seeking information on Henry Drain in Mill Quarter because he is one of the leading candidates to be the father of my immigrant ancestor John Drain, b. abt. 1866 in "County Antrim". He emigrated to the U.S. about 1888 and unfortunately died in Chicago 6 years later at the age of 28. I don't have any information on his parents or his hometown. What I do have is a couple of vague clues. I know that John's oldest son (my great-grandfather) was named Henry. Given Irish patronymics -- as well as the fact that his second son was named after John's wife's father -- it is perhaps likely that John's father was named Henry. Looking through the Griffith's Valuation, I noticed a Henry Drain in Mill Quarter. I have yet to obtain any information on this Henry yet.

I also know that an "Eliza Drain" was witness to John wedding in Chicago in 1890 and a sponsor of one of his sons. I do not know if she was a sister, cousin or aunt. The marriage index of Cook County, Illinois, gives a number of Drain grooms during this period (Charles L. in 1894, Daniel in 1878, Joseph W. in 1890, Patrick "Draine" in 1891, and a bride: Charlotte in 1882). They also list some deaths (James in 1896, age 3; James O. in 1892, age 23; and my John).

The above Patrick and James O. could correspond to two sons mentioned by someone on the Drain rootsweb research list (Lorraine O'Connell: of John and Mary Gribben Drain of Castlequarter, Antrim. This couple does have a John, but he was born in 1871. (If you send me your e-mail, I can forward her entire message, where she lists a number of Drains born between 1861 and 1871...I'm sure she has additional information, as well...I just haven't known what to ask her next.)

There is a John Drain mentioned in a list of ship arrivals in 1888, coming from Larne and aged 24 (which is 2 years older than I would have expected).

I also know that John worked for his wife's uncle as a blacksmith/horseshoer.

The answers are in there somewhere and I'm glad to combine forces to find them. This has been one of my biggest brick walls to be sure.

Is your family still in Ireland or the U.K.? or did they emigrate, as well?

Thanks for responding, and I look forward to solving the puzzle.

Best regards, David

Re: Henry Drain of Mill Quarter, Grange of Ballyscullion

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Hi David, just been brousing and came across your Drains.
I too have a stumbling block of John Drain abt 1850, supposedly born in Pollockshaws, but can find no record of him. Anyway, his Father was a Henry mother Jane McClellan.
They had most of their children in Ireland [County Down] found some of their births and all of thier marriages, most of which took place in Glasgow. The above Henry's father was also a Henry and mother also a Jane Wilson or Watson. My point is I've got a few Drain going back to 1820, if you would like to email me some of your details I'll see if any link to mine.

Re: Henry Drain of Mill Quarter, Grange of Ballyscullion

David Drane (View posts)
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Surnames: Drain

Linda --

Unfortunately, I know precious liittle about my ancestor John Drain. He was born in Co. Antrim according to his death notice in a small, local Irish newspaper in Chicago. Death and Marriage certificates tell me he was born about 1865/6, arrived in Chicago about 1888, married in 1890 and died in 1894 at the age of 28. He worked for his wfie's uncle as a blacksmith and horseshoer. There was an "Eliza" Drain as a witness to his wedding and as a sponsor of his oldest son at his baptism.

There is a ship manifest that lists a John Drain leaving Larne about 1888, but the age is off by a few years.

Nothing I've seen, however, ties him to a specific town or to any parents or siblings.

There are some other Drains in Chicago about the same time he was there, who could very possibly be related: Charles, Patrick, Joseph, and Daniel.

The reason I'm thinking John's father might be a Henry is that John's oldest son was named Henry. Still perhaps following tradition, the second som Martin was named after his maternal grandfather.

Finally, there is a strong (but unconfirmed) notion in my family that the our name used to be "O'Drain". I've seen John's last name only written as Drain (and, occassionally, Draine). It was his son Henry who morphed the name into its current spelling.

My e-mail is

Best, David

Re: Henry Drain of Mill Quarter, Grange of Ballyscullion

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Re: Henry Drain of Mill Quarter, Grange of Ballyscullion

David Scott Drane (View posts)
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Surnames: Drain, Drane
Could it be that we have found a link?

Between you and Eileen, I feel that I'm/we're getting close.

I don't have the paternal name or place of birth for my John Drain, b. 1865/6, except for "County Antrim". My John also roomed with a John Drain upon a arriving in Chicago. My guess was that he was a close (perhaps 1st) cousin.

I've been focussing on "Henry" as a probable father's name, because my John's 1st-born son was named Henry, and that would seem to follow Irish patronymic tradition (especially conisdering I do know that the 2nd-born son was, indeed, named after John's wife's father).

Please feel free to write me directly at or at work at My Drain trail has been cold for about a year now!

Re: Henry Drain of Mill Quarter, Grange of Ballyscullion

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unfortunately, John Drain, Drane, is not a relation to the Trolans of James and Ann (Drane) Trolan. Ann Drane was an only child, and her father Drane is not within the era of birth for your John. I'll keep my eyes open.

Re: Henry Drain of Mill Quarter, Grange of Ballyscullion

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E-mail update: anyone wishing to contact me, please write

Re: Henry Drain of Mill Quarter, Grange of Ballyscullion

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Just noticed the name "Drain", as I Live in Co Down and I always associate it with Comber for some reason.
There are some Drain wills listed on the PRONI site, and the few I looked at were horse dealers. I think there was a blacksmith as well.
Not related to me, as far as I know.

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