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Geo. Washington, Daniel Boone, Rev. War

Geo. Washington, Daniel Boone, Rev. War

Ray Burris (View posts)
Posted: 982419419000
Many of you may not be aware that John Burris has been verified by DAR
as having served in Rev.War, French & Indian
wars ,and I have reference to Daniel Boone in
the Genealogical archives at Salt Lake City,
I have since lost my notes on this ref. but it was
instructions to read from a book on the boone
family history. I had loaned notes to the late
Howard Burris of Beaumont,Tx and he passed away
before they were returned. If anyone knows the
location of these notes, I would appreciate having at
least copies as the footnotes have meaning that only
I can decipher.


Posted: 982555632000
Edited: 994378574000
Ray, Did the John Burris you are referring to, have a descendant named Stinson? Stinson was one of the founders of Matamoras, OH. There are some newspaper articles that refer to John

Stinson Burris

Ray Burris (View posts)
Posted: 982576293000
I don't recall seeing a Stinson Listed but that does not mean he is not connected
it would be interesting to see those articles.
I checked the index in this Burris book and there is no mention of Stinson there, but of course I find names
through out the books contents that fail to show up in index.


Susan (View posts)
Posted: 982919193000
Hi Ray,
Long time, no post. Do you have the DAR for John if so can you mail me a copy? If not then can you tell me how to go about finding it. Also, the Daniel Boone connection is thru Rebeckah's marriage to Robert Sumner.That trail is very well documented. If you need a couple of sites with that, I'll look them up and email them. One other thing, I have many documents that date back but can't find John's birth in Virginia do you have any of that information.
Take Care,
PS Hows that Grandbaby?

DAR Confirmations

Ray (View posts)
Posted: 982979258000
My 1st cousin David and (Father)Uncle
David Paul Burris are members of SAR
(Sons Of the American Rev.)They have
been after me to join for some time now,
seems I never have the money or time
together to do it.I have copies of their Apps.
to guide me thru the process. David wears
the Badge for having ancestors in the French
& Indian War (very Rare)on his Uniform at meetings.
He would be the one to contact for all the documentation.
His email is, he is a real historian
on this period and once you get him started
he is like a talking book.

Daniel Boone/Rebecca - Ida Mae

Kathy Burris (View posts)
Posted: 983264023000
Hi Guys, This is my connection that I have been looking for. I have information coming in on the Boone Message Board. Ida Mae Bryan my Grandmother is direct connect to Rebecca Bryan Boone, but with me just getting basically started in my search I need help. This is the William Thomas Burris and Ida Mae Bryan Burris, my grandparents. Any help out there is most certainly appreciated. KB


Posted: 983420971000
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Ray give me your e-mail address, and I will send you what I have on Stinson when I can get it together.

Stinson Burris

Ray Burris (View posts)
Posted: 983463113000
Thanks Carol, I see Stinson's Father was named John
I am very interested in this family info.
You can email me at

Can you give birth date on John if you have it

Interesting Cousin Ray!

Posted: 991712858000
Edited: 993942336000
Is that membership in SAR thru our original John Burris? I can already join DAR (if I can so desire and document) thru another ancestor (another family branch on my mother's side of the family). . .but it would be rather interesting to hear more from you on this. Based on this other rev. war ancestor, I've sent away for a DAR membership application and etc. (and also the last app. on file for someone applying for membership thru same ancestor), as well as a subscription to the DAR Magazine. It's been a few weeks to a month at least - but I haven't received anything from them yet.



The SAR membership

Ray Burris (View posts)
Posted: 991733853000
Yes to the question " Was that membership thru our
John Burris " B.1738. I think both David Burris (David Burris) and his father
(my uncle) Paul Burris are members. I think it
would be best to get the details from David,
Just tell him I said he was most helpful in
the proceedures to get app. filed.
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