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BROTHER ANDRE lineage and info

BROTHER ANDRE lineage and info

Rise' Roper (View posts)
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I am a cousin of Brother Andre'. My father's mother, Eglantine Bessette, was born in Quebec I believe. Her father Hypolite Bessette and wife Marie Carreau moved to Montana from there. I will search our family records and see if I come up with any information for you. My father has a vial of blessed oil that his mother brought from Brother Andre's shrine. He credits it with saving his life when he was young.

Brother Andre

Bruce Mitchell (View posts)
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Thank you for your offer to help find information for me. So far I have found out that Isaie Bessette was Agnes Bessette's father. He was Brother Andre's older brother, born 1937. His name on Agnes' death certificate is "Isaac", though, not Isaie. I guess they Anglicized the name. Please send me any information you might have though.
Bruce Mitchell

br Andre

Pierre Bessette (View posts)
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I have a direct line sheet of paper that has some dates on it...not too sure of the accuracy..maybe we need to compare.

Re: Brother Andre

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Hi Bruce, I just want to correct 1937, if you mean 1837, for Brother André was born on August 9, baptized on August 10, 1845. He was the 8th (?) of his family. His parents were ISAAC BESSETTE and CLOTILDE (or CLAUTILDE) FOISY. So, the oldest was born surely in the 182?, in Mont-St-Grégoire, Qc, Cda.

Isaie and Isaac is not the same first name.

As to the Agnès Bessette's father, maybe you're right, but if her father was Isaac, Agnès could be Brother André's sister.

Thanks for reading me.

Re: Brother Andre

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Hi Bruce, Yes, Brother André had a brother named ISAIE. When Alfred (Brother André) Bessette was born/baptized in 1845, Isaie was 8 years of age. He had other brothers: Léon, Joseph, Claude. Marie-Rosalie, her little sister, was less than two (2) in August 1845.

Clothilde-Josephte, the oldest, was dead (at the age of 3) since nine (9) years. But Alfred had another sister, Léocadie who was ten (10) years of age. Brother André (Alfred Bessette) was the 8th of his family.

Then, there were an Alphonsine (1847) and Marie-Joséphine (1849), two other sisters of Brother André.

ISAAC Valentin BESSET was the name of Brother André's father. ISAAC Valentin BESSET married on FEBRUARY 13, baptized on February 14, in MARIEVILLE (Ste-Marie). He married on September 27, 1831, in ST-MATHIAS, with Clothilde FOISY, daughter minor of Claude Foisy, baker, and of Ursule Barsalou, from the Marieville parish, but coming from Chambly. ISAAC (Brother André's father) was 24 and Clothilde, his spouse, was 17.

So, you were right. Brother André had a brother named Isaie BESSET.

Re: Brother Andre

Frorence Authier (View posts)
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Hi Bruce, I just found more info about ISAAC BESSETTE (son of Joseph & Angélique Laporte dit Saint-Georges) and CLOTHILDE FOISY (daughter of Claude & Ursule Barsalou) who married on SEPTEMBER 27, 1831, in ST-MATHIAS, Qc, Cda.

ISAAC BESSETTE (father of Blessed Brother André) was born on February 13, baptized on February 14, 1807, in MARIEVILLE (Ste-Marie de Monnoir), Qc, Cda. He died on February 20, buried on February 22, 1855, in Farnham, Qc, Cda.

CLOTHILDE was born, baptized in 1814, in CHAMBLY. Qc, Cda. She died on November 20, buried on November 22, 1857, in FARNHAM, Qc, Cda.

ISAAC (father) married Clothilde Foisy (born in 1814, baptized in CHAMBLY, Qc, Cda) on September 27, 1831, in ST-MATHIAS. He was 24 years old and his spouse was 17. CLOTHILDE's father was miller in CHAMBLY, Qc, Cda.

Clothilde's parents had 8 children: Emélie Foisy, Sophie, Ursule, François, Josephte, CLOTHILDE, Noel and Rosalie Foisy.

ISAAC BESSETTE and CLOTHILDE FOISY had the following children:

1. CLOTHILDE-JOSEPHTE Born on July 14 Baptized (?)
on July 15, 1833, in Marieville, Qc, Cda. She died in 1836 (3 years of age), in Marieville (?).

2. LÉOCADIE Born on May 12 Baptized 13 (?), 1835, in Marieville, too.

3. ISAIE (Isaac) Born on MARCH 20, 1837 Baptized (?), in Marieville (?).

4. LÉON Born (?) Baptized (?) 1838/1839 (?), in
ST-GRÉGOIRE (or Mont-St-Grégoire), Qc, Cda.

5. JOSEPH Born (?) Baptized (?) 1840 (?), in
St-Grégoire, Qc, Cda.

6. CLAUDE Born (?) Baptized (?) 1841 (?), in St-Grégoire. He was about 4 years of age when Alfred was born in 1845.

7. MARIE ROSALIE Born on October 5, Baptized on October 6 (?), 1843, in St-Grégoire.

8. ALFRED (Brother André) BORN on AUGUST 9, BAPTIZED on AUGUST 10, 1845, in ST-GRÉGOIRE, Qc, Cda. His father was carpenter.

9. MARIE ALPHONSINE Born on June 12, 1847, in St-Grégoire.

10. MARIE JOSÉPHINE Born on May 3rd, 1849, in ST-GRÉGOIRE.

11. MARIE CLOTHILDE Born on March 3, 1852 Baptized (?) on March 3/4 (?), 1852, in FARNHAM, Qc, Cda
She died on November 11, buried on November 12 or 13, 1852, in Farnham.

12. ELISA Born January 30, 1854, in Farnham, Qc, Cda. She died on October 18, 1863, buried on October 19/20 (?), 1863, in Farnham, Qc, Cda.

ISAAC BESSETTE and CLOTHILDE (his wife) moved in 1849 (autumn) with all their children in FARNHAM.

ISAAC'S father (Clothilde's husband), JOSEPH, married on August 8, 1803, in ST-Mathias, Qc, Cda, with ANGÉLIQUE LAPORTE dit SAINT-GEORGES. He was 24 years old and his spouse, 22. JOSEPH (Isaac's father) was born on MARCH 1st, 1779, baptized on March 2 (?), 1779, in ST-MATHIAS, Qc, Cda. He (Joseph) died on November 1st, buried on November 2 (?), in 1851, in ST-GRÉGOIRE, Qc, Cda. In 1845, he had 7 children alive out of 14 children.

ANGÉLIQUE ST-GEORGES (Isaac's mother) died in 1845 or 1844. JOSEPH (his father) married a third time on September 28, 1846, in Marieville, Qc, Cda, with MARGUERITE FRÉCHET (widow of Etienne Davignon).

JOSEPH (EUSÈBE) ( the eldest son) of JOSEPH BESSETTE (blacksmith) & ANGÉLIQUE ST-GEORGES, was born on June 16, baptized on June 16/17 (?), 1804, in MARIEVILLE, Qc, Cda. Joseph & Angélique had 13 children.

The 13 CHILDREN of JOSEPH Bessette and ANGÉLIQUE St-Georges are the following:

l. JOSEPH (Eusèbe) (1804) Baptized in MARIEVILLE

2. EDOUARD (1805) (?) Baptized in MARIEVILLE.

3. ISAAC Born on February 13, baptized on February 14, 1807, in MARIEVILLE (Ste-Marie de Monnoir), Qc, Cda

4. MARIE ELÉONORE Born in 1808 (?) She died on August 23, 1811, in St-Mathias (?), Qc. Cda

5. NOEL-MATHIAS Born on December 24 Baptized on December 25, 1809, in ST-MATHIAS, Qc, Cda.

6. ABRAHAM Born on June 23, 1811, in ST-MATHIAS. He died in 1853. He was single (?). He was teacher in ST-ALEXANDRE, Qc, Cda.

7. OSITHE Born in 1813 (?)

8. BASILE Born in 1814 (?)

9. BÉLONI (BÉNONI) Born in 1815 or 1816 (?)

10. FRANÇOIS-XAVIER Born in 1817 (?). He was teacher in Farnham, Qc, Cda. He married Marie Salomé Drouillet in 1853, in Farnham, Qc, Cda.

11. CLOVIS Born in 1818 (?). He died in 1819 (1 year).

12. ANASTASIE Born in 1819 (?).

13. CLOVIS # 2 Born in 1820. He was the first american of his family. He married Marie Many (of Manchester, New Hampshire, USA) in FARNHAM, Qc, Cda.

All that information is from a book written by Etienne Catta (1964) about BROTHER ANDRÉ.

If you need add. info, don't hesitate, e-mail me.
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