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Surnames: VANN
Looking for information on Edward & Mary Vann, son, Willie Franklin, b. 4-22-1852, m. Sarah ??. Children: Marry H.(Molly), b. 8-27-1874, Edward Decatur, b. 1-7-1880, Sarah Willie (Leila), b. 7-11-1881. Willie F. came to Texas after 1880. Do not know what county in Ala.


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Surnames: VANN
Hi there; I am also researching the VANN family line. Please e-mail me . I and my daughter have a lot of info. on the vanns. My origanated in S>C> then No. Ga. and end up in Texas. so give me what you are looking for and may be I can help some. Please share what you have too. OK? thanks KOZ.
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I will be sending you a note. Need James Vann in Texas and Mexico info.

This Vann family seems to relate according to location

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Vann's & Allied Families with Early 1800 Roots in 96th District South Carolina

Our Vann Heritage
William J. VANN was born in 1828 in South Carolina. He appears on a 1850 Pickens District census. He appears on the 1860 Forsythe County Georgia Census. He died between 1861 & 1865.

He was married to Mahala HEMBREE (Daughter of John HEMBREE & Anna HEATON). Mahala was born on the 24th of May 1824, in South Carolina. She appears with husband on the 1850 Pickens District South Carolina Census. She appears with husband on the 1860 Forsythe County Georgia Census. She appears on the 1866 Marshal County Alabama Census. She appears on the 1870 Marshal County Alabama Census. She appears on the 1880 Marshal County Alabama Census. She died on the 17th of May 1888 in Marshal County Alabama. She is Burried at the Red Apple Cemetary Marshal County Alabama. (Westley Chapel Methodist since 1936)

William J. VANN & Mahala HEMBREE had the following children.

John Newton Vann
William Jasper Vann
Mary Lou "Aunt Sis" Vann
Susan Vann
Alfred Lawrence Vann * Photo above with wife Vina Ann (Maiden Name Gregory)

William J. Vann Parantage ?
Research continues in a effort to identitfy William J. Vanns Parantage.

Here is the popular rank and speculation on the ancestry of WILLIAM J. VANN. I believe his father was a JOHN VANN who lived in Pendleton/Pickens and his mother was named Susan. I think this JOHN VANN's father was a WILLIAM VANN who appears in the Pendleton Co. court records and I think in the 1790 census of Pendleton. WILLIAM VANN's wife was MARTHA (last name unknown). She became a widow at an early age and has several land transaction in Pendleton; WILLIAM VANN's father may have been the JOHN VANN who entered land in the area in the 1750s.
South Carolina
Pendleton District
By John Harris Esquire, Ordinary

Whereas James Powers presented to me the will of Martha Vann for probating & informing me that the executors appointed in said will would not qualify & he hath made suit to me to grant him letters of administration of the estate and effects of the said MARTHA VANN Dec'd with her will affixed

These are therefore to cite and admonish all and singular the kindred and creditors of the said Martha Vann deceased, that they be and appear before me in the Court of Ordinary, to be held at my house on Friday next after publication hereof, to show good cause, if any they have, why the said administration should not be granted.
Given under my hand and seal this the 25th day of October in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred & 20 ------- and in the 45th year of American Independence.
John HARRIS, Esq. Ordinary Pend Dist

Published on the fifth day of November 1820 at Lebanon Martin's house by JAMES HEMBREE A. N.

I have seen Mention of that Martha Vann living in that area I believe a have a copy of will not original however...I remember she only had daughters and she died before William Vann's Birth. Found at Greenville S.C. Library....

Martha Vann's packet (containing will and other papers) on microfilm at the Greenville library. The Hembree notation was on another paper included in her estate packet. It was at the bottom of the citation printed for the public because Moody Burt didn't wish to be an executor of her will, and then from what I could make out on another paper, Jacob C. Griffin backed out as well and left it to her son in law, James Powers.
As for her having only daughters, that is not true. Anyone who has somewhat looked at her info feels she is the widow of WILLIAM VANN, who can be found on the 1790 Pendleton Dist SC census. I feel she is too. I haven't had a chance to go through and read all land deeds/transactions, but he is listed as buying land in some of the older Pendleton deeds (1790-1800).
Then, we don't see him on the 1800 census, and she is mentioned in a deed in 1800 as Widow VANN.... and she is shown in various deeds and papers owning quite a bit of acreage on 26 mile creek. I mean, goodness.... I have four deeds found recorded where she sold 200 acres in 1800, then 102 in 1806, 100 in 1814, 199 in 1816 for a grand total of 601 acres, and that is not including the land she didn't sell that is listed in her will.
If WILLIAM is her husband, which I am sure he is: in 1790, they had 1 free male 16 and up including heads of families (which I am sure is William), then 3 free white males under 16. In 1800, he is gone - and for that year she is listed with 1 male under 10. Obviously the other two from the earlier census must have been old enough to move out on their own by now, and did. Question is: where did they go? I bet the same as what my ancestors did as young males, they were living in another household as farm laborers (sharecroppers). And as such, they are not considered head of household and don't get listed.
It is my opinion that the VANN families in Darlington Co., SC are kin to our branch but not a direct link. Darlington seems to be out of the area of Cherokee Indian influence. I have looked at all the early Census reports for VANNs in SC and it appears to me that the 1840 census is missing all of the VANNs who were there in 1830 census and before. They may have been skipped for various reasons: inadvertant, because they were in an indian border area, because they were "mixed blood", etc. If you look at the census records for Pendleton/Pickens for the years 1790 through 1830 and in 1850, you will find VANNs.

The 1820 Census of Pendleton lists MARTHA (the same year she died) and other VANN families some of which may be the sons of she and WILLIAM? VANN. My hunch is that our ancestor is JOHN VANN (see my earlier email). He is listed in 1820 as 26-45 years old. Prob. spouse is 16-26, so he is likely closer to 26 than to 45. They have no sons and two daughters under 10. Remember that our William J. VANN was born in 1828, and named his oldest son JOHN NEWTON VANN (perhaps after his father as was a very common practice at the time).
1820 census of Pendleton Co., SC

V500 VANN David M-033 120 191 110010-00100 No Twp. Listed
V500 VANN Elisabeth M-033 120 222 110000 20011 No Twp. Listed
V500 VANN Jarus M-033 120 211 000101 11110 No Twp. Listed
V500 VANN John M-033 120 218 000010 20100 No Twp. Listed
V500 VANN Martha M-033 120 197 000100 01101 No Twp. Listed
I guess it depends on exactly how old she was and what one considers an 'early age'. However, I have a pretty good idea when her husband died - but not her age. I made it back to the library this evening to look at land records listed for Martha Vann. I could not read the transactions very well that took place in 1800 and 1806, so I moved on to 1814. In 1814, she is selling 100 acres more or less to James Bowen, her son in law, for ten dollars and love and affection. What got my attention is the fact that she mentions that the 100 acres is part of the 900 acres where she resides. With an amount like that, considering she has sold about 300 or so (at least what is recorded) already, I was ready to look at the older ones. After blowing up the 1800 transaction, I found that she was selling 200 acres which was originally a tract granted to her by the governor of SC at that time. Which means, her husband served in the Revoluntionary War.
In Bounty land grants for SC, a William Vann receiving a land grant in 1791, then Martha Vann is found receiving two grants in 1795. As for the grants, no details were given on where William's land was. I will have to go to the state archives in Columbia if I wish to view the individual grants.
There were only two indexes, and one only mentions her receiving one grant in 1795.. and no others at all for anyone w/the surname of Vann or Van. The second index mentioning only one grant in 1795, states she received 200 acres.. obviously the 200 she was selling in 1800. I am not clear on what the laws were concerning land grants in SC. I am looking into it because I am curious to know whether or not the male had to serve through SC or if he could serve for any state and then receive land in SC. A quick glance through Revolutionary War listings only showed a William Van, that could also be listed as William Vaughn (actually what the book said), that served as a private in 1st NJ regiment. I just don't think this is the same one.

RIDDLES GENEALOGYIn the absence of bible, deed, or marriage recordf to the contrary, I believe the fol/owingdocumentation proves "beyond a reasonable doubt" that Richard Riddle(s) was the son ofThomas Riddel who lived in Pendleton District, S. C. in 1800. It shows also that Thomas mayhave been related in some manner to John and Ann Ridgdel/, early pioneers of Newberry County,S.C.The will of William Heaton (reference A) suggests several key relationships: ThomasRiddel, Mark Pitts, and James Heaton are witnesses, while James Hembree is named anexecutor. It is a well-known fact that pioneer families tended to form very strong bonds withother families based upon friendship, trust, and intennarriage. It is also known that during theiralmost constant migration in search of new land and opportlmity "clan" families tended to moveas one - or they sought each other out - when relocating to another region or area. This is exactlywhat is found regarding these families. References C, D, E, and F show a Benjamin Heaton by1769 (note that William in the will leaves to a son named Benjamin), Moses Embree by 1771,and John Ridgdell by 1769, each living in Newberry County between the Broad and Saluda riverson Bush Creek. This is either a monstrous coincidence, or these appear to be members of thesame Bush Creek families (spelling aside) found mentioned in this will 30 years later. MarkPitts and David Emory (Hembree) are even found in Newberry before 1777 (reference H).A Riddel and Hembree connection is substantiated by reference B that shows ThomasRiddles and Amariah Hembree as heirs of Richard Minton in a Union District, S.C. (whichencompassed Newberry County) land transaction in 1811 (note that William Heaton signs as awitness). Also mentioned is Esther Minton, who appears to be the widow of Mr. Minton. Aclose relationship between Thomas Riddels and the Mintons is further suggested by the 1800Pendleton Co., S.C. census which shows family #449 Hester Minton living next to family #447Thomas Riddle (reference J).John McCutchen was granted 135 acres of land on Gilders Creek in Newberry County in1784 - shortly after the war. He is found still living in this part of Newberry between the Broadand Saluda rivers in 1787 when he witnessed a deed (references G). Since it is known from thebirth of their first child ca 1784 that John married Ann Woodall by 1783/4, her father JohnWoodall should have lived close by. Indeed this is substantiated by references N and 0, whichshow that her father John and a William Woodall (kin - but exact relationship not yet established)both owned land between the Broad and Saluda rivers near Gilders Creek in Newberry. John andAnn moved on to Pendleton District and are enumerated there on the 1790 census as JohnMcKutchen, living near James and David Hembree and Mark Pitts (reference I). By the timeof the 1800 Pendleton census the extended Woodall family had moved there as well (references J,K, L, M). Enumerated living between 23 Mile and 26 Mile Creeks next to family #451 JohnWoodal, the son of William (references 0 and P), and family #452 (Martha Vann), was ThomasRiddle.Richard Riddle(s) married Celia McCutchen, daughter of John and Ann WoodallMcCutchen, ca 1805 in Pendleton District. The flfSt mention of Richard is in a 10 Sept. 1805deed he witnessed for his father-in-law John McCutchen (reference Q). Martha Vann, a neighborwho bordered John's land, was the same Martha Vann who lived by Thomas Riddle in 1800.Since there are no prior references to Richard in Pendleton, it is reasonable to assume he hadrecently turned 21 and that signing as witness on the 1805 deed was the flfSt exercise ofms new
Page 2
legal standing. Unless an orphan, it is likewise reasonable to assume this newly wed young man,just assuming his place in the community, would not have been far removed from his parents.Since John McCutchen and Thomas Riddle are shown to be neighbors - both living innear proximity to Widow Vann - I believe there is little doubt that Richard is one of the two 10 to16 year old males enumerated in Thomas' household on the 1800 census. Thomas not only livednear the McCutchen and Woodall families, but he closely associated with families - the Heatonsand Hembrees - that seemed to form a common thread between them all. For example, of thesons of William Heaton mentioned in the 1799 will witnessed by Thomas, the 1800 census foundSmith Heaton living between John Woodall Jr. and John McCutchen (reference K) whileThomas, Benjamin, and James Heaton were neighbors of Joseph Woodall (reference L) the sonof William Woodall.Prepared by Richard L. McCutchen, April 01, 2001NOTE: It would appear that Thomas Riddel of Pendleton and John Ridgdell of Newberry arerelated in some manner since they are both shown living near or interacting with the samefamilies in both counties. A William Powell Riddle is also found in Newberry County by 1787.He lived on Cannons Creek, which was very near to Bush Creek and John Ridgdell. William,who lived in Augusta County, V A before removing to Newberry, was a son of a William Riddlewho died in Orange County, NC in 1771. This William of Orange County also left a slave to adaughter named Jennet Shepard (sic) of Newberry County. A Thomas Riddle - much too old tohave been the Thomas of Pendleton County - was also living in Orange County around the timeof William's death as he signed a Regulator advertisement there in 1768.Were all these people members of the same extended family? Much additional researchis needed but it is a possibility. Too much emphasis should not be placed on the spelling of thename either. Because of the influx of German and Swiss immigrantsio the Newberry area priorto the Revolutionary War, the region was known as the "Dutch Fork". Since JPs or justices werethemselves of Germanic descent or were familiar with the Germanic language, their records ofdeeds, wills, etc. used "old world"spellings. Conversely those Germanicfamilies who lived inpredominantly Scots-Irish regions i.e. Augusta Co., or Orange Co. had their names Anglicized asclerks, JPs or justices phonetically spelled their names.
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REFERENCES:A: Pendleton District and Anderson Co., SC Wills, Estates, and Legal Records compiledby: Alexander, Elliot & Willie, p. 24: Will of William Heaton (Will Book C, pg. 174-176), WifeEsther, Youngest son, James. Son Salathal, Son Thomas A., dau. Mary, dau. Sary and sonBenjamin Heaton to have 1 English shilling... son William. Son Smith., Son, Joseph.. Dau.Anna Heaton, Executors: Wife, Esther and James Hembree*. Dated 11 Jan 1799.Wit: Thomas Riddel* <signed> William HeatonMark (X) PittsJames HeatonProven June term 1799*(Thomas Riddles Sr., Thomas Riddles Jr., Smith Heaton, Joseph Heaton, and David Hembreeare listed as buyers at the 4 Apri11806 estate sale of John Woodall Sr.).B: p...11.Q Heirs ... Heirs of Richard Minton (Book K, pg. 246-247) dec'd to JosephMinton, tract in Union District, SC on waters of Padgett's Creek... conveyed to Richard Minton,1786 ." Dated 22 Nov 1811. Signed by Esther Minton, Zopher Tanner, Thomas Riddels, SamuelMorris, Richard Minton, Amariah Hembree, all of Pendleton District.Wit: Wm. HeatonAmariah HembreeRec: 21 Apr 1814C: Newberry Co.. SC Deed Bk. A. pg. 422-424 ... 5 & 6 Dec 1787. Moses Embree ofWashington Co.. NC. planter. to Henry Steedharn of Newberry Co.. SC ... 150 acres on southside Bush River. .. conveyed to Moses Embree 9 Mar 1771 ... SO acres. .. adjacent... Moses EmbreeI JamesHogg..D: Deed Bk. A, pg. 450-452 ... 7 & 8 Oct 1771, James Daughterty ...SO acres ... in Berkley Co., on waters of Bush River adjacent Jolm RidgdallE: Deed Bk. A, Pi. 586-589 ... 100 acres in the fork between Broad & Saludy Riverswaters of Bush Creek. granted to Benj. Heaton 5 July 1769.F: Deed Bk. A, pg. 868-871 ...29 & 30 Oct 1785, John Ridgdell of Long Cain in Districtof 96, shoemaker, and Ann his wife, to Jos. Coppock of Bush River. .. 400 acres granted 22 Mar1769 to John Ridgedel on a small branch of Saludy River called Bush Creek.
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G: Deed Bk. A, pg. 288-290 ... 16 & 17 Mar 1772, James Proctor of Berkley County..100 acres in the fork between Broad and Saludy River on a small branch of Patterson's Creek, afork of Indian Creek. . .Wit: ... Martha BoyesDeed Bk. A. pg. 269: 3 Mar 1787, Samuel Proctor... to Micajah Bennett of NewberryCounty ... 100 acres on both sides Patterson's Creek, a branch of Indian Creek, Wit: W.Wadlington, John McCutchen ...... pg. 841-845...24 & 25 Aug 1777, William Dudgeon ... to Johnon Water of Little River, adj. David Emory. .. Robert Goudy. .. Wit.H: Deed Bk. AVaughn ... 200 acres..Mark PittsI: 1790 Pendleton Dist Census0' David Hemree, James Hen1brey, and Mark Pitts listed as near neighbors of JohnMcKutchen.J: 1800 Pendleton Dist. CensusFamily #447 Thomas Riddle (w/2 males 10-16)Family #449 Hester MintonFamily #451 John Woodal (Son ofWm.)Family #452 Martha VannK: Family #34 John Woodall Jr. (Ann's brother)Family #35 Drury PnrittFamily #42 Smith HeatonFamily #54 John McCutchenL: Family #158 Phoebe CobbFamily #159 David PnrittFamily #160 Joseph Woodal (son ofWm.) (If>45 {his mother})Family #161 Michael PnrittFamily #162 Stephen PnrittFamily #166 J~ BUITe11Family #169 Thomas HeatonFamily #171 Benjamin HeatonFamily #174 James HeatonFamily #189 Jane (Widow) TilleyFamily #191 Thomas BurressFamily #192 Joshua BurressFamily #193 Stephen HerrinFamily #194 David DickeyM: Family #480 Michael PruittFamily #485 John HoggFamily #486 George HoggFamily #487 John Woodal Sr. (Ann's father)
Page 5
Family #488 John HillhouseFamily #490 John HoustonN: Deed Bk. C, pg. 459-464 ... 1& 2 Apr 1793, John Woodall Sr., planter, of PendletonCo., SC to James Wilson of Newberry Co., for LIOO Sterling, 150 acres in the fork of Broad andSaluda Rivers on a small branch of Enonee called Kings Creek. .. adj. John Brown, ThomasMorgan, Charles King, Simon Reeder... Wits: Penington King, John Yeargan, Josiah Elliott, ...Recorded 26 Sep 1795.0: Deed Bk. A, pg. 628-629 ... William Woodall do give and bequeath to my two sonsJohn Woodall and Joseph Woodall, tract on which they now live, branch on the south side ofGuilder Creek called Starks Branch to be divided between them when they are both of age, onlythey are not to make sale of s' d land during their mother's life, dated 28 Oct 1788, Wm.Woodall, Wit.: Jean Dennis, Margret Noland.P: Deed Bk. D, pg. 623-624: 22 Aug 1798, John Woodall and Joseph Woodall ofPendleton County, SC three and twenty mile creek, to Robert McAlees ... tract on waters ofGilders Creek, granted to William Woodall 31 Aug 1774 ... John Woodall (seal), HannahHobson, Joseph Woodall, ADney Woodall, Wit: Joseph Caldwell, Joseph Elliott, John Bonnen.Q: Pendleton Deeds, pg. 405. .. John McCutchen bound to Richard Gray for $20 for 100acres, part of 177 acres surveyed for McCutchen 10 June 1805 bd. By Robert Scott, WilliamLewis, Martha Vann, Robert O. Burls, -10-1805. Wits: Richard Riddel, John Gentry... Anne(X) McCutchen ... released dower ... 23 Sep 1805.References: A& B from Pendleton District and Anderson Co.. SC Wdls. Estates and Lef!alRecords compiled by Alexander, Elliott, & Willie.Reference: I from 1790 Pendleton District, SC CensusReferences: J, K, L, M from 1800 Pendleton District, SC CensusReference: Qfrom Pendleton District. S.C. Deeds 1790-1806 Compiled by Betty WillieRemainder of references from various Newberry Co., SC deed books as indicated.

In the name of God, Amen. I, James Hembree, Minister of the Gospel in Anderson District, SC being now in good health and of a sound disposing mind and memory and knowing that my earthly house of this labor made must be dissolved, that mortality may be swallowed up of life and to be ever with the Lord, I do make and ordain this, my last will and testament.

First--If my wife should be the longest liver my will is that my whole estate, real and personal, without exception, remain with her for her support enduring her natural life and at her death to be disposed of in the following manner. My will is that my black woman, Peggy, and her son, Grief Presley, have the liberty to choose their master, and that one of the executors gives them a pass for five days, to look out a person of their choice and as Peggy is near forty seven years old and is not very sound and Grief will be twelve years old on the 25th of August, next, I value them myself - the purchaser to give six hundred dollars or have them valued, the purchaser to have the same credit and terms as those who buy at my public sale - the money to be paid over to my executors as part of my estate, the ballance [sic] of my whole estate to be sold to the highest bidder consisting of two hundred acres of land, less or more, whereon I now live. Stock-horses, cows, hogs and sheep, household and kitchen furniture, plantation tools and every article I may possess - and as for Peggys household and kitchen furniture that don't belong to my estate, I have no claim to anything in her house, except the cotton wheel and cards and old table and now for the division.

Four of my children has been advanced above the rest - John and James Hembree, Winney Heaton and Polley Bowen. I have gave land to these four, therefore I bequeath to my son, Amariah Hembree, one hundred dollars and to Job Rainwater who married my daughter - Didama, one hundred dollars and to Daniel Gentry, who married my daughter Mahala, one hundred dollars. I also bequeath to William Heaton, who married my daughter - Hephzibah, five dollars and to his daughter, Betsy Lavinia, my grand-daughter - twenty dollars and for my beloved daughter Sally Day - she lives far off in Texas, I therefore bequeath unto her one dollar. When these bequeaths of three hundred and twenty six dollars are counted out with all the lawful expenses,the ballance of my estate to be equally divided amongst my three sons and four daughters(viz) Amariah Hembree, John Hembree and James Hembree, Winney Heaton, Didama Rainwater, Mahala Gentry and Polley Bowen and lastly, I do nominate and appoint my two sons John and James Hembree, executors of this, my last will and testament and as my wife is not capable of trading and doing business for herself, I appoint my son, James,guardian for his mother and I authorize him to sell any part of the stock or household furniture for her support as needed and I do hereby revoke amd make void all other testaments and executors by me in any wise before named, willed or bequeathed testifying and confirming this and no other to be my last will and testament in witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal the fifth day of May in the year of our Lord, One Thousand Eight Hundred and Forty Seven.

Signed,sealed and pronounced by the said, James Hembree to be his last will and testament in the presence of each other, have hereunto subscribed our names.
Jno. C. Griffin, James Hembree, S. D. Gailand, J. T. Whitefield

Personally appeared John C. Griffin and made oath the he did see James Hembree, Senr sign the above and foregoing as and for his last will and testament and state at the time of his signing the same,he believed he was of sound and disposing mind, memory and understanding and that C. D. Gailland and J. T. Whitefield, with his understanding, witness the same, and that they all signed in the presence of the testator and of each other. Sworn to and subscribed before me the 20th day of August 1849.
Jno C.Griffin

I Herbert Hammond, Ordinary of the district, aforesaid do hereby certify that the last will and testament of James Hembree, Senr, deceased, was admitted to probate in common form, on the oath of John C. Griffin, one of the witnesses to the same on this 20th day of August 1840 and that on the same day James Hembree qualified as executor of the same.
Given under my hand and seal this 20th day of August 1849
Herbert Hammond [Seal]

Transcribed and contributed by Glidie Rainwater Mobley

State of Georgia Forsyth County

We the following Brethren Baptist Ministers Viz: A. Webb, Silas King, L. J. Hudson, and Job Rainwater having attended at Brother R. Phillips in compliance with a request in order to examine the expediency and aid in the constitution of a Baptist church in this settlement formed ourselves into a presbytery calling into our aid Deacons J. Ledbetter, R. Foster, J. Barker, A. Phillips, and A. Hembree and after organizing ourselves into a presbytery and making Brother A. Webb our speaker and Bro. A. Bates our Clerk, proceed by calling for their constitution and abstracts of Principles, both which they presented, and having examined both to our satisfaction, proceeded to constitute them by the name of Haw Creek Baptist Church of Christ. Bro. A. Webb pronounced them a church possessing all the ecclesiastical powers as such. Bro. Silas King made the constitutional prayer, Rev. L. J. Hudson gave charge and Rev. Job Rainwater the right hand of the fellowship.

Anthony Bates, Clerk

Rev. A. Webb Rev.L.J.Hudson Rev. Silas King
Rev. Job Rainwater

J. Ledbetter A.Phillips Ransom Foster
A. Hembree J. Barker

Charter Members

William Blackstone Hannah Blackstone Alsey Wright Clinton Vaughan
William Vaughan Asa Vaughan Willis Vaughan Louisa Russell
Healin Phillips Deliah Phillips Richard Phillips Hannah Vaughan
Delilah Vaughan Perthane Phillips

On February 1851 the membership considered the proposition of moving the church site from its location across the road from the cemetery to the forks of the road north of Thomas Brannon’s home on land lot 516-2-1 (This is just west of Dave’s Creek Baptist Church at the intersection of Old Atlanta Rd. and Brannon Rd.) and appointed Wm. Blackstock, Young P. Pool, Richard Blackstock and James C. Blackstock a committee to procure the land, and draft a house, arrange a plan on which it should be built and to take subscription for the building fund and superintend the building.

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