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Stratyn, in Galicia, now western Ukraine

Stratyn, in Galicia, now western Ukraine

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Surnames: Yanish, Kondrach, Kundrat, Havrilla
My wife's grandfather was born and Baptized/Confirmed in Stratyn in January of 1896. He is Byzantine Catholic although I believe at that time they were referred to as Greek Catholic. He was sent to America to escape the political strife of the area and arrived in New York in 1912. His name in America is Michael Yanish. His last name has been spelled Janos (citizenship papers)and Janusz (passenger lists). His parents are Nicholas Yanish/Janos/Janusz and Simka Ketershic. Is there any way I can find info on this family in Eastern Europe that will not cost me an arm and a leg? Any research help would be greatly appreciated. It is said that many of his family were murdered by the Bolsheviks.

Re: Stratyn, in Galicia, now western Ukraine

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Stratin, Stratyń, Stratyn Myasto populated place 49°28' N 24°42' E E M U G Ukraine 266.8 miles WSW of Kyyiv 50°26' N 30°31' E

Jamisz, Michal Stratyn, Austria 40 1873 1913
Jannsz, Nascia Stratyn, Austria 17 1890 1907
Janos, Wasyl Stratyn, Austria 18 1892 1910
Janosz, Ksenka Stratyn 26 1879 1905
Janosz, Michal Stratyn, Austria 28 1880 1908
Janosz, Nascia Stratyn 19 1886 1905
Janusz, Andruch Stratyn, Austria 39 1875 1914
Janusz, Likeria Stratyn, Austria 9 1905 1914
Janusz, Michal Stratyn, Austria 13 1901 1914
Janusz, Mikolaj Stratyn, Austria 16 1895 1911
Janusz, Teodor Stratyn, Austria 36 1876 1912
Janusz, Teodor Stratyn, Austria 18 1889 1907
Janusz, Teodor Stratyn 29 1876 1905
source: One family name or 2 different one.
Kondrat, Iwan Strutyn, Austria 38 1872 1910
Kondrat, Iwan Strutyn, Austria 38 1872 1910

to translit your surname into Cyrillic use

Re: Stratyn, in Galicia, now western Ukraine

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Today selo/village Stratyn (Стратин in Ukr) is in Rohatyn county of the the Ivano-Frankivska region of Ukraine. From 1671-1932 there was an adjacent town with the same name. The village landscape is characteristic of the Carpathian Mountains. Located in the hills, it is farmland surrounded by beech, hornbeam and pine forests. The Studnij Potik (translates to COLD STREAM) River flows thru this village. The village population stands at 551.

You can fiddle w/ZOOM on left to get a better view of village against geography of world.,24.7000+%28Str...

Stratyn PIX

Stratyn was first documented in 1464 (28 yrs before Columbus discovered America). The village (and town) have a lot of history, which I can provide at another time. Let's get back to a more recent period.

From late 18th century to 1919 wies/selo Stratin was predominantly a Ruthenian/Ukrainian village w/its own GC Church. The filial RC Parish was in Rohatyn. Rohatyn was both the powiat (county - adm district) and the gmina (judicial-tax district) > Stanislawow region > Historic Galicia/Halyczyna Province, administered by ethnic Poles for the Austro-Hungarian Empire (Hapsburg Emperors). During the Interwar Period (1919-1938) Galicia came under Reconstituted Poland's domain. Technically Poland had not existed as a geopolitical entity for the previous 125+ yrs. Post WW2 the Stanislawow region became a part of SSR Ukraine, under Soviet domain, until 1991, when Ukraine became independent.

Based on time frame of immigration, your Immigrant Ancestor would have been listed as ethnically Russniak/Ruthenian emigrating from Austria.

Eastern European History can be very confusing. About 15 yrs ago Orysia Tracz provided us w/a short read, which might help alleviate some of that confusion.
"Just because a kitten is born in the barn, that doesn't make it a calf."

LDS has filmed some very old Stratyn GC Registers, so you you will need to fill in gaps by hiring a local in Ukraine. I can recommend Ihor Voronchak, who is a Lviv resident and has been doing this kind of research for appx 10 yrs. His rates are very fair and he does good work. Your druthers are to make a direct inquiry to both Lviv Historical Archives and the Ivano-Frankivska oblast Archives, which nowadays are far more expensive than hiring a local, but that choice is yours.

Metrical books, 1835-1865

Greek Catholic Church. Stratyn (Rohatyn) (Main Author)

Microreproduction of original manuscripts at the Central State Historical Archives of Ukraine in L′viv.
Greek Catholic Church records (births, marriages, deaths) for Stratyn Miasto and Stratyn Wieś (Rohatyn), Galizien, Austria; later Stratyn Miasto and Stratyn Wieś (Rohatyn), Stanisławów, Poland; now Stratyn, Rohatyn, Ivano-Frankivs′k, Ukraine. The manuscript lists the village simply as Stratyn, but the gazetteer clearly lists two separate villages, Stratyn Miasto and Stratyn Wieś, in both Austria and Poland, which appear to have become one village in modern-day Ukraine. Text in Latin with some headings in Russian.
Record group 201, series 4A, file 5409.
For some years the records of this locality are mixed with the records of other localities.

Ukraine, Ivano-Frankivs′k, Rohatyn, Stratyn - Church records
Austria, Galizien, Stratyn (Rohatyn) - Church records
Україна, Івано-Франківськ, Рогатин, Стратин - Метричні книги
Poland, Stanisławów, Stratyn (Rohatyn) - Church records

Manuscript (On Film)


Salt Lake City, Utah : Filmed by the Genealogical Society of Utah, 2002

on 1 microfilm reel ; 35 mm.

Film Notes
Note - Location [Film]
Volume 201-4A/5409 Births, marriages, deaths 1835-1847 -- Births, marriages, deaths 1857-1865 (some years missing) - FHL INTL Film [ 2352216 Item 6 ]

Might I make a suggestion, that before you do anything at all, make sure to thoroughly explore following site. It is a very important resource for anyone w/Galician roots. It does have a HOW-TO TUTORIAL re researching Mormon filmed records and explains what documents are available for the region, etc.

Have Fun.

PS> Rohatyn produced many Ukrainian heroes. Once you gather some more familial surnames thru your research, we can take a look and see if there is still surviving family there. Chances are pretty good that there might be.

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