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Sgt John Gallagher, Silver Star Medal

Sgt John Gallagher, Silver Star Medal

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"For those who missed Normandy and Cassino, Manila would do." *

Sgt. John Gallagher of New York was with G Trp, 2nd Sqdn, 8th Cav Reg, 1st Cav Div: the second serial of the Flying Column, Lt.Col. Haskett “Hack” L. Connor, Jr. commanding with Company B 44th Tank Bn., attached, the first serial to enter Santo Tomas. For heroism at the battle at Far Eastern University, across from Old Bilibid Prison (POW) in Manila, Philippines, on Saturday night February 3, 1945, Sgt John Gallagher was awarded the Silver Star medal. The battle prevented the Japanese from attacking Santo Tomas Internment Camp at the time it was being liberated and is said to have had more fire power unleashed than at any other battle of the war, to that point. Sgt Gallagher repeatedly risked his life to go into the streets and under tremendous fire power, he rescued at least ten downed, unconscious soldiers; my father, the rifle platoon leader, was one.

"For those who missed Normandy and Cassino, Manila would do." This is six days later, Friday, February 9, 1935,* click on to view a painting and a description of the battle from the history of the 37th Infantry Division of the Ohio National Guard.

Re: Sgt John Gallagher, was from Boston

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correction: Sgt. Gallagher was from Boston, not New York. sjt.

Re: Sgt John Gallagher, Silver Star Medal

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Hi, Just read your post. I'm doing research for a co-worker. Sgt. John Gallagher was/is his cousin. They lived in Charlestown, Massachusetts. Am wondering if you have any more information on St. Gallagher? Reason I ask is, he went on to the Korean War, and legend has it that he went down to Cuba pre-Bay of Pigs (under the CIA) to train the Cubans and his family never heard from or of him.



Re: Sgt John Gallagher, Silver Star Medal, Manila, Feb 1945

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Hi Peggie, I have information I will share.
I can also put you and the cousin in contact with two people who have more information. Both of them are my writing partners and one of them is the Captain of G troop, where Gallagher was in WWII. Send a note to me at at sjtrout2 (at), I will send contact information to you. Sue

Re: Sgt John Gallagher, Distinguished Service Cross

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for you, Peggie

General Order
The President of the United States takes pleasure in presenting the Distinguished Service Cross to John J. Gallagher, Technical Sergeant, U.S. Army, for extraordinary heroism in connection with military operations against an armed enemy in action against enemy forces on 3 February 1945. Technical Sergeant Gallagher's intrepid actions, personal bravery and zealous devotion to duty exemplify the highest traditions of the military forces of the United States and reflect great credit upon himself, his unit, and the United States Army.
Headquarters, U.S. Forces-Pacific, General Orders No. 12 (1945)

The DSC ranks right after the Medal of Honor and before the Silver Star. I think this DSC was based on my Dad's (Francis Jerrett) nomination of Gallagher for the Medal of Honor, and it is why he never heard of the MOH being given to Gallagher. OR- it could be based on Clark Irving's recommendations.

Re: Sgt John Gallagher, Distinguished Service Cross

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Hi All

My name is Bill Durette and I run the Charlestown Veterans History Project. A project dedicated to the history of the men from Charlestown who served in WWII. Charlestown is a ONE square mile neigborhood of Boston where 5,000 men served in WWII. I know a bit about John J Gallagher. I actually have some of his records....I have his detailed DSC ciatation and also his Bronze Star citation. He's quite a soldier....He was wounded twice. His twin Brother also called John was killed on Guadacanal. I'm planning to create an exhbit on him to display at the Charlestown WWII exhibit hall....I would like to get in touch with any of the family to let them know what I'm doing. If you can help get me get in touch I would be grateful...

thanks bill durette

Re: Sgt John Gallagher, Distinguished Service Cross

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Surnames: Gallagher
Hi Bill, We may have corresponded a few years ago about Gallagher. I think I have a couple of WWII photos of Gallagher I could scan and e-mail to you if you are interested. I gave your phone number (CHS) to one of my writing partners who lives in Quincy. He has copies of all my Gallagher information and I think he may have knowledge of the Gallagher cousin Peggy S mentioned in her post above. (He can also phone Peggy to ask her to contact you with her information. She is a great researcher.) My other writing partner lives in Westwood and was the captain of Gallagher's unit, G trp, 8th Cav Reg, 1st Cav Div. My dad was the rifle platoon leader. ... 3 February 1945 ... . Dad nearly died. The #2 lieutenant was severely wounded and the #3 lieutenant was killed. The #2 lieutenant gave the order for Sgt Gallagher to take command.Dad nominated Gallagher for the Medal of Honor. Forty years later Dad died, wondering why he never heard anything about the MOH for Gallagher . A quarter-century more passed before I learned what happened, why there no MOH. Gallagher was awarded the DSC.


Re: Sgt John Gallagher, Distinguished Service Cross

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Hi Sue

thanks for responding

Yes I would love to get copies of any pictures of him. I can print them out and use them for his exhibit. I only have a newspaper quality picture of his twin brother who was killed, so pictures of John J would be great. I attached the article of his brother and also of John J when it was annouced that he won the DSC. The date of the article is 1946. It was a surprise to me to learn that he won the DSC because I have his discharge papers and it never listed the DSC on it so what probably happened when your father submitted the MOH request the Army probably decided it was a DSC award instead of the MOH and those General Orders were cut in June of 1945 and John was discarged in July 1945 so it probably never caught up to his records when he was discharged and hence never was entered on his separation papers.

Yes please ask your writing partners to ask Peggy to call me so I can let her know what I'm doing to honor the Gallagher brothers.

With your permission I would like to mention your Dad when I create the exhibit to say he recommended John for the MOH and anything else that might be relevant.

Bill Durette

Here's my can call me anytime

Charlestown Veterans History Project


Re: Sgt John Gallagher, Distinguished Service Cross

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Hi Sue

I was just checking to see if you had a chance to scan those pictures of John Gallagher.

Also I never did heard anything from Peggy

thanks Bill Durette

Re: Sgt John Gallagher, Distinguished Service Cross

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Hi Sue...I just came across this old post after researching my dads old Army unit. My dad, Pvt James "Red" Byrnes, was a BAR (browning automatic rifle) man in G Troop, 2nd Squadron, 8th Cav Regt, 1st Cav Div and was also there on 3 Feb 1945 as part of the Flying Column to Santo Tomas.

He passed away in 1992 but never spoke much about the war but I remember him talking about Sgt Gallagher and also my dads buddy Nelson Palmer, who was killed by a jap sniper.

I'm trying to put together a G Troop roster for my records but I know that most of the men have probably passed on. Any names or photos that you can send me would be greatly appreciated..or any links too...

Tim Byrnes
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