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Saude Prgj. and Skien inquiry for GUNDERSON/ NIRISON

Saude Prgj. and Skien inquiry for GUNDERSON/ NIRISON

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Iam seeking any information on my GG grandfather Gunder NIRIS. born about 1824 in Saude Prgj. My G grandfather was his son Nils August born about 1858 in Skien according to the 1865-telling for Skien. He married Hansina/Hansine Hanson in October 1888 in Skien, they had one child that died, then Peder in 1891 before emigrating to the US in 1892. Nils and Hansina raised their family (Peder, Hilda, Edwin, and Nedith) in Chokio, Stevens County, Minnesota.

Re: Saude Prgj. and Skien inquiry for GUNDERSON/ NIRISON

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I thinked you are headed up the wrong tree.

The 1900 US census for Stevens Co., Minn. lists Nels Gunderson as born in July 1860 Norway and indicates that he immigrated in 1892.
April 1910 in that census he lists himself as 51 yrs old (immigration year hard to read but 1891 or 1892?) and he has a brother named Martin living in his household. Martin is listed as 48 yrs old b. Norway.
January 1920 Nels (A. Nels or Nels A.) is listed as 60 yrs old, immigration year of 1891 and year of naturalization 1898. Brother Martin still lives in the household and is listed as 56 yrs old with immigration year of 1891? (Through those years of censuses there seems to be a great deal of disagreement about the wife's birth location.)

There was an index kept in Norway of emigrants from Telemark until 1900 ( ). It lists Nils Gundersen (29 yrs old), wife Hansina (28 yrs old) and son Gustav (4 yrs old), headed for Duluth and travelling on the ship Rollo 27 April 1888. That also lists their previous residence as Eidanger in Telemark.
Then listed in the online database for emigrants leaving from Kristiania we find Nils, Hansin, son Gustav and a daughter Karen leaving from that port on the Rollo 27 April 1888 -- listed as from Eidanger and headed for Duluth.
(Brother Martin also listed on that page.)

So, if we look at the 1865 census for Eidanger we find -
Notice that brother Martin is also in the household.

Re: Saude Prgj. and Skien inquiry for GUNDERSON/ NIRISON

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Oops, meant to include the source for that index of Telemark emigrants. "Emigrant kartotek Telemark frem til År 1900", An alphabetical list by given name then surname of the people who emigrated from Telemark county, Norway until the year 1900. It lists the persons name, age or date of birth, occupation, residence, destination, name of the ship, and date it sailed. If a family is listed the wife's given name and age, and the children's given names and ages are given. Available on a set of 9 microfiche from the LDS Family History Library - # 6350054.

Re: Saude Prgj. and Skien inquiry for GUNDERSON/ NIRISON

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Thanks for the information, I'll look into it but still not sure if my previous information is wrong.
Nels' granddaughter Gloria informed me that her cousin sent her some info. (partial only) that came from the Family Bible. -- Nils August Gunderson born July 1859 in Telemark, Skien, Norway. Married in Oct of 1888 at Skien, to Hansina (born Hansina Gunhilda Marie Hanson in 1865 at Chicago IL mothers name was Hannah Hanson. )

Re: Saude Prgj. and Skien inquiry for GUNDERSON/ NIRISON

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At least one of those US censuses that I looked at listed Nels wife Hansina as born in Illinois, one was scribbled until almost illegible and another had Illinois crossed out and Norway inserted. It would be an interesting coincidence to have two couples with such similar names and close birthyears.
It is the brother Martin that makes me especially worried about the Skien connection. Was I looking at the wrong family in the US? At just a few years younger than Nels/Nils he should have been listed in the 1865 census household in Norway too.

If I were you - I'd get a good look at that family bible. See if handwriting has been added later by someone else. What does it record about the brother Martin?
Then I think you should order the parish marriage records which would include Oct 1888 for Skien, Telemark and look for the marriage of Nels/Nils and Hansina Gunhilda Marie Hanson. If it is there, it will be a VERY interesting family story if someone can ever find out WHY she was born in Illinois and returned to Norway. Those parish records for marriages there in 1888 should be included on LDS microfilm # 1677589 Item 1 (appears to include civil marriage records) and a "klokker copy" on microfilm #0278304.

Re: Saude Prgj. and Skien inquiry for GUNDERSON/ NIRISON

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Thanks for that info. The second part on them in Eidanger isn't my Nils. Nils and Hansina came in 1892 with their son Peder to Appleton MN. The info I gave previously is from a letter sent to our family quoting the Gunderson Family Bible brought over from Norway. They are from Skien Norway. I believe the Martin is Nils' brother Hans Martinius Gunders. changing his name to Martin because my dad remembers having an uncle martin when he was younger.

Re: Saude Prgj. and Skien inquiry for GUNDERSON/ NIRISON

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Hansina was born in Chicago in 1865. At the age of 9 she went back to Norway I think with her mother Hannah who was with them when they came in 1892. Are you of any relation?
Interestingly enough I know there was a Nels Gunderson (no relation) who homesteaded the Ball Bluff Mn area, which ironically happens to be only a few miles from our Gunderson cabin in Jacobson MN. My parents relocated to this area from the Anoka MN area to retire about 8 years ago.

Re: Saude Prgj. and Skien inquiry for GUNDERSON/ NIRISON

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OK, OK. Probably two different families with almost unbelievable similarities in names and dates...

You'll still be able to order the parish records for Skien Telemark at your nearest LDS Family History Center and the earlier records you'll want for the birthplaces of Gunder Nirisen in Saude (that is listed as Sauherad in the library catalog) and Maren Hansdatter in Bøe (listed as Bø). You have at least approximate birthyears from thecensus to use to find their births/baptisms in the parish records. Those entries will list the grandparents and lead to earlier entries.

The LDS library catalog informs us that Skien parish records are available for years as early as 1659.
Sauherad parish records available for years as early as 1649 AND bygdebøker have been published for the area - "Bygdebok for Sauherad", 5 volumes by unknown author; "Den Gamle Stulen: foto-dokumentarisk skildring frå Sauherad kringhundreårsskiftet", by Torstein Braaten. (I think the first of those is available on LDS microform - but double check the catalog yourself.)
For Bø the library catalog lists that parish records as early as 1689 are available and the following bygdebøker are also in their collection "Bø-Soga I: Telemark, by Gunnar Lunde; "Bø-soga II : Telemark, gards og ættesoga", 4 volumes by Stain Hennesied and Gregar Nordbø.

If you haven't used Norwegian parish church records or bygdebøker before you can learn about how they can help in this collection of instructions -

The RootsWeb Telemark specific mailing list might be useful to you - someone participating might already have resources for one or more of those areas. (That mailing list has been reading all of our correspondence here since your first query posted - there is an option to be able to browse items already 'discussed' on that mailing list.) On the banner at the top of this page you'll see "Mailing Lists" - click on that and follow it on down to Norway lists - and the Telemark list will be under that link. Instructions on how to 'subscribe' will be provided.

If you are interested in contacting volunteer(s) who might have resources for these Telemark districts and are willing to do limited LOOKUPs, check at these web locations -

I'll be shaking my head about this case for some time - but there's no reason you can't forge ahead with the information you've already been given. Most of all - have a lot of fun!!! and the very best of luck!!!

Re: Saude Prgj. and Skien inquiry for GUNDERSON/ NIRISON

laurie (View posts)
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THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!! YOUR INTEREST IN THIS AND I REALLY APPRECIATE ALL YOU HAVE GIVEN ME. HAPPY HOLIDAYS.I myself have been shaking my head about this and not knowing norwegian i think im starting to learn it just by all the different documents i have TRIED to read. i will be keeping updates and new postings here so if you want to be updated... meanwhile im trying to persue the Family Bible and either get an actual photocopy of the inscriptions or see it first hand myself. as we all know how much one word of translation can make such huge differences. once again thanks for your help. and if you happen to come across anything important please post it.

Re: Saude Prgj. and Skien inquiry for GUNDERSON/ NIRISON

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Since this thread took an accidental wrong turn, it seems to want closure via the records for laurie's Nils August Gundersen. The Find-a-Grave memorial doesn't mention parents for Nils.

Nils August
born 27 July 1859
Skien, Telemark
Parents Gunder Nirisen and Maren Hansdatter

1865 census in Skien, Telemark

1875 census on Falkum
Gunder Nirisen born 1825 in Saude
Maren Hansdatter b 1826 Saude
Nils Gundersen b 1859 Skien
Hans Gundersen b 1863 Skien

1885 on Lillejordet in Skien, both Nils and Hansine

1892 Nils A Gundersen departing Kristiania (Oslo)
with family
destination Appleton

Click Neste to see next person.

Nils August Gunderson
b 1859 Telemark fylke, Norway
d 1952 Chokio, Stevens, Minnesota USA

Gunder Nirisen discussed here
with parents Niri Levsen and Aaste Torgrimsdatter

Candidate to be Niri Levsen here, in 1801 census

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