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Look-up Request 1951 Fall River Directory - LALIBERTE or LIBERTY

Look-up Request 1951 Fall River Directory - LALIBERTE or LIBERTY

Posted: 1365904233000
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Ancestry has only a part of the 1951 Fall River City Directory in their databases; it starts with the letter "M". The surname I'm seeking begins with "L".

The entry I'm looking for is for Patrick J. and wife Frances M. LALIBERTE or LIBERTY.

Both surnames were used by Patrick & his wife although LALIBERTE was the official surname.

I'm hoping to find a death date for Patrick J. LALIBERTE or LIBERTY in the 1951 directory.

1950 - Patrick is in the directory although from the entry in the 1952 directory it appears he had died sometime in 1950. Info for the 1950 directory would have been collected in 1949. He is listed under LIBERTY, Patrick J (Frances M) bartender, h. 476 Bank.

1951 - Ancestry's Fall River directory starts with the letter "M" so is useless to me.

1952 - Frances M. is found under the surname LIBERTY and is listed as the widow of Patrick J. She's living at 476 Bank. No death date is given for Patrick in this directory meaning he didn't die during 1951 but before.

Can someone with access to the 1951 Fall River City Directory do a look-up under LIBERTY or if an entry for Patrick and Frances isn't found under Liberty, then under LALIBERTE so I may learn his death date?


Re: Look-up Request 1951 Fall River Directory - LALIBERTE or LIBERTY

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Surnames: Laliberte, Liberty
Although 1951 does not show names listed under the letter L is does have street listings and the name of the head of household. Patrick is listed as living at 476 Bank Street

Re: Look-up Request 1951 Fall River Directory - LALIBERTE or LIBERTY

Posted: 1365947019000
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Just a point of interet directory's so not alway's post the death date.

Re: Look-up Request 1951 Fall River Directory - LALIBERTE or LIBERTY

Posted: 1365949510000
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Good point.

Not all directories for all cities/towns would do this but still for those time periods too recent for censuses to be public and where the alternative of searching on line newspapers from the area or going to a local library for the area of interest & looking in person are not options, trying city directors is a viable research strategy.

I've encountered directories for other cities that didn't list any sort of death information. The person just ceased to be listed leaving one to wonder, "Did they die or did they move elsewhere?"

And, even within the directories that do list deaths, these death listings are sometimes a product of the time period within the city directories that one is looking.

I've encountered several variations:

- Directories that list deaths beginning in the late 1800's directories & keep doing it up into the 1960's
- Directories that only seemed to list deaths during a few decades usually 1920's - 1940's but earlier & later directories for the same city didn't carry any deaths
- And directories that didn't lists deaths in their 1800's versions but started the practice at various times in the 1900's and continued the practice through the later versions up into the late 1950's - early 1960's.

You may also be fortunate enough to encounter directories that actually tell you someone moved & where they moved to. Those entries usually say something along the lines of "rem to" followed by the name of another town within the state or name another state.

Sometimes, too, whether or not a directory for a particular city listed deaths or "rem to"s was a function of which company published the directory.

I've been lucky a couple of times with out of state moves in that the directory for the former city actually gave both the city/town and state the person had removed to.

These Fall River directories in the time I'm looking, mid 1940's - mid 1950's, were listing the individuals and then "died" followed by a date in the year preceding the directory I was looking at.

Thanks for replying and bringing up this important point.

Re: Look-up Request 1951 Fall River Directory - LALIBERTE or LIBERTY

Posted: 1365952707000
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Thanks for replying.

Yes, the street portion does list him as being there but then a lease for 1950 when the information was collected would have been under his name even if he died partway through the year.

I've encountered this in the past where the head of household is listed in the street section but in the names listing the person is entered as "died" with a death date.

And sometimes, with deaths that occurred late in the year, the person is still listed in the names section even though they're dead causing the "died" listing to be delayed to the following year.

This scenario, however, doesn't appear to be the case at least, with regard to Patrick having possibly died late in 1950 - too late to be listed as "died" in the 1951 directory delaying the "died" entry so that it didn't appear until the 1952 directory.

No delayed death entry is entered in the 1952 directory just the fact that Frances is Patrick's widow.

I still think Patrick died in 1950 before the information for the names section was collected but after the by street info was done.

I'm not certain how the information was collected for Fall River directories but from other entries in other cities, it appears that the information for the by name sections may have been collected in person by a team of canvassers going house to house.

In one instance in my research, I'm certain that for that city, the information for the section listing adult residents by name was collected in person.

In that instance, the 1880 city directory says the man died in May 1879 before but there is no death record anywhere, period. I've checked all possible sources - state archives, city archives, cemeteries & the parish this man lived in for a burial record. I started the search with the year his wife would have gotten pregnant with their last child up to 1880 when he's listed in the city directory as "died May 1879"; he's also not on the 1880 census. There's simply no record of his death anywhere.

So, in that instance the only way the publishers of the directory could have obtained the information that the man had died in May 1879 would have been from the wife. For the record, I'm now almost certain the man abandoned the family & went back to Ireland. He either permanently abandoned them or temporarily abandoned them with the intent of sending money back to them so they could eventually pay for passage back home, too. Which ever had happened, he was gone by 1880 and the wife/widow & children lived out their lives here in the US.

I've also encountered directories where, just as you found, the head of household was listed at the addy in the street section but in the section listing every adult individual, the person was listed as having died and a death date was given.

The biggest drawback to the directories by street is that in areas where the citizens were primarily renters, they didn't always stay put from year to year and the streets sections don't give death info so I'm not a big fan of directories that are only by street.

Given that Patrick LIBERTY aka LALIBERTE is in the 1950 directory in the section listing all the adult residents by name and given I don't know if he's in the by name section for 1951 and given that by 1952 Patrick's not there & there's no delayed death listed just the lisiting that his wife Frances M. was his widow, then I can only surmise that Patrick either died late in 1950 after the directory info for the street section of 1951 was collected but I can't say one way or the other as to whether he died late in 1950 or very early in 1951 before the 1951 directory info was vcollected because all I have to go on is the street listing and not the all important listings by name.

So, I still need someone in the Fall River area with access to the 1951 directory or someone with access to the 1951 directory on line via another source besides Ancestry to see if he's there in the listing of adult residents or if a death date is given.

Re: Look-up Request 1951 Fall River Directory - LALIBERTE or LIBERTY

Posted: 1366040785000
Classification: Query
Edited: 1366138191000
I suggest contacting the Fall River Public Library. I have used their online obituary index. I tried to load the individual years today but it wasn't cooperating. There is contact info on the web page and they will search their database and will pull the obituary for a very minimal fee.

Re: Look-up Request 1951 Fall River Directory - LALIBERTE or LIBERTY

Posted: 1366074901000
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Surnames: Laliberte
I found the date 5-26-51 for Patrick J Laliberte,in the Resources for Research/Obituary Index.

Re: Look-up Request 1951 Fall River Directory - LALIBERTE or LIBERTY

Posted: 1366170135000
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Edited: 1366259446000
Wonderful, That date indicates the obit publication date in the Fall River Herald. If mindfogs cannot get to the library, the library can be contacted and they will photocopy the entry for a small fee ... Great service.

Re: Look-up Request 1951 Fall River Directory - LALIBERTE or LIBERTY

Posted: 1366280455000
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georgest57 & mlinhares6081,

It's been abt. 3 yrs since I last got into anyone from Fall River. I'd TOTALLY forgotten that the FR Library had this obit index on their site.

Thanks for the look-up and for bringing that resource back onto my radar scope.

With an obit date of 26 May 1951, then my person probably died on the 24th or the 25th.

FR Library's fees look very reasonable. One of the reasons I don't often order an obit unless I'm really in the dark about descendants is because so many places now charge such a large fee per copy + a service charge.

Thanks again.

Re: Look-up Request 1951 Fall River Directory - ALL SET, THANKS

Posted: 1366280659000
Classification: Query
Edited: 1366389303000
I've got my information thanks to georgest57 & mlinhares6081; just leaving the original post for anyone in the future who might also start looking at this line.
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