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Mary Jefferson - b. 1741

Mary Jefferson - b. 1741

Tina (View posts)
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I am trying to confirm or disprove that Mary Jefferson
b 1 oct 1741 in Goochland (Abermarle) Co VA
who married John Blair Bolling, is the sister of Thomas
Jefferson president. I have seen information saying
that she is the daughter of Peter Jefferson and Mary
Randolph, which would make her Thomas Jefferson
sister, yet I have also seen info that doesn't indicate
her being any direct relation to the presidental Jefferson
family. I'd love it if anyone could shed some
light on this for me, particularly if you have
documentation. Thanks!

Tina Layton Badger

Mary Jefferson

Rebecca (View posts)
Posted: 949239269000
Tina, from what I have found, Mary Jefferson is/was a sister of Thomas Jefferson (President)I have found her both on this site, and in books. I too am related to the Jefferson family, by way of Randolph Jefferson (Thomas's only brother), though I am trying to get the exact connection still (an Aunt has traced it back, but I don't have a copy yet. Please email me with any info you may have, or any questions I might be able to help with.

Mary Jefferson

Tina (View posts)
Posted: 949256030000
Rebecca..what I have is that Mary Jefferson b Oct 1, 1741 in Abermarle Co VA married a John Blair Bolling b Jun 24 1737 Henrico Co; m Jan 29, 1760; d Apr 1800 Chesterfield Co.
This marriage produced quite a few children from what I have found, and some sources say one of these children was a Joseph Bolling b Abt 1773 Bedford Co, VA; d bef mar 6 1832. He married Rebecca Maddox b 1782. I have that they were married in 1796. I've not been able to document the fact that Mary Jefferson, Thos. Jefferson's sister indeed had a son by the name of Joseph, so that is what I am looking for at this point. I do plan a trip to VA this summer to do some research and this one is at the top of my list.
If you can share any info please let me know. Thank you


Mary Jefferson, sister to Pres. Thomas Jefferson

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From what I have been reading at genforum, Mary Jefferson that married John Bolling is indeed sister to the Pres. Thomas Jefferson. Go there ( and go to the Jefferson surname board, search for President, and there is a post that shows this very fact. I haven't proved it yet, but it did give me something to go on. Also, I found a gedcom on that had this same information. I have just started working on this...I am also trying to find proof that this is the mother of Edward Bolling who married Dorothea D. Payne that had a daughter named Susannah, who in turn married my ancestor John Arrington.... Let me know if you have any further info, and I will do the same if I find anything. Thanks! Kim

OOPS, mary married edward, son of John

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Sorry about the misinformation...but the data I have found points to John's son Edward as marrying Mary Jefferson...I get so mixed up when it gets late that all the names just blur together!! Kim

Just disregard me...I am up too late. Mary married John

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John, the son of John, married Mary...I had it right the first time. I promise I won't try to confuse you is the info I found, keep in mind I have no proof, but here it is...
Major John Bolling, b:- Jan 20, 1700, Cobbs, Henrico County, Virginia. d:- 06 Sept 1757, Cobbs.
Married (1) c 1720 Elizabeth Lewis, no children .
Married (2) 01 Aug 1728, ELIZABETH BLAIR, b:- 1712, Williamburgs, d:- 22 April 1775, Cobbs. They had twenty-one children, three sets of twins. children as follows:

1. Meotaka (Meta)Bolling , b:- 1729 Md. James Sullivan, Sr.
2. Archibald Bolling bc 1730
d:- evidently young
3. William Bolling b 1731
md Amelia Randolph
-. Elizabeth Bolling (twin)
md William Robertson, Jr.
5. Jared Bolling, 1732
md Martha Moxley * his name spelled different ways.
6. Martha Bolling b- 1733
7. Dorothy Bolling 1734
- Benjamin Bolling (twin) md (1) Mary Patsy
Phelps md (2) Charity Larrimore
9. Thomas Bolling b-1735
md Elizabeth Gay
10. John Bolling b-1737
md Mary Jefferson ( sister to (President)
Thomas Jefferson
11. Robert Bolling b- 1738
md (1) Mary Burton (2) Susan Watson
12. Jane Bolling b-1740
md William Hopkins
13.Rodney Bolling b- 1742
md Elizabeth Anderson 16 children
14. Rolfe Bolling b-1744
-Mary Bolling (twin) md Richard Bland
16. Edward Bolling b-1746 never married
willed a large amount of his estate to his
brothers and sisters.
17. Sarah Bolling b-1748
md Judge John Tazewell
18. Archibald Bolling, II 1750 (1) Sarah Carey (2) Jane Randolph, his 1st cousin
(3) Widow Molly Page Byrd
19. Anne Bolling b-1752 md William Dandridge
20. Powhatan b-1754
21. James Bolling 1757

Mary Jefferson m John Bollling...had ?children?

Tina (View posts)
Posted: 956550043000
Thanks for the replies...I have pretty much come to the conclusion that this is indeed true, now I need to confirm or disprove that Mary Jefferson and John Bolling had a son named Joseph Bolling who married Rebecca Maddox(Mattox?) Any clues would be appreciated. I've had many people tell me it's so but no one can provide documentation. Thanks

Tina layton Badger


Rollie Stamps (View posts)
Posted: 971562127000
Hi, I've been reading the email you got on your inquiry into the family tree. On my research, I have found the following to be true:
Pocahontas married John Rolfe and had one child, Thomas. He married Jane Poythress. Any other children from John Rolfe were not with Pocahontas, or at least can't be proven. Thomas and Jane begat (to use an old biblical phrase....) Jane Rolfe who married Col. Robert Bowling, they begat Col. John Bowling who married Mary Kennon, whose child was Major John Bowling who married Elizabeth Blair, whose child was also named John Bowling who married Mary Jefferson. I didn't include other names of kids after the first generation as I was trying to quickly get to the last one. Is this what you are showing?

Thomas Jefferson

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I am trying to put together a book
on this line--have you found any
new information?


Re: Mary Jefferson

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who is the Mary Jefferson, father Peter, who married Thomas Bolling in Albermarle CO, VA? I saw this on in the History of Albermarle Co, VA.

I am totally confused now...can anyone help?
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