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Francis Henry Mapes

Francis Henry Mapes

Posted: 1180547170000
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Surnames: Mapes, Kissinger
I am looking for Info about Francis Henry Mapes' parents. Francis was born in Indiana in 1901 he had 5 children: Harry, Francis, Constance, Grant, and Bill(All Born in Michgan).

He was estranged from his parents Ruben (Illinois, 1871) & Maude E. (Indiana, 1872) Mapes. Francis was married to Mary Elizabeth Kissinger (Pennsylvania 1901) and may have had a brother named Orval.

Re: Francis Henry Mapes

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Classification: Query
Hi Bornblonde37,
I will paste in below information that I have on Henry Francis. His lineage back to Thomas Mapes is included in the Mapes database. This information will be included in the next CD issued in Aug 2007. If you have any questions regarding the CD or the books that I have published on the Mapes family please let me know and I will send further information.
Joe Boyle
Family Group Sheet

Subject* Francis Henry Mapes (81316)[i]

Birth* 5 May 1901 Liberty, IN.

Marriage* __ ___ 1924 [ii]

Father* Reuben Mapes (81312) (b. circa 1873, d. 2 Jul 1941)

Mother* Maude Estelle Rans (81313) (b. 1871, d. 1926)


Spouse* Mary Elizabeth Kissinger (81323)

Birth* 6 May 1901 Girardsville, PA.[iii]

Death* 24 Dec 1957




Five Known Children


M Francis Jennings Mapes (81324)[iv]

Birth* 3 Dec 1924

Marriage* 5 Feb 1946 Ines Evelyn Mc Reynolds (81329) (b. 21 Aug 1927, )

Daughter: 29 Nov 1946 Sheryl Jean Mapes (81330); Pontiac, MI.

Daughter: 5 Nov 1955 Denise LeAnn Mapes (81331); Pontiac, MI.

Daughter: 18 May 1957 Gale Lee Mapes (81332); Pontiac, MI.


M Harry Eugene Mapes (81325)[v]

Birth* 23 Oct 1926

Marriage* 12 Aug 1949 Marjorie Arlene Lenius (81337) (b. 2 Mar 1927, )

Son: 7 Dec 1951 Tod Eugene Mapes (81338)

Son: 25 Jun 1953 Brooke Alan Mapes (81339)

Son: 30 Dec 1956 Jeffrey Lee Mapes (81340)

Daughter: 6 Feb 1962 Diedre Ann Mapes (81341)


M Wilfred Leroy Mapes (81326)[vi]

Name-Var: __ ___ ____ Bill Mapes[vii]

Birth* 8 Jan 1928 MI.[viii]

Death* 25 Jan 1990 San Francisco County, CA.[ix]


F Constance Elaine Mapes (81327)[x]

Birth* __ Apr 1936

Marriage* __ ___ ____ Morgan Collins III (81343)

Son: __ ___ ____ Morgan Collins IV (81344)

Daughter: __ ___ ____ Elaine Collins (81345)

Son: __ ___ ____ Leslie Collins (81346)

Daughter: __ ___ ____ Megan Collins (81347)


M Grant Ellsworth Mapes (81328)[xi]

Birth* 10 Apr 1941

Marriage* 28 Nov 1962 Barbara Jane Hanlon (81348)

Daughter: 6 Dec 1963 Denia Elizabeth Mapes (81349)

Divorce* __ ___ 1968 Barbara Jane Hanlon (81348)

Marriage* 8 Jul 1972 Sharon Roberta Lattimer (81350) (b. 2 Feb 1945)


Printed on: 30 May 2007

Prepared by:

Joseph Boyle III

71 Mary Ann Lane

Wyckoff, NJ 07481

201 444 0439


Re: Francis Henry Mapes

Posted: 1228795009000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Mapes
Franics H. Mapes was my grandfather. He only has to children left living, Constance and Grant. Constance lives in Yakima WA, Grant lives in Ohio. I am not sure of the town Grant lives in. My sister, Sheryl DeBolt can add more history. She lives in Holly, Mich.

Re: Francis Henry Mapes

Posted: 1228831459000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Mapes
I believe you have Mary's death incorrect. There is another date listed as:

Death: 2 FEB 1957 in Pontiac, Oakland County, Michigan

I have been told my Grandfather passed away first and that my Grandmother passed away a couple of months after his death.

Re: Francis Henry Mapes

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Classification: Query
I actually know both Grant and Connie, I am Harry's granddaughter. I am having trouble finding information about the lineage before Francis. If you have any info, that would help. Can you give me Sheryl's contact info?

Re: Francis Henry Mapes

Posted: 1228845763000
Classification: Query
I can't post her info on any public forum. If you look in the Holly directory or information, look under DeBolt, Louis.

I'm not sure that she would know of anyone beyond our grandparents but you can give it a try.

Connie should have some of the information. I doubt Butch would know much.

Other than Sher or Connie, I can't think of anyone else up there that would have any information.

I do recall someone mentioning Orville. Sher would know that, I think. :)

Re: Francis Henry Mapes

Posted: 1276943143000
Classification: Query
I have found a little more information on Orval. Dad was given his middle name,

Orval Jennings Mapes
Birth: Dec. 9, 1896
Death: Aug., 1973

Florence E. Mapes (1903 - 1950)

Westlawn Cemetery
North Liberty
St. Joseph County
Indiana, USA

Last Known Residence:
ORVAL MAPES 09 Dec 1896 Aug 1973
(Niles, Berrien, MI)

He is listed in:
U.S. World War II Draft Registration Cards, 1942

Name: Orval Jennings Mapes
Birth: date - city
Residence: city, Indiana

I also went through old photos, Ruben and Maude are on my facebook page, if you would like to see them:!/profile.php?id=100000037...

Re: Francis Henry Mapes

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Classification: Query
I have more information for you and some corrections. I also have the Ahnentafel of your great grandmother, Mary E. Kissinger.

1. Mary E.1 Kissinger was born on 17 May 1901 in Girardville, Schuylkill Co., PA. She died on 24 Dec 1957 in Pontiac, Oakland Co., MI, at age 56.

M Francis Jennings Mapes (81324)[iv]
DOD March 28, 1990 (My father)

M Wilfred Leroy Mapes (81326)[vi] is buried in Oakhill Cemetary, Pontiac, Michigan, County of Oakland. He is buried next to Francis H. and Mary E. Mapes.


Here is the Mapes information I have found for you, this was confirmed via telephone conversations with relatives and records on the internet.

Birth Date: 09 Dec 1896
Death Date: Aug 1973
Issuing State: IN
Residence at Death: NILES, BERRIEN, MI 49120
SSN: 312-03-6829

Orval's first wife was Florence Quigley, she died at the age of 47. Orval remarried, moved to Niles, Michigan. His 2nd wife's name was Ethel Sheets. When Orval passed away, he was buried next to Florence in IN.

Reuben and Maud Rans-Mapes had the following children:
Norman Gene Mapes Deceased
Edwin Ray (?) Mapes Deceased
Lois Elaine Mapes Deceased
Roy Dean Mapes (living)

This information comes from Rosamond J. Stickly-Mapes, Norman's wife.

Norman and Rosamond attended Uncle Harry's funeral. She had very little information on Reuben and Maud. She is sending photos of Orval and family members.

Re: Francis Henry Mapes

Posted: 1277560658000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Mapes
Reuben and Maude E Rans Mapes are not the parents of the 4 children listed previously. Maude had only 2 children according to the 1910 census and none of those children are listed in either the 1920 or 1930 census. I have only one of those children in the Mapes database and he is listed with no parents. That information comes from his wife's obituary.

Re: Francis Henry Mapes

Posted: 1277561482000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Mapes
I just discovered that those 4 children are those of Orval and Florence Mapes. The names are slightly different that's why I couldn't find them before.
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