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African American Rouse's

African American Rouse's

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Any one have any info on African American or mulatto Rouse's from middle Tennesse,looking for relitives of my grandmother Indiana Rouse.

Rouses from the US Virgin Islands

Helen Rouse (View posts)
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My husband has an Aunt (Rouse, whom he has never met) in South Carolina. Also Rouse family in New York. That is Aunt Marie. I am also in touch with one Cindica Rouse in the Netherlands, who has Rouse family that originated (way back) from the Antilles, I believe. Cindica has done much research on the Rouses. She has posted messages on the Caribbean Board, too.
Helen Rouse

African-American Rouse's

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Many Rouse families, my ancestors included, came to Virginia from Germany in the
1700's. They became land owners and slave owners. (Not a bright spot in my family tree).
Their name was originally Rausch. The patriarch of the family was John. His sons left Virginia
and wandered through Tennessee and Kentucky with my branch settling in Missouri. There is
a book "John Rouse of Virginia" which I have not been able to find, but have seen several references
to on the web. I believe that some of the slaves may have been buried in Boone County Kentucky.


Rouse Family

Sharod Rouse (View posts)
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My family is originally from the lowlands of South Carolina. (Mount Pleasant & Charleston to be exact) I am curious to know if we may be related in some way. drop me a line so that we can chat about this in further detail.

Caribbean Rouse

Helen Rouse (View posts)
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my husband's people are from the US Virgin Islands, as well as St. Thomas and Barbados. He has never met his Rouse Aunt from South Carolina. There is also Aunt Marie, in Queen's, New York. His cousin, Ruby Rouse, was State Senator of St. Croix, USVI, in the early 80's. He doesn't know a whole lot about his Rouse side, other than his father, named Alfonso Agustin Rouse, was from and is buried on St. Thomas, British VI. And that he played semi-pro baseball.
Helen Rouse


Sharod (View posts)
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That was pretty interesting. Would you happen to know if you have any relatives in Charleston? My Grandfather's name was Seabrook Charles Rouse. He had several brothers and I couple sisters (all of whom lived in the area). I dont have any information as to his fathers relatives.

South Carolina

Helen Rouse (View posts)
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My e-mail is
My husband tells me that the Rouse name for his family comes from the Dutch side of the name that settled on St Croix and that much of the Rouse name in the Southern US was from the German. He knows little of his 1 South Carolina relative. Only that 1 exists.
That doesn't mean that we can't explore the families. His mother's side is Hoyer. There is also a Hoyer sid in South Carolina.
You wouldn't happen to know or have heard of one Amethyst Hoyer?
Anyway, feel free to Email me.
Helen (Hommel)Rouse

African-American Rouses

Anita Rouse Schmidt (View posts)
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I was searching in Henderson, Kentucky in 1980 and found a John Rouse, African-American, who was pastor of a church there.

Re: African American Rouse's

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I have some mulatto Rouses from the South Carolina area. My gggrandfather was Sam Rouse b: Dec 1863 in Alabama, married one Katie b: May 1867 in AL. They had 9 children: Prince, Lilla, Bennie,Sarah, Anna(my ggrandmother),Leo, Carry, Sam Jr and Mabel Lee.

Sam's father was a mulatto from the South Carolina area. Don't know anything about him. His mom was Matilda Youngblood also from South Carolina. Don't know if this helps you...but happy hunting anyways.

Re: African American Rouse's

Anita Schmidt (View posts)
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There was a pastor, John Rouse, of African descent in Henderson, KY in 1980. You might check in that area.

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