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death of a passenger

death of a passenger

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can anyone steer me in the right direction? how do i find out the name of a child (travelling with his mother and sisters) who supposedly died during the passage to usa. mother and sibs came thru ok, but allegedly the brother died and now no-one can remember his first name...
thanks a bunch

Re: death of a passenger

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Did you find the manifest with the mother & siblings yet?? On most manifests, listed either towards the front or the back will be a list of everyone that was either held over at Ellis Island or had died on board. If you need help finding it, give me the details on the ship & I'll see if I can help you out. If you haven't found the original manifest yet, post their name/ages, dates, etc & we'll see what we can do.


Re: death of a passenger

julia penan (View posts)
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thanks for the hint, but i'm not sure how to get to the info i need. here is what i have: michla dinnerstein (mom) travelling with rochla and leibe. arriving nyc 10 jul 1921 on ss the lapland. if you can help me out i'd be tremendously grateful.

Re: death of a passenger

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Deaths of passengers are noted in the ships manifest (passenger list)

Sometimes the death is noted beside the name - with a date and sometimes a cause.

Sometimes the deaths are all recorded at the end of the passenger list.

To find a death, you need to get the passenger list and go through it carefully.

See and scroll down to the link to "Abby Land 20 Dec. 1850 Liverpool to New York "

You can look at the images online and see how the deaths were recorded on that voyage, as an example.

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Re: death of a passenger

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You can get this passenger list on microfilm if you
found it online. Both NARA & LDS have films with the New
York passenger lists.

Ships are on the reels in order of date of arrival, so all
you need to do is find the film number that has your
arrival date on it. Then order it in to a nearby Family
History Centre, or request a lookup from NARA.

When you get the film, scroll through to find your date
if your ship isn't there, be sure to check more thoroughly
on the film - the lists aren't always exactly in
chronological order.

For a complete list of film numbers for ships (and
passenger lists) going to New York after 1820, see

Or you could do it an easier way, and search the Online
Ellis Island database! It covers 1921. In fact, I took a
quick look (using the search engine) and found what appears
to be your Michla and family

Name /Residence /Arrived /Age
1 Dinnerstein,Leibe Osmialne, Poland 1921 9
2 Dinnerstein,Michla Osmialne, Poland 1921 40
3 Dinnerstein,Morris 1921 27
4 Dinnerstein,Rochla Osmialne, Poland 1921 12

You can view the manifest online for more details. I took a quick look (but you should look for yourself) and there are only the 2 children, Rochla and Leibe - the family is going to Michla's husband, Wolf, address given as 133/35 Grinnel St, New Bedford, Mass. There's a lot of physical description (height etc) given and more so have a look for yourself.

Lorine McGinnis Schulze
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Re: death of a passenger

Dell (View posts)
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The manifest was prepared at the port of departure, therefore all passengers booked and traveling were listed. Some passengers did not make the sailing (for one reason or another), therefore you will find their name on the manifest with a line through it. On the page for the Dinnerstein's there are four names "crossed" out and if you scroll down to the bottom of the page you will see the officer indicates there are 26 passengers (of the 30 listed, 4 were crossed out).

On a manifest I researched a few years ago, found the family's name crossed out but then they were listed on another ship just a week or two later. They were detained because of a child's illness.

If the child had boarded the ship with his mother and siblings, his name would have been on the manifest. If he died during the crossing, his name would have been crossed out. At the back of the manifest there would have been an explanation of passengers who became ill or died.

The 1921 manifest lists Michla (age 40), Rochla (age 12) and Leibe (age 9) all going to their father Wolf. Another Dinnerstein arrived in 1921, his first name Morris, age 27. He was the ship's surgeon and not on the same ship as Michla.

The boy may have died prior to Michla leaving Europe for the U.S. and through the years the facts became "mixed up."

Re: death of a passenger

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Surnames: Dinerstein, Karp
My great great uncle Hy Karp married Rose (Rochla in this manifest) and I'm in touch with their children. In the process of researching our family, would love to know more about the Dinersteins if you are their relative!
send me an email, ngusset at gmail dot com
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