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Garrett Lansing of Albany, NY

Garrett Lansing of Albany, NY

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I am looking for more information on Garret Yates Lansing (1802-1888), son of Ephraim Lansing, and Garrett's wife - possible name of Anne M. Rector (ca. 1811-1873). Lived in and around Albany, NY.

Re: Garrett Lansing of Albany, NY

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I am also researching this line as it is a direct line of mine. The info I have is Garret, first, I have the spelling as Gerrit, is one of five children. His only brother was Abraham, born 1815 in Easton, NY and worked in a piano factory in Albany. Apparently Abraham was abandoned when he was a small child at Nassau, NY and was raised by a foster father, Peter Wood, of Waterford. It is felt that this may be a key as to why it is so difficult to locate the parents of these 5 people. I am in Gerrits line, but ran across this info for Abraham. I would love to share info.

Re: Garrett Lansing of Albany, NY

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Surnames: Lansing
It looks like we are researching the same line. Did you ever leave that information regarding Abraham anywhere? I came across that about 8 -9 years ago in a small library east of the Hudson. Apparently he also goes by Abram, and Peter Wood was a tavern owner. How did you find out Abraham worked in a piano factory?
As for Garret, I have seen many spellings, but Garrett seems to be more common - so I stuck with that. Also, he seems to be one of 6 or 7 children.
What info do you have on them? I can provide ancestry information on him back to Holland - unless you already have that. Which child of Garrett is your direct ancestor? Mine is William J. Lansing - he was in the Civil War and was a piano mover. What piano factory was Abraham at? Did the siblings keep in touch after Abram went to live with Wood?
As for Garrett's parents, they are Ephraim Lansing and Elizabeth Wendell. If you want, I can get into more elaborate detail. I even have a likeness of Garrett's cousin in my files - at least it gives us an idea of what the people looked like. I'm not sure what you have and what you need. If Garrett is as far back as you have gone, then I will need to send several e-mails to fill in the gaps. I believe you will find it interesting. We can trace ancestors back to the 1400's! Not with the 'Lansing' surname however. As you can see, that is still my surname.
Please note that I am in the midst of revising my family history. I got into this 10 years ago, and at that time I did quite a bit of research. After awhile, the law of diminishing returns was kicking in, and I was going to so much effort for such meager amounts of information that it did not seem worthwhile, and I just occasionally sought new information. I then wrote my family history - as it stood at that time, with little revision over the years. Unfortunately I am unable to locate the text and tables I created and used in my book - they were on diskette. So, I am rewriting them. Last year I went on the net and probably tripled the number of ancestors I could claim in a very short time. I have tons of information - but most of it is not organized and I have yet to sort out and make sense of it all. So, I need to rewrite some of my material anyway, and add much more. If I send you stuff - it will most likely be files of that sort, sometimes with conflicting or slightly differing information, that we need to sort out. In any case, it should prove very useful.
Oh well, verbose enough for one evening. Drop me a line with any other good family information you may have, or any questions you think I may be able to answer.
Glad to have found another cousin! :)
Talk to you soon,

Re: Garrett Lansing of Albany, NY

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I am about 1-month into the research of my family line of Lansing. My Grandfatther was Eugene Augustus Lansing(b.8/29/1871 in Albany NY and d. 4/30/1950 in Oakland, Ca.---he was one of 6 brothers all boarn in Albany NY-Hiram E b.3/26/1857; d.3/9/1929, Fredrick H. b.3/30/1860; d.10/9/1864, John Henry (Jr.) b. 11/2/1862;d.10/28/1914, Garrett Yates b.5/7/1866; d. (?),Framklin Hewitt b.8/31/1868; d.4/1944 and my grandfather. From a paper I found in my mothers home, I find where someone says they descended from a John Henry Lansing b.Albany NY 9/14/1835; d.12/23/1922---marrried Martha Jane Hewitt 8/15/1855.

I run "out of information" that traces back beyond John Henry (Sr.), but like you, I have tons of old stuff back to the mid 1500's in Holland with Lansing name.

Can you help?

Bill Lansing
North Bend Oregon

Ps. I'll send you an e-mail, but frankly, I find the addresses on these forum to be bogus.

Re: Garrett Lansing of Albany, NY

Jo Grieve (View posts)
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I'm looking for any background of Eliza (Elisa) Ann Lansing, b28 Mar 1828; m George M. Henion b 4 Apr 1824. She d 25 Jan 1873. Do you happen to have her name in any of your Lansings? She was born in NY. Supposedly Lansing, MI was named after a relative of hers in NY- I think John Lansing.
Any info would be appreciated. Jo Grieve

Re: Garrett Lansing of Albany, NY

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I may be a relative. Please see my respnse to James Lansing of this same day. Please drop an e-mail to me and we can check our sources.

Bill Lansing
North Bend, Oregon

Re: Garrett Lansing of Albany, NY

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I would love to send you an email but don't know how to access your email address from your posting. If your relatives are from Albany then we most definitely are related. I have aquired quite a bit of info which I will be happy to share. It extends our line all the way back to Holland. Please email me at

Re: Garrett Lansing of Albany, NY

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I believe you are on the right track. I have as an offshoot of my family a John H. Lansing born about 1836, who went on to marry Martha J. Hewitt. However, I will accept and modify the birthdate as you have listed it. Below is the ancestry of John following only the Lansing name, but realize if you are interested - I have some maternal information as well.

1. John H. Lansing (1835-1922)>>>

2. Garret Yates Lansing (~1802 - 1888)
& Anne M. Rector (~1811 - 1873)
ch: Ann E.; John H.; Rachel; William J.; Abram E.; Charles; Sarah E.; Norton R.; Mary J.; Adaline E.

3. Ephraim Lansing (1780 - ~1860)
& Elizabeth Wendell (1783 - ~1850)

4. Garret I. Lansing (1745 - 1837)
& Sarah Scherp/Sharpe (1747 - 1844)

5. Gerrit Jacobse Lansing (1710 - 1746)
& Elizabeth Van Schaick (1717 - 1783)

6. Jacob Hendrickse Lansing (~1680 - 1756)
& Helena Pruyn (~1680 - 1755)

7. Hendrick Gerritse Lansing (~ 1650 - 1709)
& Eliz. Casparse Hollenbeck (~1653 - ?)

8. Gerrit Gerritsz Lansingh (~1610 - 1652)
& Elizabeth Ten Cate (~1615 - 1679)

9. Gerrit Lansinck (~1584 - 1649)

I also have listed 12/23/1922 as John's birthdate - I have a copy of his death certificate.

Let me know if you want anything more specific. I will e-mail some additional info to you.

Re: Garrett Lansing of Albany, NY

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Thank you. Could you send a copy of John H. Death certificate.

Bill Lansing

Re: Garrett Lansing of Albany, NY

Jo Grieve (View posts)
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Thanks Don, for your quick reply. I have info that is different from yours. According to a book "Michigan Place Names" by Walter Romig, L.H.D., " - the township, formed in 1841, was named by Joseph H. North, Jr., after his native Lansing, Tompkins County, N.Y., which in turn had been named for John Lansing, New York Revolutionary War hero and legal light; in 1847, the legislature voted to locate the state capitol in this township and to name the site Michigan; thus, from April 27, 1847, to April 20, 1848, its name and post office were Michigan, Mich; George W. Peck was its first postmaster; the legislature renamed the village Lansing, after its township, in 1848; incorporated as a city in 1859 {Darling; Foster; Cowles; PO Archives}. So it looks like Eliza (Elisa) was related to John in some way rather than Richard.
It's back to the drawing board. I thought Garritt was related.
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